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October 7, 2017

Carl Robinson

Harrison, New Jersey

New York Red Bulls - 3, Vancouver Whitecaps FC - 0

Q. Obviously a very disappointing result. What did you make of it tonight?
CARL ROBINSON: Yeah, we were slightly off it from the first whistle. We were a yard behind. We weren't our usual self. We didn't have energy.

Credit to New York. They started very brightly. They took it as a playoff game. Obviously the first goal is always crucial. They managed to get it and then we were chasing the game a little bit.

Overall, a bad night, but there were some positives out of it.

Q. You tried to defend formation to start. What did you take away from it?
CARL ROBINSON: Well, we had done it at certain times this year and it's worked. Today we thought it gave us the best opportunity and we got caught in between. We only had one day to work at it, obviously after Kansas City last week.

So you know, it's my responsibility that, as a coach, when you put a team out or a formation out, and we changed it at halftime. We looked a lot more better. But if you give bad goals away and you give opportunities and you're not sharp and fresh, which we weren't, against a good team, you're always going to pay. And today we paid.

Q. Some changes around the 54th, just their immediate impact to the game kind of changed it a little bit there?
CARL ROBINSON: They did a little subset. Nico is banged up in there but he brought energy to the game and he was disappointed he didn't start the game; in hindsight, it's a wonderful thing, that maybe I should have. Subset, we went in, we played, made an impact when they come on, and that's what you want substitutes to do. So even at 3-0, we didn't go under, which is really important but it was a bad day at the office.

Q. Do you think the continued progression for Aly, seemed to be one of his better matches?
CARL ROBINSON: Yeah, he did the jobs very well. I think in football, fundamentals are very key, and today, I don't think we've done the fundamentals very well or good enough. Aly did. Aly was breaking up plays and playing simple and doing that; and when you're behind by one or two goals which we were, the pitch seems bigger and it seems longer. They are a good passing team.

Credit to them today. Obviously we're disappointed but we'll get back to work next week.

Q. The team has been in this place almost a week; are you looking for a similar bounce back performance after the Seattle to kc?
CARL ROBINSON: Listen we lost one game of football. If you would have said between Kansas City and New York, we were going to win one game and lose, you know, you probably would have snapped your hand off because it's difficult to play away from home.

So we have to take that on the chin. It wasn't our day today. We know we need to be better individually and collectively, but we'll get four or five players back after the national break, which will be key, as well. And I know we didn't talk about those plays missing in the start because I've got confidence in my squad. Today it didn't quite work.

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