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September 30, 2017

J'mar Smith

Ruston, Louisiana

South Alabama - 16, Louisiana Tech - 34

Q. You started off really hot. Did they change the coverage up or did you get a rhythm going?
J'MAR SMITH: Basically it's the rhythm. We knew they were coming in there and they did exactly what we thought they were going to do. They switched it up just a little, but we reacted in a good way, we threw the ball down the field, and got two touchdowns early. But I just wished we could have continued it throughout the game, just not had a bad quarter. But that's the game of football, you have ups and downs, and you have to find a way to dig through it and fight for the next play.

Q. Talk about ball security. I know that's something that you guys have stressed. What's it like to have to go out there and be able it take care of the ball?
J'MAR SMITH: It feels good. Just out there having fun. It kind of hurts you a little bit because you feel like you let the team down. But going out there, having fun, not over thinking everything, and just going out and playing football, it feels great.

Q. You guys had a bunch of close games back-to-back and finally were able to grab ahold of one there in the third quarter or fourth quarter towards the end. Did you learn something last couple games that came down to the wire that maybe helped you in a situation where it was close and you overcame it?
J'MAR SMITH: Whenever the moment gets bigger, you got to focus on your key thing. Because if the key is a read, you got to focus on that. And I think coming up last week we lost a close game and that hurt. That's pain. We just know that we're going to try to take all the pain and anger that we have on our opponent. So we're just going to give it all we got.

Q. From a players' perspective, do you guys ever look at these kinds of games as games that you guys have against other teams? Do you think that maybe these games are sort of a sense of pride and you want to carry the banner for Conference USA and make sure that you guys establish that conference as the best conference in Baton Rouge?
J'MAR SMITH: We just got to make sure that Louisiana Tech is a dominant football team. We can't take anybody lightly, we could have easily went out there and just gave them the game and they could have won. It was a good game for them, they played hard tonight, but we had the better hand and we did what we were supposed to do on offense and defense and we came out with the win.

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