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October 4, 2017

Greer Martini

South Bend, Indiana

Q. North Carolina might be starting a young, mobile quarterback. Does the fact that you practice against those kind of guys, do you think that helps you in a way?
GREER MARTINI: Yeah, I think it helps a lot, especially seeing Brandon and Ian and those guys that can move really well. For us, it's just we've seen that a lot throughout playing our offense, and we'll be comfortable with playing a quarterback like that.

Q. Off topic, but now that you're in your remaining days as a Notre Dame football player, can you reflect on your recruiting process here and what some of the more memorable moments of that were like?
GREER MARTINI: Yeah, so I think some of the memorable moments in my recruiting was I was up here when Notre Dame beat Stanford on the goal line. It was that Rainey game. It was super cold, and we all got to get on the field afterwards. That was a memorable moment, for sure. I think that one of the actually most memorable moments of my recruiting process was they got us all in this room, and they put up this history of Notre Dame football. It was really neat and it was pretty awesome for me to see what I was getting myself into just like from an historic perspective.

Q. At that point you were uncommitted?
GREER MARTINI: I think, actually, I was committed at that point, yeah.

Q. And what, I mean, as you look back on it what were the determining factors that ultimately helped you choose Notre Dame?
GREER MARTINI: I committed pretty early. As well as I wanted the best combination on a business school in football, and Notre Dame just fit that mold.

Q. Anyone influence you to lead in this direction?
GREER MARTINI: Well, I had two of my high school teammates. CJ and Doug were both hear, so that was a great influence. When I came I was really comfortable. I always knew someone on the team, so that was definitely an influence.

Q. Your Top 5, or your top schools remaining when you chose Notre Dame?
GREER MARTINI: That's tough. Obviously, Notre Dame was one. I had some local schools. I like UVA a lot, Michigan, Stanford were some of the schools that were up there. But once I got the Notre Dame offer, I kind of committed right away.

Q. So there was no clear-cut number two?
GREER MARTINI: No, I didn't take any other visits other than Notre Dame. This is my school.

Q. Curious, at this point in the season, how satisfied would you guys say you are with the way you're playing at this point?
GREER MARTINI: I think we're satisfied, but we're always like -- we always want to get better. We know each week with the rest of our schedule we have to continue to get better because we've got a tough schedule coming ahead of us.

Q. What do you think you guys have done best so far on defense?
GREER MARTINI: I think it is like every week I feel like I'm a little bit better. Gotten a little bit more comfortable with the scheme and just playing fast. I think each week we've gotten just more comfortable with it, which I think is the biggest thing.

Q. You guys have done well keeping points down, causing turnovers. What do you think is the biggest area of growth still remaining for you guys?
GREER MARTINI: It's just executing for four quarters. Not taking any series off. Just being locked in throughout the entire duration of the game. There can't be one series where we have a couple sloppy plays. We just need to be more consistent throughout the entire game.

Q. PK referenced a personality test you guys took during breakfast time. Can you describe what you got out of that format of the test? What questions you learned?
GREER MARTINI: I think it's just a generic personality test that most people take. I think what we got out of it is we saw the ways that we related to people. And for me, it was like about relationships and like I think my second one was like love or something like that. So my thing is that I can be close to teammates with intimate relationships when someone else could have seen something different, but that's what I got out of it.

Q. Were the results a surprise to you, or, yeah, I kind of figured I was that way?
GREER MARTINI: Well, they give you your Top 5 things, and I was a little bit surprised with some of them, but it made sense when I sat down and kind of thought about it.

Q. How did it sort of impact you as a captain or how you related to your teammates moving forward, just sort of having that information?
GREER MARTINI: Yeah, I think that you can see what you're good at, what you're not good at. So I wouldn't use a tactic that I wouldn't be good at just based on that personality test. That kind of narrows it down to the way that you should lead.

Q. I guess, could you give me an example of a question on the test that you remember?
GREER MARTINI: Actually, there's like 40 different questions and they're kind of all similar, and I couldn't tell you one specific one. But do you get more pleasure from hanging out with a good buddy or sitting in a room reading a book, like something like that. So it deciphers between whether you're a people person or if you like to be a recluse or whatever, yeah.

Q. So what did the test reveal that you weren't good at? What was the last of your traits?
GREER MARTINI: Let me think back. This was a long time ago. I would say probably more along the lines that, for me, I wasn't so good about being in a room and being like that demanding guy. Like being the loudest, most vocal guy. It was more so the relationship aspect of it, and kind of one-on-one stuff rather than in a big group setting.

Q. So, have you never done that before, like stood up in front of a room?
GREER MARTINI: No, it's more so just like that's not what I'm -- obviously, there are times it presents itself, but that's just something I had to work on. Yeah.

Q. Just to follow-up to that then. So you're not a guy that's going to be knocking over chairs and screaming at your teammates pregame?
GREER MARTINI: No, that's not me, no.

Q. Who would be that guy?
GREER MARTINI: I think probably Quenton Nelson, Nyles Morgan, those are two guys I think of right off the top of my mind.

Q. Coach Kelly was telling us how he reorganized the locker room in the off-season. Do you think that's helped camaraderie?
GREER MARTINI: Yeah, for sure. You used to sit with your position group now it's all types of guys. Like Avery Davis is beside me right now. So, it's just someone that I wouldn't have had a relationship with or even seen on a daily basis. Just seeing only linebackers and we do so much stuff together, I think it brings us closer because you know a variety of guys better.

Q. Do your lockers change periodically?
GREER MARTINI: So it's changed twice so far. So in the spring we had a certain locker group, and now it's different during the fall. So I've had two different rotations. I feel like during the spring it will change again and then again in the summer. So I think that's just what Coach Kelly has been doing, and I think it's been effective.

Q. Do you think that's overall boosted team morale heading into the season? Do you think you can tell the difference maybe?
GREER MARTINI: Yeah, I think we're more united as a team. And I think everyone's saying the offense, defense feeds off each other. That's a big part of it as well.

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