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October 3, 2017

Mychealon Thomas

Lubbock, Texas

Q. Mike, obviously you played at Butler up in Kansas, so what's it feel like going back up there?
MYCHEALON THOMAS: Kind of feels like home. I still have a couple friends and couple family members that stay up there, so it feels like home going back.

Q. How does it feel like things went against Oklahoma State for you, and Broderick and Nic and how you guys have played?
MYCHEALON THOMAS: I think I feel it went good. Coach Gibbs just told me as a nose just to stay in the center and do my job. I feel like we did our job as a whole. Me and Brod did, so I feel really good about it.

Q. Does that make the loss more frustrating knowing that you guys did your job but ended up short?
MYCHEALON THOMAS: It does, but you really can't worry about it. You've just got to -- you really can't worry about it. It was very frustrating, but at the end of the day, a loss is a loss. You've just got to come back the next day, ready to practice with the next opponent.

Q. How do you feel the guys are responding?
MYCHEALON THOMAS: I feel like we're responding great. I feel like everybody was sad, and after that, I feel like yesterday in practice everybody wanted to get better and wanted to work on the next opponent.

Q. What do you guys specifically want to incorporate with Kansas?
MYCHEALON THOMAS: Basically stopping the run. This year I know they're having success on the run game. I saw it against West Virginia this year. That's where they're trying to do is running the ball. So this weekend we're just preparing on stopping the run.

Q. Is there any particular play or periods of success?
MYCHEALON THOMAS: Mostly power plays. That's their top run play, I think it's power. We've just got to focus this week on getting better at what we do, and hopefully we'll come out with a win this Saturday.

Q. When guys play like that on a power play, is it hard not to get washed down sometimes in it?
MYCHEALON THOMAS: It's very hard. You always have to buckle down and stay in your gap. You can't lose your gap or they're going to have positive plays on you.

Q. Do you like being out there on kickoff (Indiscernible)?
MYCHEALON THOMAS: Really, I don't. It's not for me. But I have to do it, so I just have to try my best to get ready and prepared.

Q. Does it help that you already had a (Indiscernible)?
MYCHEALON THOMAS: Yes, it helps, it helps a lot. It helps a lot.

Q. The other guys from the Kansas junior colleges, do they feel anything at all going back there?
MYCHEALON THOMAS: I haven't talked to them guys yet, but I feel like it does because we've all been through the JUCO area of Kansas. So I feel like we still have a lot of friends down there too. I feel like they're probably like me. They're ready to get back and play in front of those people, because you miss playing in front of those people.

Q. What were the crowds like when you all went out and played there?
MYCHEALON THOMAS: It wasn't that big, but it was a nice size for us to just feel the environment, the city and the town.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
MYCHEALON THOMAS: Just anybody on the defense?

Q. Well, there are so many transfers.
MYCHEALON THOMAS: Yeah, the attitude, I think Dorsey. He brings attitude every day. He's always with the D-linemen trying to encourage us that we can do it. Octavious Morgan, Tony Jones, you know, I played with them boys, and I just try to have the biggest attitude with them. Especially Octavious Morgan, he's been pretty down sometimes, and I just have to lift him up and tell him that he can do it. So, yeah.

Q. Did Kansas recruit you at all when you were at JUCO?
MYCHEALON THOMAS: No, they didn't. Kansas State did, but Kansas, no.

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