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October 7, 2017

David Beaty

Lawrence, Kansas

Texas Tech - 65, Kansas - 19

Q. Coach, I know you have been preaching the fast starts. You've been trying to work on things in the fast start. How discouraging was that, that that was a killer today?
DAVID BEATY: We certainly were looking for a fast start. I don't think that we got that. We had a point there where we were 21-7. I felt like we had a momentum swing, which was a good thing to see. Every time we would kind of swing that momentum, something would happen that would take it away from us, and that's the mark of a good team, you know, when you can maintain it, or you take it back.

I thought those guys did a good job of taking it back. They came up here, and they played a great game, put a bunch of yards up, a lot of points, did a pretty good job defensively, and I take my hat off to 'em. They deserved what they got. They came up here and outplayed us, and they beat us. They outcoached us, they outplayed us, the whole shebang.

Q. Speaking of momentum. In that first quarter you have a couple of fourth downs that end up short, couple of reviews, seemingly took forever to play that first quarter. That kind of seemed like it kind of stalled some momentum.
DAVID BEATY: You know, I think the momentum was what it was. I don't know that those -- the reviews -- it's part of our game. I mean, you know, we can look for excuses all we want, but the truth is there are none. They had the same issues that we had, and they handled it better than we did. I thought those guys came out and actually played really, really hard. I mean, I've seen improvement in their team, there is no doubt about it.

I thought we had seen some improvement in our team, and disappointing down the stretch there to give up that many yards, give up some points down at the end.

Q. Played both quarterbacks today. Are you in evaluation phase with the two? I know you were looking for opportunities to get Carter Stanley in even before today?
DAVID BEATY: We're certainly looking to get Carter in there with more opportunities. The game was just kinda going such that Peyton didn't have a great feel in the game today, it didn't feel like. Carter looked like he had a spark that he was giving us, and we felt like we would go with him this afternoon, and it's one of those deals where we're evaluating them every day anyway. It doesn't matter. You're only as good as your next. It doesn't matter who you are.

You would like to have some consistency there but, hey, listen, the truth is, you gotta go with what you see in practice and how they're progressing and, you know, we started out fairly decently there with Carter, but I don't think we ended very well.

Q. Any positives you can take out of this one? Is there anything you can look at, at this point in time, fresh off the game and say we can build off that?
DAVID BEATY: It's hard to look at a positive when the score turns out lopsided. I like the fact that our team, they don't quit, but other than that, I mean, we still gave up a bunch of points, and we didn't score a whole lot. That's a problem. We've got to get that fixed.

Alright, guys. Let's just take questions, and that way I can get to what it is I can help you with.

Q. The hope was Stanley could invigorate the offense, get you guys back in the game?
DAVID BEATY: I said it just a second ago, Peyton looked like he was struggling a little bit with his command, and Carter looked like when he was in there he made a couple decent throws, and we felt like he gave us the best chance at that point.

Q. How critical were the fourth downs early on in the first quarter?
DAVID BEATY: They were critical, because if you convert 'em, you continue the drive, obviously you give yourself a chance to go down there and score, but you give yourself a short field defensively.

Defensively we gave up some points today, but we also had one touchdown that was a scoop and score on a fumble, and then they had some short yardage areas that they had to go in on. Their job is to stop 'em, it doesn't matter where it is. Our job is to stop 'em defensively, but, you know, we just -- we didn't do a good enough job in any of the phases today, to be able to be successful. They did a much better job than we did. I thought they played well. They outcoached us. They outplayed us. The whole thing?

Q. How many factors do you consider on fourth down whether to go for it or punt?
DAVID BEATY: Well, there's a lot of analytics out there, and it's good stuff, it's really good stuff, and it takes a lot of stuff into account. Those analytics are things that we've studied quite a bit here in the off-season, and they've been really good to us. We got close on those first couple fourth and 1's, and if you get 'em, you look pretty smart. When you don't get em, doesn't look very good.

Those were really, really close calls. I mean, I didn't see the review, I don't know how close it was. I thought we got close, but obviously we didn't get close enough.

Q. (No microphone.) -- before he came up hobbled on that longest run?
DAVID BEATY: Yeah, hammies kinda tightened up on him on the run. Murph worked on him, tried to get him back to where he could go, just wasn't worth the risk of popin' it. He does have a nice run, looked like he was trying to get started there, which was good. I thought our offensive line was starting to do a better job with their gap scheme stuff at that point. I thought they did a good job of handling our gap scheme stuff up front, and when you do that you shut down the run game a little bit.

We kept working at and kept handing it off in there, and when he went out it was obviously a little bit different, but we have capable backs. We should have been able to maintain that.

Q. Given what we saw today, do you anticipate Peyton starting on Saturday?
DAVID BEATY: We'll have to watch the tape. I mean, it's going to be a competition, so we'll see.

Q. Would you evaluate the job that your defensive front did getting to Shimonek?
DAVID BEATY: Well, we were much better I thought, you know, probably first half and just a little bit into the third quarter getting pressure, which is something we focused on quite a bit, obviously. We did a good job there. I thought we covered a lot better, too. I mean, we did a nicer job with some of the things that we were doing in our coverages, and that allowed our guys to get to him a little bit more.

There was one big, big, play, that, you know, unfortunately if we could have stayed in the zone back there where he was, then I think we were about to get to him, but that's why you gotta be disciplined. You can't leave your zone. We left the zone, it turned into a touchdown.

Q. When you have two weeks to prepare and come out with a start like that, is that especially disappointing?
DAVID BEATY: Tom, I don't get disappointed. I mean, it's a job we do, right? We go to the next play. It is what it is. Y'all want me to say "disappointed" a bunch, I'm not going to do it. We're about our next play, period! Am I happy about the way things turned out? No, I'm not! But, I mean, I'm not ready to flush this thing, I can tell you that. We're going to be all right. We'll get back to work tomorrow and we'll be ready to go.

Q. What kept the offense from getting into a rhythm?
DAVID BEATY: I think the defense on the other side. They did a good job. I thought they did a good job of stopping the run on first down a couple of times that really helped them, and they were mixing their coverages pretty good, and I thought they got a few key knock downs that were good.

You know, honestly, I don't think we played as good at the quarterback position today as we have maybe over the past few days. We weren't quite as accurate, timing wasn't quite as good. I don't know what caused that. We'll have to look at the film and see it, but quarterback play is so important to the efficiency of your offense.

Those guys are -- they've shown that they're very capable of doing it, so we will we'll get back to the drawing board tomorrow and get 'em back on track as we go to this next one.

Q. (No microphone.)
DAVID BEATY: Yeah, the particularly the last one. I just, you know, I felt like we had a chance to get a touchdown there. That throw I know he wishes he had back. There was an opportunity there. You know, there was a point in there where -- I look up and we probably could have been 35-28 had we converted on all those touchdown situations, and now that is disappointing, obviously, that you don't convert on those. That kills you! You get that close in those situations and we've got to score touchdowns. We can't be kicking field goals or attempting field goals, not against teams like that. They scored 65 points today, and that's good enough to put you in the top third. I mean, it's a tough conference when it comes to scoring points. You've got to score points. We can't kick field goals. We've gotta be able to put more points on the board.

Q. Iowa State beat Oklahoma today, and you've got Iowa State next week.
DAVID BEATY: Difficulty. Man, not a surprise to me when it comes to the fact that -- they've got some parts now. I think the quarterback is really, really good. I think the line is really, really good. What they do schematically is very, very tough. It's tough to defend. They do a good job defensively.

Matt does a great job. It's going to be a challenge for everybody. They're a good football team. I mean, not a surprise to me because I thought they were up and coming for sure.

Q. Somewhat unconventional to use two different quarterbacks on the same series. What was your thinking and do you practice that at all?
DAVID BEATY: Yeah, we did, we did. You know, some of the things that we had called there were obviously some things that played to Carter's strengths with maybe his run -- in the run game there. He's a little bit better runner, we feel like, than Peyton when it comes to some of the run plays. They have to defend an extra gap there. That makes it tougher on defense, the quarterback run stuff.

Q. Kyle playing the corner instead of Hasan. How did you feel that went?
DAVID BEATY: You know, I'll have to watch the tape. I thought Kyle did some really good things, and there was some times where, you know, I thought maybe he could have played a little bit better in areas. There was one time where they swung a bubble out there, and I didn't think -- he leveraged it pretty well, but he did some good things. He had a really, really good week of practice. Hopefully we can get Hasan back here healthy next week. He's got mono, so I don't know how long it's going to be until we can get him back. It's not an injury; he's sick!

So, I mean, hopefully we can get the kid well. It would be nice because it gives us depth at the corner spot. I thought Kyle did a nice job stepping in, though.

Q. (No microphone.) -- more than 100 return yards. Are you able to update his status?
DAVID BEATY: I was worried that -- he got hit pretty good on that one, and he was hitting the hole pretty hard. We didn't use him toward the end there. I don't know. I'm going to have to check the training room, and he was unavailable there late, so we will see what happened.

Q. (No microphone.)
DAVID BEATY: He's not with us right now.

Q. Not with the team?
DAVID BEATY: He's not with us. He wasn't with us today. He wasn't dressed. You've got to win a spot to be able to dress. He didn't dress today.

Q. Is he still with the team, though?
DAVID BEATY: We'll see. We'll see how all that works out. All right, guys, y'all have a good one.

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