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October 21, 2017

Jah'Shawn Johnson

Lubbock, Texas

Iowa State - 31, Texas Tech - 13

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Jah'Shawn.

Q. Can you talk about the early portion of the game when you looked like you were swinging the momentum around, what happened after that? Why was it so flat after that, do you think?
JAH'SHAWN JOHNSON: I'm not sure why it was flat. I mean, we knew it was early kickoff. We got going well. I felt that everyone had energy in the hotel this morning. Everyone was ready to go. But things just didn't work out.

Q. Maybe a missed extra point, did that let some of the air out of the balloon? Did that factor in at all?

Q. The turnover battle is something you've been pretty solid with for most of the year. Why was this game so different?
JAH'SHAWN JOHNSON: They made plays and we didn't basically. We knew that they done a great job of taking care of the ball. 32 ran well. Quarterback, other than one throw, he pretty much protected the ball well. We knew they wanted to get it out quick, just make a few plays.

We didn't get them out of their game plan. That's what happened.

Q. Frustrating day for the defense to go against a quarterback that doesn't really let the defensive line get to him?
JAH'SHAWN JOHNSON: It's not really frustrating. I mean, that's what they're supposed to do. So, I mean, he done a great job. He led his team to a victory.

Q. Overall you have to be somewhat pleased. The defense only gave up 24 points. A couple fumbles, one led to points. Defense had a pretty good performance, wouldn't you say, overall?
JAH'SHAWN JOHNSON: I guess so. But, I mean, I don't know honestly. We kept fighting. I mean, we let them out in the second half. We went out there trying to create a turnover, didn't wrap-up. You saw he broke out for a good run.

But it shouldn't even have got to that point. I mean, we beat ourselves on the defensive end. I don't think they had a possession where they just drove the field, you know, without us doing something that's uncharacteristic.

But credit them, they done a great job. I mean, they won the game.

Q. Damarcus Fields has really come on as the season has progressed. What would you say about him?
JAH'SHAWN JOHNSON: Yeah, he's got a lot more confident. We knew he could make plays. I mean, he's just slowed down by injuries, but he's healthy now. He's doing a great job.

Q. When you say 'uncharacteristic', were you trying to do too much? Trying to strip a ball, that led to extra yardage? Are you talking about missed assignments?
JAH'SHAWN JOHNSON: Missed assignments, trying to do too much. They took advantage of them and they put points on the board.

Q. What's the mood in the locker room?
JAH'SHAWN JOHNSON: Disappointed. It's two years in a row we've came out and had a bad performance on homecoming. We should apologize to our fans for it. We got five more games, a lot of chances to get better.

Q. What do you think the hardest thing for the entire team as a whole going into next week after two losses is going to be? Is it sadness?
JAH'SHAWN JOHNSON: Not necessarily sad. Just kind of disappointed in ourselves because we know we're better than what we put on the field the last two games.

We'll get in here tomorrow, we'll watch film, get it corrected, have a good practice tomorrow, go from there.

Q. (Indiscernible) compared to other runningbacks?
JAH'SHAWN JOHNSON: All our runningbacks are. I mean, that's what they're taught to do, keep running their feet at the point of contact.

He done a great job. He protects the ball well. We went out there trying to punt, strip the ball, knowing they were good at keeping it. Credit him. Credit his O-line for giving him some holes. He done a great job.

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