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October 14, 2017

Keller Chryst

Stanford, California

Stanford - 49, Oregon - 7

KELLER CHRYST: Defense, special teams helped us out, gave us great field position, even making points for us on the blocked punt. So that made our job a lot easier. And some of them we were able to capitalize, some of them we'd love to have back and be able to capitalize a little better.

Q. Is this your best game personally?
KELLER CHRYST: You know, it's tough to say. We'll see after the film. Statistically, I'm not sure exactly what it was. But -- I don't know what that works out compared to other games I've played, but it's up there definitely.

Q. (Inaudible)?
KELLER CHRYST: It's definitely up there as one of the best games.

Q. Well, the offensive line gave you plenty of time, didn't they?
KELLER CHRYST: Oh, yeah, they were fantastic. I think I only got hit once and it was a roughing the passer that they called. So I was kept fairly clean, and they did a great job.

Q. Did you get a good look at the pass that tipped off JJ's hands and the pick?
KELLER CHRYST: Yeah, I mean, I put some heat on it, a little too far in front of him. Unfortunately, based on where the DB was, ended up getting picked. So just it was a little unfortunate but it happens.

Q. Your team has really got a lot of momentum now. Are you kind of disappointed you're going into a bye week?
KELLER CHRYST: No, I mean, we'll take the rest anytime we can get it. It's just more time to work on more details that we can work on and be ready for Florida State.

Q. (Inaudible) some of those downfield passes?
KELLER CHRYST: Yeah, right. It definitely does when teams are loading the box, you have guys like JJ and Don and Colby in there that are deep threats that can stretch the field and make the defense be a little more honest in the box. We love it. We'll take it any day.

Q. Does it feel like you guys are playing better each game?
KELLER CHRYST: I think so. Looking at it, like I said, we'll look at the film and see how we did this week. But we had a good game overall, like I said. But definitely left a lot of things out there.

Q. Are you at the point where you guys expect to have those big runs every week now?
KELLER CHRYST: Yeah, you know, we can't get too reliant on that, but based on what's happened the last few games, that's held true, so Brett's done great.

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