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October 4, 2017

Bobby Petrino

Greensboro, North Carolina

BOBBY PETRINO: Well, we're looking forward to our game tomorrow night against North Carolina State. They're a very, very good football team that's playing really well right now. They're doing a good job defensively, doing a good job offensively. I think it'll be a great challenge for our team. I do like the way we've prepared and the way we've practiced the last couple of weeks, so we're excited to get on the road and play a real good football team.

Q. How do you feel like the targeting rule has been applied in college football since its inception?
BOBBY PETRINO: Yeah, I think it's been something that's been good for football. I think it's taken a lot of the big scary hits away and taken the safeties and the secondary and made them very conscious of it. I think it's helped protect the quarterbacks throughout the country. I think now that they can do it on replay that it helps even more. I think it's been a real positive thing to our football game.

Q. How do you feel about the possibility of saving ejections for particularly egregious or malicious hits?
BOBBY PETRINO: Yeah, I think it's something that should be talked about in the off-season at the appropriate time.

Q. Where do you feel like Jonathan Greenard has made the biggest strides since he got to campus?
BOBBY PETRINO: You know, he's gotten stronger and faster. He's always been a really smart football player and very intelligent in everything that's going on out on the field, but he's worked extremely hard to improve his strength and agility, and he knows a lot what's going on out there, so he does a good job of defending the run and a good job of rushing the passer, which gives him sacks and tackles for loss. Been really happy with how hard he's played and how much he's improved in the last year.

Q. Did you see this type of start to the season coming for him in fall camp?
BOBBY PETRINO: Well, you know, he missed all of spring ball, so we didn't get to look at it there. But I've had him when he was -- when he redshirted. He was over with the scout team all the time and he was always a pain in the butt over there because he would do a great job of rushing the passer and slipping blocks and making tackles, and you saw that there was something special that he had in his understanding of the game. He doesn't hesitate; he sees something and then he goes for it and takes advantage of it.

Q. What's your assessment of the NC State defensive line, and how do you feel your offensive line has been playing going into this game?
BOBBY PETRINO: Yeah, I mean, they've got a very good defensive front. Seems like we've been playing against them forever. I think a lot of them are the same guys for the past three years. They're doing a really nice job of rushing the passer, do a good job in their run defense. We're going to have a challenge. I do think that we're a better offensive front and that we have been playing well. But certainly that's going to be a big part of this football game.

Q. Talk about Chubb, the defensive line for NC State. Seems like everywhere he goes on that line he can set up in the backfield, he can make the offensive line try to figure out where he is. How are you going to stop him tomorrow night to make sure he doesn't do that all the time?
BOBBY PETRINO: Well, he's a good football player. He does a nice job in run defense. He does a nice job rushing the passer. He's one of those guys that plays with great effort, so we've got to be able to match the effort. We've got to work hard on our technique and know where our help is and get some help from tight ends and running backs and the things that you do to help chip on a great player like that.

Q. And Samuel, the tight end, or fullback, or whatever they put in the offense for the Wolfpack, how are you going to stop him?
BOBBY PETRINO: Yeah, we have to recognize where he's at and how they're using him and where his alignments are and understand that when he's in there, he's in there to get the ball.

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