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October 7, 2017

Frank Wilson

San Antonio, Texas

Southern Miss - 31, UTSA - 29

Q. Frank, tough loss. What did you tell the team in the locker room?
COACH WILSON: Every week when you come off one game to another, you look at things you can do and you ask your club to do that. We played a cleaner game. We wanted to be better. And from a penalty perspective, it was much better in that phase of the game.

I thought our team was resilient and competed all 60 minutes of the football game. But I also speak the truth to them, and we didn't do the things necessary to have victory today. We did not win at the line of scrimmage offensively, defensively, and we probably played our least best performance from a special teams standpoint this year.

And so all three phases, we just never got it clicking. We'll look at it on film and really evaluate the things that we did in this week's preparation and really get our focus.

But I thought we were flat from go, the very first series, and I'll have to do a better job of getting this team motivated and getting their antennas up. We knew this was a quality opponent, and evidently something was left out there, and we did not play the way we're capable of playing, unfortunately.

Q. Can you describe your emotions? How disappointing is this loss?
COACH WILSON: It's the game. It's just the next game. It's not the end of the season. We have a lot of football still remaining. We'll grade this tape, we'll put it in its proper place. Come Sunday, it's behind us and we move into Monday and prepare for North Texas.

Disappointed we were not victorious, disappointed we did not play our best, but it's just one. No different if it was on the other foot and we'd have been victorious. So we'll put it in its proper place and then move forward.

Q. Frank, got a call on the contact in the end zone on the two-point conversion try at the very end.
COACH WILSON: Yeah, I don't know. There was so many other plays that could have made a difference in the game that culminated leading into that.

We had opportunities the series before, that same series. We've got to be able to catch the ball, and we have to be able to protect, and we have to do the things necessary to give ourselves a chance, and we didn't do those things and still had a fighting chance at the very end.

And hats off to that opponent. They played very well, and we knew it would be a fight, and we just didn't do the things necessary to win tonight.

Q. Frank, describe the two-point conversion try. What was the play? What was the call? What happened?
COACH WILSON: You know, we had a choice. We could have spread it to the front side. They overloaded the defensive front there. They put four receivers against our three. If it was a run/pass option, we could have taken advantage of. If we got man back side, we could take that.

So we got back side, man coverage on Josh, and we took the shot, which is a part of the play. And we didn't finish. We didn't get it done.

Q. Frank, what did they do in the run game to have so much success today?
COACH WILSON: They beat us up front. They just beat us. It wasn't anything schematically done. They outplayed us up front.

Q. Do you know what you'll see when you look at the tape as to y'all's running game and why that didn't really get going today?
COACH WILSON: I have an idea that we didn't finish blocks. Guys came free or came off of blocks and positioned themselves to be in our backfield, unfortunately. A lot of plays didn't even get started.

And so we have to communicate better. We talked about it leading into this game, recognizing what their intent was so we could be able to point them out, communicate it, and then properly be in a fit position to finish a block.

And we lost leverage at times. We may not have communicated at others. And it's from every position on the field offensively that contributed to it, whether it was guys on the perimeter, guys on the interior, the quarterback recognition, the fullback, the tailback. As an offensive unit, we didn't rush the ball or block the way we're capable of doing.

Q. Do you believe that the injury to your left guard had an impact on your run game tonight?
COACH WILSON: No. We had two injuries went down. Unfortunately, Reed Darragh went down, the right tackle, early in the game. And our left guard, Jordan Wright, went down as well. But they all get coached the same. They all train the same way. And so the ability, when your opportunity presents itself, for you to go in and be productive is expected.

And so did that affect our game? No, it shouldn't. It shouldn't because he's on scholarship as well, and so he has the same accountability as the guy in front of him. So I don't think that was detriment. Every school in America deals with injuries. We're no different or immune to it.

Q. I want to ask about Number 25 for Southern Miss, Ito Smith, 178 yards net tonight. Seemed like he broke a lot of tackles.
COACH WILSON: Yeah, he did.

Q. Coach, what happened on the interception return that really swung the momentum? It looked like Dalton may have thrown into double coverage, but Stewart maybe didn't get to where he was supposed to be.
COACH WILSON: We'll have to look at the film to see exactly what happened there. It was a bang-bang play. It happened quick, and not really sure. Didn't get a chance to see the replay on the score board as well. So not quite sure what happened there.

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