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October 9, 2017

Jimbo Fisher

Tallahassee, Florida

JIMBO FISHER: Looking at the tape of Miami, it was very evident it was an extremely physical, hard-fought football game. A lot of big licks passed both ways in that game, both teams had their moments up and back. Great physical football game. Two teams that competed extremely hard. A lot of plays made in the game.

I think you saw both teams grow in that game. They made some plays in the second half, we made plays the first half and second half. All of our younger players kept growing up.

I think up front the games were very physical. Offense, defensive line was very physical. A lot in the secondary on tackling. They made one more play than we did. We've got to find a way to capitalize on a couple of opportunities in the first half and finish games off with key moments in the second half, make key drives, make key kicks, make key stops at times.

They just made one more than we did, one more play than we did. We've got to find a way to get that out. Kicking game was great. Ricky kicked the ball well. Logan punted the ball, did a great job inside the 10 kicks giving us a chance, pinned some guys back.

We had the one return that came off. They came up with a touchdown off of that. Other than that, I thought our kicking game was pretty good on the day. A few more punts. Had a couple of punts we had to grind. Made sure we gave up about 45, 50 yards of field position on that could have helped a little bit.

You know, hard-fought, physical game. Kids played with a lot of heart, a lot of guts. We've got to find a way to continue to do what we do and just do it a little better.

Miami is a good team. Give them credit. Same time, we had opportunities. Got to do our things a little bit better at times.

Q. Jimbo, with the loss and where your team is right now, I know you're going to keep pushing forward, but what are some things you try to do differently?
JIMBO FISHER: We can do better. Don't have to do differently. We're on the verge of doing things. Just got to keep coaching better, put them in position. And we've got that. The offensive line has gotten better. Game gets better. Red zone offense got a little better. Key third downs, got to find a way. Get up there a couple times on third down. Got zone twice on third down and had double coverage and got balls thrown into double coverage, and they made plays. Got to clean that up just a little bit.

Just continue. Special teams keeps getting better and better each week. Got to continue to coach and find a way. Play good football teams, but we're a good football team. We should be making that one other play in those games. We've got to find a way to do that. Coach it better. Try to get the kids in better position, understanding exactly what they've got to do and how they've got to do it.

Q. Is there an update on Keith Gavin?
JIMBO FISHER: Keith is banged up. I don't know yet officially. It looked like a pretty good little sprain.

Q. So who would it be? Jackson?
JIMBO FISHER: You got Jackson, you got Tamorrion Terry. I've said he and D.J. Matthews have really been outstanding in practice last two weeks (indiscernible) D.J. and (indiscernible) are on the verge of getting in to play. If it wasn't the Miami game, such a competitive game the whole way through, as far as intensity and some of that rivalry that goes with playing a young player, we've got to get them going.

Jackson, I feel very comfortable with him getting in and doing things. Our tight ends keep growing along with that.

Q. (No microphone)?
JIMBO FISHER: (Audio disruption) there's another huge (indiscernible) last week. Not every run is take a four-yard run, a five-yard run. The size and speed on the break-through. They're running north-south. It's not just your -- being able to bounce around guys and outrun guys and make plays as well as good players. His learning to run behind his pads and a low level with power, he's doing a great job. Hit 11 for 90. He had 20 for 100. They both had excellent days.

Q. Coach, when I saw the team's record, it was mentioned that the team (indiscernible) last year (indiscernible) --
JIMBO FISHER: And also just that, no matter what your record is, you play. It's fans, and we all know this. What do you have to play for? We've got everything to play for. What if you're a junior-eligible draft guy or senior-eligible draft guy? What's the NFL looking at? You.

He's got heart. He's got class. That's a guy I want on my team. He brings us back. He's a guy that can change your organization. As they play like that, they change your team. That's what they can do here with the pride they have in each other.

Also, the past guys have played here, what we built this program on, and just playing what you -- there's no reason, no matter if you lost the game or two games or three games, how hard you play and the way you play should never change when you line up and play. So to say, what's there to play on? The mindset of, of course, they want to think that, they could be 1-3 and go to the Rose Bowl.

What we want to do is prepare to play Duke. I like the outlook there. I love the intensity. I love the focus of that because it says I'm all in on this team and doing everything. There's so many reasons individually, playing-wise, we keep building our team on. It's what we're built on. I liked his answer. I didn't know he answered that, but pretty good insight.

Q. Coach, focusing on Cam Akers and Patrick, will their performance change how they'll play at Duke?
JIMBO FISHER: No, we play this way this week. We'll do the same thing. We'll run the ball, have balance, and be able to create plays in the passing game. We'll always have the ability to run the football. I said that from the beginning of the year. We're going to do that. We've gotten better in the running game with their line. They're going to get their touches. There's no doubt.

Q. Could you go into your thought process about punting twice in Miami territory about the first quarter.
JIMBO FISHER: Yeah, about the 38-, 40-yard line. Our defense is playing well. They haven't had anything. You get it back, you're out of field goal range, if you miss, you give them the ball midfield, allow them to be aggressive, you pin them back, we have a great defense, you get it back. Both times we got it back, got it back around our own 50 and 40 with a chance to score points. One of them was fourth and seven. Your odds of picking up fourth and seven aren't very good. We missed a read on third and seven, and the other one we had a drop on third and six. We had a dropped route that would have gotten us a first down. Why not pin them back? They never got first downs hardly on any of those drives.

Q. Jimbo, you mentioned the loss yardage. Are you going to look at someone else at punt returner?
JIMBO FISHER: No, he'd been getting it. They were questionable things, ones where you're slicing away and didn't want to take a chance. He can do it, be a little more gutsy and chancy as he grows in it. No, he's doing a great job. He's been fielding the ball extremely well. There was two punts, and both were slicing and were cut across. He was on the right hash on the punt and were kicked on the opposite side of the field, they were trying to kick it that way and sliced and missed a kick. He just has to go get it. You know what I'm saying? And he can go get it. And it was a wad of people, because one time he went to get it, and if you remember, he got hit. Just give him experience and keep coaching him on that. Those can hurt, but, no, T-Mac has done a great job of fielding punts, and his ball security has been excellent. And he had a couple of nice little returns.

Q. In the first couple games, we really saw Nyqwan Murray struggle to get ahead. Do you think what he did (audio interruption) down the stretch that have Miami game could be the spark he needs to really get going this year?
JIMBO FISHER: I hope so. I hope so.

Q. Coach, James really performed well in that fourth quarter, I believe. 9 of 10, two touchdowns, zero interceptions. How do you see him improve down the middle of the field? He had his zone down the middle of the seam there. How have you seen him --
JIMBO FISHER: He reads the middle of the field. Just the experience of being in there with different looks. He gets better and better. He understands he can come off and regurgitate to you exactly what he sees. Most of the time, he's 90 percent, 95 percent right on everything. We check things on the sideline. So it's really good. It's just a matter of going ahead and trusting yourself.

As the game went on, you could see the trust factor come on, and he started pulling the trigger, which he started growing. He did it at times. The first week he did it at times. He's played three games, but his progress has been really good.

Q. Jimbo, not that it makes anybody feel better in the locker room, but some of the games you played this year, could they be examples of how thin the line could be between winning and losing sometimes?
JIMBO FISHER: Yeah, whether you won them or you lost them. That's the thing we had done. We had always found a way to win those games. For the most part, we won 82 percent of our games or 83 percent of our games. We always found that one extra play. That's where we're setting there short. It is. You show them how close but how far.

Even when you win them, we're all feeling good, but really how close you are to that line the other way. That's the way it always -- that's the way college football is. As our league has gotten better, college football, the parity is going across the board. For the most part, that's kind of the way it goes. You saw this week with -- and I don't mean -- there's been upsets all over the place, teams that get upset. I think there's a lot more parity out there than we realize.

That's the line you show. Look, right here. If you can show somebody, if I do that different, I can get there, you know what I'm saying? It gets closer and closer each week. We've had some tough ones, but there's no doubt, the line you walk when you win and lose, it's really not a big -- it's not a big -- it's a step or two either way.

Q. Jimbo, I know you've been asked this a couple times since the game. Could you talk a little bit more about the last play. I think a lot of people wonder why you wouldn't put five DBs at the goal line or in the end zone and try to prevent a touchdown?
JIMBO FISHER: If you're at the 20? Because you can stick a ball in there. That's the worst thing you can do. When you put them at the line, you're giving him a hole to throw a slant, a fade, a seam, uncontested with a body running free. The way guys back shoulders the way they did in the press, T-Mac hadn't had any. He'd been man-to-man coverage the whole day. I don't think one ball was caught on him. He had one interference call, which was a very tightly contested play the first second half.

I love that on offense. If they do that inside the 20 with that range, that's the best thing to throw against. You can stick seam routes. Now you can call your offense. They've got a fade, and we've got our best player, one of our best corners on somebody. If they had played zone, we played zone earlier, think about it, that third and 20 was a cover two zone, and that third and 12 or 15 they run the dig route in there was a zone route.

So we felt more comfortable playing man coverage, and the guy had him covered perfectly. We had them all covered perfectly. They made a tremendous throw and catch in what they did. That's what we need to play better probably.

Now, if you're at the 40 or back there, you know, 35, 40, that's a different animal. And those are already in field goal range. But if you're at the 20 -- what yard line were they? 22, 23, you get inside the 25, that's hard. Actually inside the 30. There's a gauge where you call the game differently and some plays and things you do.

Q. You think the quarterback can make that throw?
JIMBO FISHER: He can make that throw. The best thing to do on a big receiver is jam him at the line of scrimmage. You let a big body guy like Auden Tate. We used to do that all the time. You run freelance and then go up, they got a better chance of catching that that way than they do the other way because you can jam them and ride them. You got a one-on-one true jump ball. They can get in and actually get their body where they want to put it. When you're guarding man to man, you can press against him, jam him, hip him, ride him, all those things. It's actually easier to do it from the get-go. You never want to let a big receiver get running like that in the red zone where he can body and play over the top of you.

You saw that last night with DeAndre Hopkins. Remember that play with Hopkins last night? Their body is free. It's harder to stop them then if you press them. Those big guys are pressing harder than they were.

Q. Not much time to tell you when the defensive call -- does he go over that with you?
JIMBO FISHER: No, you don't have time to do that right there. You're calling a game on offense and defense, you got a call what you think you can do to stop them from scoring. You don't have time to go back and forth and do all that right there. If you call time-out, they can set up a play.

Like I say, the big play on that drive, we can argue that all you want. If we get them down on third or fourth and ten, we had the perfect defense, had them call, we just -- we got to make the tackle. They're taking about a 46-yard field goal. There's plenty of opportunities in that game -- offense, defense, special teams. Got to make the play.

Q. Jimbo, just curious, there's been a lot of negative backlash against Charles Kelly the last several days. What's your level of confidence in him?
JIMBO FISHER: I have extreme confidence in Charles. Charles is a great football coach. He coached a very good game. They made a couple plays at the end, and we did a very nice job. We'll continue with Charles as our coordinator and hopefully finish the year strong.

Q. (No microphone)?
JIMBO FISHER: I do. Just consistency. It's focus and consistency, and we've got to keep coaching them better and continue to make sure they understand everything. Like I say, that fine line of making that one or two plays at the right time to get us over the hump. They've got to believe and keep playing their tails off.

If you said you could go in there and just say, Boom, there's the thing, you'd fix it right off the bat. It's human nature. You've got to be able to grind it out in practice, grind it out in everything you do. We've got to coach them better and do a better job of keeping them in position to be successful.

Q. Jimbo, is one of the positives about Blackman the way he's been able to get out of struggles within the same game? A lot of young guys might get in a funk and not be able to play --
JIMBO FISHER: Very tough to do. Right now we've got to work on getting him out of the gates a little bit. What you did at times, earlier in the game, he had a couple of things. We've got to get him out of the gate a little bit, which he can do. Which he did, actually, in the middle of the first quarter in the first game. We've got to get him out of the gates just a little bit better so we can be a little more consistent there.

We're running the football better. Got to continue to get him out of the gates with some throws.

Q. Coach, with your team off to a 1-3 start, do you have to kind of remind them to stay off social media? You had a linebacker complain about a number of plays?
JIMBO FISHER: I remind them about that every day. There's rules about it, and those things are dealt with. You're not allowed to be on social media. You can read it if you want to. I tell them don't read it. I told them whether we win or lose, has nothing to do with 1-3, 3-1, 4-0, 10-0. Stay off of social media.

Q. So your linebacker tweeting and Instagraming over the weekend has been dealt with?
JIMBO FISHER: That's internally.

Q. Going back to James with that fourth quarter time-out you called right before he threw the touchdown. I guess looking back, how important was that for you to kind of grab his attention?
JIMBO FISHER: I thought I had his attention. That wasn't much. He made a check at the line on a protection deal, and I thought he was going to run it. He actually got it off with a second. I didn't want to take a chance because I knew the play was important, so I called a time-out.

He actually got it off. I didn't think I had to call it there because he understood what he did on the play before. He looked at me and said, I got you, and acknowledged it. I didn't want him to hurry going into that play. He made a nice check at the line of scrimmage and what he did. So from that standpoint, that's why we did that.

But he'd come over very composed and understood what he did, and we talked about it. Then he went on back. That was a heck of a play. That was a big play.

Q. Is it overstating that time-out did too much for James with how he finished the first quarter?
JIMBO FISHER: I don't know if it over -- I don't think -- you have to ask him, I guess, but you can't do that right now. Do that next year. No, I mean, it does. Probably slowed it down for him. Just let him regroup. That's one of the things -- and I know, sometimes when you get to hurrying because of the clock, which if you ever watch an NFL game, they go down to -- I don't know how they get it. They make me nervous sometimes. The sideline counts, and they've got to trigger. They go down checking all the way down to the thing, and they get it off.

I told him, probably did slow it down for him and let him get his breath back again, there's no doubt.

Q. Jimbo, last season on the Showtime show, there was a couple times where you mentioned to your coaches and to Derwin, I think, that wondering if the players were getting the messages. Are you concerned about that at all this year? Has that been an issue?
JIMBO FISHER: Hasn't been. We talk. We communicate. I'm with our unity council a lot. I'm with our seniors. They're very open in meetings, making them answer and regurgitate it back. Our communication levels are good. They seem very good.

It's just -- I say this. You just got to live it all the time. It's not that they don't, but every second of every minute of every practice of every play. That's like what Tim had said a minute ago. You're right there, but you've got to take that -- you've got to push through all the time. There's always that one little inch.

And I talk about it all the time. I know everybody thinks it's cliches, but two or three or four inches can determine whether your season is phenomenal or average, and I think -- you can never quit fighting for that inch.

And I think sometimes you got to continue to mature to understand that -- and there's more in you to get that inch, you know what I'm saying? That's coaching. That's what we've got to do as coaches to get that out of them.

Q. Jimbo, what percentage of your playbook do you think James Blackman is familiar with, and how quickly from week to week has he --
JIMBO FISHER: I don't know. We're not doing everything. There's no way we're doing everything. I mean, you can't. And even if you could, there's things you could do, but how well could he do it, you know what I'm saying?

But there's plenty in there. He's doing a lot. He really -- and it's enough to have to be able to move the football and score and, like I say, move the ball. We had 400-some yards of offense against a very good defensive football team. Threw it, had good balance in run and pass in the things we did. We've got plenty of offense, there's no doubt.

Q. How much is he picking up week to week? How much are you able to add on for him?
JIMBO FISHER: You do according to what your game plan is. But this guy, the thing that excites me most about him is his ability to learn and learn on the run, but also once he makes a mistake, very -- doesn't come back and make a lot of the same mistakes twice, you know what I'm saying? He can come off and generally tell you, okay, I understand why I did it. Even if he makes a mistake, he'll almost answer your question for you, you know what I'm saying? Because of the way he thinks. From that standpoint, I'm excited about where he's going.

Q. Jimbo, with everything -- the hurricanes, the cancellations, the postponements, and now the 1-3 record -- how tough has this season been for you personally? You never really dealt with it as a head coach.
JIMBO FISHER: No. It's part of life. It's part of what you do. You line up, and you coach. You look at the situation, you look at the thing. You don't think about that. Who cares? The world don't care. People don't care. You move forward. You look at what you got to fix and go on. I mean, I joke about it, but that's the truth. Ain't nobody cares what happens to people in the past. They're looking at what's going on in the future, and that's what these kids are.

That's why I always tell our guys your windshield is ten times bigger than your rear view mirror. What matters is in your future. You learn from your past. You sit and look in the past all day, you never see what's going in front of you. We've got some things we're very close to in front of us that we've got to get to; here's how we're going to do it, we're going to push to them. That's my mindset and how I think.

Q. Have you discussed with the administration about rescheduling Louisiana-Monroe?
JIMBO FISHER: I haven't. That was brought up a long time ago. I haven't thought about it, talked about it. You'd have to ask them.

Q. Is that something you would push for?
JIMBO FISHER: I don't know. I haven't thought about that. That's up to them. I'm just worried about getting ready for Duke.

Q. What kind of (indiscernible) for you guys?
JIMBO FISHER: I don't know. Good question. Maybe it could. Again, I'm not -- I'd have to sit and think about it. Not saying it's a bad thing or a good thing. I just haven't thought about it.

Q. Jimbo, in terms of defense, third down especially a concern because you gave up a lot of third and longs in the second half to Miami?
JIMBO FISHER: Gave up a third and 20 and a third and 12 or 14 in double coverage. Had calls and just didn't make the plays. There's two big ones we gave up, and we gave up the two third and tens on the drive. One was a great play. The other we had the call, and we just missed a tackle. There was four of them, no doubt. We work extremely hard on those.

Q. (No microphone)?
JIMBO FISHER: No, just a whip. They were throwing this little short route, man route. Better field goal range. Come out, and we just didn't get them on the ground. Do it on purpose. The guy ran a good route. Went to tackle and missed a tackle.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
JIMBO FISHER: I don't know who. I can't remember who it was. (Indiscernible) No. 8 made the play. But we just got to make that play and convert.

Q. Jimbo, looking at the film, how did the offensive line perform?
JIMBO FISHER: Better. There's a couple little things we've got to do in pass protection. Seal up a couple of side gaps and pressures. We ran the football for over 200 yards. We threw it for 200. Had three or four -- four sacks, I believe it was. A couple pressures that one was critical early.

Wish we hadn't gotten pressure. Had a chance to throw a touchdown that first drive down there to Noonie that we had to release just a little bit early. For the most part, they did a nice job. Had a couple hits on James, but who they played against and what they did, they improved drastically. Hopefully, we'll continue to grow this week.

Q. Was that a sign (indiscernible) --
JIMBO FISHER: Oh, yeah. No doubt. Shows you their grit and everybody was on them and them getting pushed and challenged. You know what they did? They didn't read social media. They lined up and played this week and got better. That's what we've got to do this week.

Q. Jimbo, just to try to figure out assignments and things like that. When you guys are on cover two, is the corner supposed to get deeper, safety supposed to be there quicker?
JIMBO FISHER: Corner has to sink to a certain level, safety has to get over the top because there's no inside vertical on his side.

Q. Maybe a combination of --
JIMBO FISHER: A little bit. That ball --

Q. Well thrown, yeah.
JIMBO FISHER: That ball should almost never get in there.

Q. And then on the first touchdown, the Berrios, where he kind of got in the back of the end zone --
JIMBO FISHER: China route. Which one are you talking about? What yard line? The one by the 25 or by the 6 or 7?

Q. The 6 or 7.
JIMBO FISHER: Supposed to have outside leverage.

Q. That's what I was wondering. Because the safety is inside. Thank you.
JIMBO FISHER: He caught two of them almost the same route. He caught two of them on the same -- one was a China route, the thing, and the other one -- I didn't know if you meant the one on 6 or the one on -- that was actually the second one.

Q. Yeah, it was the second play.
JIMBO FISHER: See, see, see, I knew. The first one was before they went up 10-3 in the third quarter. That was the fourth quarter. That was when it was 17-13. We were in rack coverage. We had a single behind and a helper in the middle.

Q. Coach, follow up again, a couple of the -- you said how close the last couple games have been that didn't go our way. Have you brought up to players or get it out there you guys have the number one strength of schedule?
JIMBO FISHER: I didn't tell them that. I just know we played good people. I didn't look at strength of schedule, which I assume would be right. I told you Wake was a pretty good football team. They played Clemson's tail off and had some great chances. We've had some great opportunities.

I told them we played great teams. There's no doubt. We have open communication about that. But I said, again, it's about us. It's about us making that play and making every play. Not leaving anything -- as I say, no rock left unturned. You got to practice that way.

Again, I like their mindset and their capacity. We got to do it. They've responded with great energy. We just got to get a little more technical, and I've got to coach better. We've got to do a better job of putting them in there, making them do it, get it right, and show them how to do it and help them, because we're all in it together. It's not their fault. That's us. If they ain't doing it right, we've got to coach them better.

Q. Jimbo, when you look at Duke, what kind of challenges do they present? Can it be a challenge to go on the road with an unfamiliar opponent?
JIMBO FISHER: We don't play Duke a lot. We played them in the ACC Championship a couple years ago. Played them in '11, and I think we played them down here, was it '12. I think we played '11 and '12. '13, we played them for the championship. They did a great job. Another great year, 4-2.

They're right on the verge of winning all their games. Defensively, very dynamic, 4-2-5 look, (indiscernible) quarters coverage, halves, two man, blitz, love to blitz you, come and pressure, offense. Cut does a great job, quarterback runs, power runs, all the different runs. The variations, the routes they do, really good in the passing game, kicking game, cover kicks extremely well. Very disciplined. Good returners. I mean, they're a really good -- they're a good football team. They're 4-2 for a reason. They're playing really good.

They're an older group.

Q. Coach, want to ask you about a couple of injured guys, Trey Marshall, Landon Dickerson.
JIMBO FISHER: They're all being evaluated right now. Both were pretty significant. Trey got banged, that will go day by day, concussion-type scenario. The other guys are ankles, and we'll have to wait and see how they -- sometimes, when I say an ankle, if you say one now, how people heal, I've seen guys that couldn't walk on Monday and could play on Thursday. Some guys, vice versa. You know what I'm saying? Got to all be evaluated as we go. We'll have to see.

Q. And Hoskins, I think, was a neck sprain up at Wake.
JIMBO FISHER: He's fine. He was good to go.

Q. Coach, the team shut down Miami in the first half. Did the defense run out of gas in the second half because of their offense's unproductivity in the first half?
JIMBO FISHER: No. They were off the field in the first half. They didn't have many plays. And one of the reasons they helped shut them down is because we moved the ball on offense and were very productive on offense. The defense was only out there a limited number of plays. Miami only had 57 yards. They weren't on the field very long. And we did a great job of pinning them back in field position the whole day, which helped our defense greatly, and our defense took advantage of it.

But they didn't play too many plays. Second half, we gave up some -- gave up the first drive and two other big drives, but we were moving the ball like crazy on offense in the second half and moved it on the first half. We had almost 170 yards. They didn't play a lot of plays in the first half. Played more in the second half. The big thing was giving up those third downs. We've got to get off the field on those third downs a couple times and go.

Q. Jimbo, do you have -- as far as James, the way he -- again, late in games, he seems to be so dialled in, and earlier in the games, has some struggles. Is there anything you can do -- have you thought of anything you can do to help him?
JIMBO FISHER: There's a lot of different little things you can do and help him. Sometimes it's not wanting to make a mistake. At the end of the game, we've got to go. The blood gets flowing, the mind, you relax in the moment. And you see what they've done, see what they're playing, see the speed of the game.

The guy hadn't been out there very much. The more he goes out there, the better he's going to learn to start because he's going to get used to the pregame warmup, how the game starts, the speed of the game, what people do, recognizing, okay, I've seen that before, I've seen that before, you know what I mean?

There's no substitute for experience, and a lot of that has to come with experience and what you can do. And the experience I'll try to do as a coach to get him off to a better start with some things.

Q. So you mentioned he doesn't want to make the mistakes. Do you get the sense he plays a little bit freer when he's playing from behind?
JIMBO FISHER: No, because he really wasn't from behind in the others. Just seeing what they do on defense. I mean, his knowledge of being out there. He hasn't been out there on the field. How many games has he started?

It's like you go out and do something, once you start writing a paper, for instance, I always remember when I was in English class, I liked to write. The hardest thing was getting started. Then once I got it started, the ideas flowed, and you would just write it out. You know what I mean? That's kind of how you play sometimes. Just like in the two-minute drive, the hardest completion, you know what it is? The first completion. Once you get the first one, usually things start to flow. You heard Aaron Rodgers start to talk about it last night.

Once you get the first one and get going, here we go, boom, boom, boom. Just like the game, you got to get a jump start and get things going. It's not that your hesitant or scared or playing from behind, sometimes getting started is the hardest thing. The slowest part of the race is when? The start. It always is. You run faster as you run longer. It's kind of as your blood gets flowing, your mind gets reacting to things, and you learn to do that as you get more mature.

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