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October 4, 2017

Nyles Morgan

South Bend, Indiana

Q. They may have a change in quarterback to a kid by the name of Surratt who is a dual-threat athletically, kind of quarterback, throws left-handed. The fact that you've gone against quarterbacks like that in practice, will that help you with not having a lot of film on him?
NYLES MORGAN: I would say yes, you know. Just having worked with Leap before with (indiscernible), but we have a game plan and we're going to stick to that probably.

Q. Totally off topic, but I'm wondering as you enter your final games playing for Notre Dame, what you recall about your recruiting process here?
NYLES MORGAN: Which part?

Q. Official visit here? Your interaction with any of the assistant coaches or whatever.
NYLES MORGAN: I would say I took my official at the USC game, and that was like one of the most amazing things I've ever seen because we won that game, and it was like this place just kind of just erupted. You know, that's what pretty much sold me here.

Q. What other schools did you strongly consider and what put Notre Dame over the top in addition to that USC experience?
NYLES MORGAN: I think my top 5, geez, that's four years ago. Top 5 was Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Michigan State, and Florida. And what put Notre Dame over all those schools was the fact that, one, obviously, the academics here are topnotch, alumni connections, things like that. Also realized that I wanted to go to a school that would help me mature and become a better human being and a better person. A place where I can learn and develop. Not saying I couldn't at any of those other schools, but I thought Notre Dame would give me the best chance to do that. And it's pretty cool having my family go to pretty much all my games, because I'm from Chicago, and that's maybe an hour or two away.

Q. Was there a clear number two?
NYLES MORGAN: Not really.

Q. I'm curious how satisfied you guys are with how you played to this point in the season?
NYLES MORGAN: Never satisfied.

Q. So you're not satisfied?
NYLES MORGAN: We are satisfied, but we're never satisfied.

Q. Let me rephrase this. What do you think you guys have been able to do well to this point that's helped get you to where you are?
NYLES MORGAN: Stop offenses from scoring.

Q. What are you guys working on this week and the rest of the year? Where do you see the biggest need for improvement on your side of the ball?
NYLES MORGAN: I would say the biggest need for improvement is stopping them from scoring all the way around. Every game, doesn't change.

Q. Nyles, PK mentioned a personality test that you guys took before the season talking about leadership abilities or just traits in general. What did you get out of that? Could you describe what that whole test was like?
NYLES MORGAN: I liked it because you kind of got to look at -- I liked it because it's psychology and that's my major and I was like, oh, taking a test by myself and see where I lie. And I liked it because guys got a chance to see, you know, like their strengths, their weaknesses, and I guess look at themselves in the mirror and see who are you?

Q. When did you guys take these tests?
NYLES MORGAN: I'm not really sure. I would say some time during the off-season.

Q. Spring time?
NYLES MORGAN: Around there.

Q. Could you describe the test itself? What are they trying to get you to answer, what format, how long did it take, that kind of stuff?
NYLES MORGAN: They were survey-based questions. It's like they were actually kind of like what you do in certain life scenarios and certain situations. Then they would track all your traits, like 20 traits like honesty, toughness, bravery, courage, things like that. They would track it in order from like what you are the most to like the least.

Q. Do you remember what you were the most?

Q. The least?
NYLES MORGAN: Did not look at that.

Q. Coming out of that, did it change the way you look at it, like I can lead this way or this is my role on the team? How did you apply that to actual football?
NYLES MORGAN: Knowing my results, it kind of, what's the word I would kind of look at it and say this is pretty accurate of me, so keep doing that.

Q. More like a confirmation of it?
NYLES MORGAN: Confirmation of it, yeah.

Q. Coach Kelly was telling us the other day how he reorganized the locker room in position groups. Do you feel like that enhanced camaraderie?
NYLES MORGAN: Yes, at first I didn't like it because I was bought in to it being LBs, just linebackers. Yeah, it's just linebackers. But then as things got rolling and we started going through our workouts with Balis and even through that we're forced to interact with other teammates, that was like the best thing we could have ever done, because now you get to know your O-linemen, you know your running backs, your receivers, quarterbacks, corners, versus just getting stuck in one section. It definitely builds our team camaraderie.

Q. Who is your locker next to?
NYLES MORGAN: My locker is next to -- because right now it changed three times. Right now I have Josh Adams in front of me, Jeremiah Owusu next to me, Nicco, Jerry, Brandon Tiassum, Jalen, all kinds of people.

Q. Is it constantly changing or did it change before the season started?
NYLES MORGAN: I wouldn't say constantly, but it changed probably twice.

Q. So you think it's helped you get to know teammates you didn't otherwise know very well?

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