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October 21, 2017

Cameron Batson

Lubbock, Texas

Iowa State - 31, Texas Tech - 13

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Cam.

Q. Coach said you weren't executing at the highest level. What needs to change, in your mind?
CAMERON BATSON: I think whenever we come out on drives, we need to have the killer mindset from the get-go. I feel like sometimes we're hesitant as we're trying to feel out what kind of defense they're in instead of just playing our game.

Q. What has been the most frustrating part of this past game and West Virginia?
CAMERON BATSON: It's really just losing. At the end of the day it doesn't matter how you win or how you lose. If you lose, you lose. If you win, you win.

I think our biggest thing is just sticking together as a family and keeping our head up. You're just worried about the next game.

Q. Did you get a sense that you were flat at the start of the game? Did you have any thoughts on why that was?
CAMERON BATSON: I mean, the first half, obviously we came out flat. We had some turnovers. We weren't getting the ball into the receivers' hands.

It's a lot of things that coincides with us starting flat. So, yeah, definitely I would say we started flat.

Q. (Question regarding the passing game.)
CAMERON BATSON: They were playing a lot of three double cloud. We were trying to run the ball, establish the running game, trying to get them out of that cloud. Obviously they stayed with it the whole game. We have to emphasize and find different ways to get the ball down the field.

Q. Do you think by not doing what you usually do, you guys kind of were maybe too much out of sorts, and that led to some of the stalls in the offense particularly in the first half? You're not accustomed to all the running, no vertical passes, got you out of sorts, maybe you were trying to do too much of that?
CAMERON BATSON: For sure. I think that had something to do with it. Our offense, when we're clicking, we're unstoppable. I feel if we just run our offense, what we do on a day-to-day basis, then we'll be fine.

Q. Anything defensively the last two games they've been doing to you?
CAMERON BATSON: West Virginia second half, they went to a three double cloud. Iowa State, they played in a three double cloud the whole game. Those zones aren't open. They're not playing man. They're dropping eight, trying to take everything underneath, trying to take everything over the top, trying to gang tackle to the football.

Second half we found little holes and seams in the defense. We were able to move the ball a lot more efficiently. It's just finding ways to make plays in that type of defense.

Q. What do you do going forward to try to fix that?
CAMERON BATSON: Obviously in the second half, we were a lot of better throwing the ball. That's really it: just finding different ways and plays that we have in our offense, you know, that attacks that certain type of defense.

Q. What confidence do you have in your team the next five games to move this thing forward?
CAMERON BATSON: I'm always -- I have total confidence in my team, no matter if we're winning or losing. These are guys I fight with each and every day, work out with, eat, sleep, pretty much do everything, so...

That team out there today, and last week second half against West Virginia, was not the team that I see on a day-to-day basis.

Q. How do you fight that rut with this team mentality going into the last couple games, facing Oklahoma?
CAMERON BATSON: It's like you say, mentality. It's your mental aspect part of the game. That's all it is. You're just executing the plays.

Q. You have gone toe-to-toe with the best teams in the conference. Why is Iowa State so hard for you guys?
CAMERON BATSON: You know, just credit to those guys. Those guys come out each and every week, they play hard. They beat a good OU team. They beat us. You just have to give credit to those guys.

Have a blessed day.

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