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October 14, 2017

Paul Chryst

Madison, Wisconsin

Purdue - 9, Wisconsin - 17

PAUL CHRYST: I'm really, really proud of the way this team played and competed, and we had to against a really good Purdue team. And certainly we got to do a better job of taking care of the football, those are big, that and the blocked punt, those are huge plays, which leads me to, I thought our defense was sensational. The way they were put in some really tough situations and love their energy and most of all I thought they executed and played really good team defense.

And certainly as much as those turnovers hurt, that was a huge takeaway by Leon. And proud of the way the guys just kept playing. And also great response by the offense to finish that game with the ball in their hands and some guys came up big, KP gets his first catch on a third down and Groesch had a couple nice runs and we're going to need everyone and going to continue to do that, but really proud of the way the guys kept fighting and playing and certainly there are areas that we got to clean up and got to get better, so we need to -- room for growth, room to take a step forward, but appreciate their effort and well fought earned victory.

Q. You talked about the problems that you've had seemed to be a little recurring turnovers penalties, things like that that just seem to be holding you back from a really big performance.

Q. What do you think going on here, it's six games in?
PAUL CHRYST: Yeah, I think that I mean JT did not want to put the ball on the ground going there and so we got to do better at that. The screen, if it's not there you got to find a way to not try to force it in there. I thought that was big and you're right, that's been the one thing that we have got to do a better job about and we got to coach it better and make sure the kids understand it and go, because it's a great example of how you can make it really hard on yourself.

Q. You mentioned team victory, on the pick by Leon it looked like there was first of all some pressure and maybe also nobody open for the guy to throw it to. I'm guessing Leon wasn't the only one who was contributing on that play?
PAUL CHRYST: No doubt. I thought our front did a heck of a job and then you add in Dules and Leon, on the edge and he put on some pressure and I'm anxious to see how beginning played but it was typically that's what happened, he was getting flushed and that was a big, big play.

Q. What was the thought process behind playing Garret on that last drive after he hadn't been in the game before that?
PAUL CHRYST: Well, you just get to the point where you want to have some guys that are fresh and been working on a little bit of a package with them and thought it would be a good time it use him. He's been going all year on our third down, so he was in on the third down conversion to KP and so that's a guy that's earned the right to play and needed him in those situations.

Q. The 6th game of the season and your defense just managed to keep a team from scoring a touchdown throughout four pretty intense periods of play. How far do you think this defense has come and what do you think it is about this defense that kind of allows that momentum to build throughout a game?
PAUL CHRYST: Well I think they're a group that's got good players and I think our defensive staff is doing a heck of a job. That combination is really good, it gives you a chance, but I think that they're embracing the moments they're in. Today we put them in, I thought we put them into some tough spots but they rose up and I think we got some good leadership in that group and guys that have played in games, so we certainly are going to need to continue to have them do that and I think we have got to find a way to compliment them a little bit better offensively and special teams.

Q. After the fumble by Taylor next time you guys had the ball Shaw was in. Sometimes position coaches will give a guy a break if he fumbles it. Is that what you were doing or just wanted to go to Shaw because Taylor needed a breather?
PAUL CHRYST: A little bit of both. That one truly, that bothered JT big time and you want to make sure he's got a chance to just breathe for a second and like I said, there's not one kid that's going out there and this is what I'm going to try to do and put it on the ground and we talked real quick and he knows he's going to come in and we're going to need you some more. So I think it's a chance to breathe for a second and comeback and knew that we would need him.

Q. Highly-rated teams haven't been able to close the deal the last couple weeks. Is there something, is there a pride that (No microphone.)
PAUL CHRYST: Yeah, absolutely. It's how do you find a way to score one more point than the opponent. And games play out in all different fashions and never once do we think guess going to be perfect. We want guys to go out and play and enjoy playing. And when you're in those tough moments embrace them and I think guys are doing that and certainly that we're trying to I think the players want to and we as coaches want to coach to perfection, they want to play knowing that you'll never attain it, and I think that in some ways those become really good wins because you know that you're not doing everything, you know we made it harder on ourselves but guys found a way and that again I think you go back and you appreciate the players and continuing to play.

Q. What did you see on TJ's tackle and what explanation did you get from the officiating crew?
PAUL CHRYST: I had a quick discussion with the official that was on our side and I think that's, I thought from my advantage point it looked like a good football play and yet I understand why they, why he threw that flag. Everyone that plays this, everyone that's coached wants it to be as safe as we can and I think that those are really hard moments. I don't think that it's always a, the receiver, he stays, he doesn't stay on the same plane, he's going to go and I thought TJ I know he had his head up and went and I understand why the call, I did not see any type of review on it, so I don't know, but those, that's, I think that's part of the game now.

Q. You had Danny Davis returning kickoffs today. How do you feel like did he in that area, do you feel like you're going to stick with him moving forward and I guess as a second part, how do you know the severity of the injury he suffered?
PAUL CHRYST: Yeah, I don't know on the severity of the injury. Obviously that determines the first part of the question. I think we just had I don't know if we just had the one return or a couple, no, one return, so I thought he was fine on it.

Q. Do you have an idea or did you see what happened on the punt block? That they basically took the ball from him?
PAUL CHRYST: Yeah, he did. I think they caught us and we were trying to release one more and they did a nice job of shifting to it and I don't know, Jeff, and obviously we'll take a good look at it, but it was, they were on us fast.

Q. Jason had to go in at left guard in the second half today. Was it just a re-aggravation for John and did you think he might need to give him a week off to make sure this doesn't happen?
PAUL CHRYST: We'll see how he is feeling with this and early in the week he didn't practice a lot and then was able to come back, had some good practices and thought that if we could get him a good half it would be pretty good for us. I think it would also help Jason. So I don't know going forward, certainly Jason's getting some good experience and it will be interesting to see how he played. I couldn't tell you right now, but we'll just kind of see how he's is feeling and continue to develop and work everyone.

Q. Getting back to the Edwards tackle, what are your thoughts on the automatic ejection that comes with that rule?
PAUL CHRYST: Well I think that we're all it's really important to try to make this game as safe as possible and there's a lot of discussion that goes on in the off season and I think that we made a step forward with being able to go back and review it and so I think we'll continue to look at different ways that we can make this game as safe as possible, understanding that it is a physical game.

Q. How do you explain when your offense doesn't do much for very long period of time and then with the game on the line is able to drive basically eight plus minutes I think it was off the clock and make some key third downplays, including Cephus's on the sideline there, yeah, I mean it's execution, right? The bottom line is is offensively plays work when guys do their job and the same could be said defensively when guys are doing -- and then someone there has to win. I mean and I think that we executed and I thought guys embraced the moment, I was proud of that. That's a you don't know, right, you go out, you take that field and then certainly weren't proud of what happened, I thought we had some good drives and then the turnovers were big. The pick was a missed communication between Alex and Danny and yet that's a big big play. And then the screen really wasn't there and tried to shoe horn it in and then that was a heck of a drive that we didn't finish on with JT's and then certainly the punt block. So those are easily you look at and say we good shots to beat that, we got to eliminate those, but there's a lot of good things throughout the game just you got to put it all together and that's where it's never easy and that's why I appreciate the guys keeping their poise and just continuing to work and play together and it takes everyone to win.
Q. Woody projected Rasheed to be a fifth running back, how much does it say about his character that's come in and through injuries other players is have really been able to step up and con tribute as fifth year senior?
PAUL CHRYST: Sheed's a really neat person and fortunately we had a good idea of who he was and also had a good idea of the room that we had for and it was going to be a good fit and whatever that role is being asked of him, knew that Sheed would be a guy that would embrace it and give his very best and I think he's done a nice job of coming into the team and I think our team has done a nice job of bringing him into the team.

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