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September 30, 2017

N'Keal Harry

Tashon Smallwood

Manny Wilkins

Stanford, California

Stanford - 34, Arizona State - 24


Q. Did Stanford surprise you guys at all in anything they did?
TASHON SMALLWOOD: No, they do what they do. And they're good at what they do. So they came out there and they didn't do nothing special.

They executed their game plan, exploited what was bad in ours. Played a great bet, you know what I'm saying?

Q. You knew the key going in was to try to (indiscernible) had four or five big plays. What did you see up front to have someone --
TASHON SMALLWOOD: Like I said, they didn't do nothing special. I mean, not taking nothing from him. He's a great back. He runs hard. You know what I'm saying? But we didn't execute.

We came in with a game plan. Some plays we didn't fit correctly, you know what I'm saying? But he runs hard. And he did his thing.

Q. You saw him on film obviously all week. Was there a difference seeing him on film and seeing him in person?
TASHON SMALLWOOD: No, I mean, it's always different than watching and actually playing somebody. Seeing how he runs, he's good at getting in the creases and he's patient (indiscernible). It's different from watching on film and actually playing against that.

Q. N'Keal, how much time did you spend with the Sparky package, because you came in (indiscernible) direct snaps, threw the touchdown. In practice this week what was that like?
N'KEAL HARRY: Spent a lot of time on that, just getting all the technical stuff with that down, and I think we did a pretty good job using it tonight.

Q. You guys moved the ball pretty well in the first half. The second half not as much. Was there any change or anything that you noticed that prevented you guys or slowed you guys up in the second half?
N'KEAL HARRY: No, we've just got to execute. Defense did a good job in the second half. We hung them out to dry a couple times. So we've just got to get back to practice and work the kinks out.

Q. In the first half you guys moved the ball almost on every possession. In the second half not as much. Did anything change there?
MANNY WILKINS: Just got to put us in a better situation to score points. Obviously I didn't play my best game. I didn't give us an opportunity to win this football game. So I take full accountability for that. So we've got to go back, go to work. It's one game. Sucks to lose this one, but I'm proud of how this team fought, and I've got to play better.

Q. Did you get hurt on that one play where you were tackled from behind?
MANNY WILKINS: He just rolled me up a little bit. Felt awkward.

Q. Looked like you were limping when you came off.
MANNY WILKINS: I'm all good. I'm all good. Nothing a little bit of -- just run it off and stuff.

Q. What did you think about the offensive game plan? You went to the Sparky a lot, had a bunch of success, ran the football.
MANNY WILKINS: I think we did a lot of good things. I made some poor decisions that cost us some points. Interception turns into a touchdown drive by them. And another interception.

And my goal has been to do nothing but own the football this year. And I did a poor job of that tonight. And, like I said, I gotta give us a better chance to win football games. So I take full accountability for that.

Q. You guys were making six, seven, eight yards on first down on a run. That was in the first half. And that didn't happen in the second half. Is that something that Stanford did, or was everybody tired? Or did you change something? Because you were really moving it in the first half.
MANNY WILKINS: I don't think I did my job right. I think that I didn't put us in the position to win this football game.

Q. N'Keal, you also got banged up there in the first half, went out for a play, and came back on the field, threw a touchdown pass. Take us through that sequence. Did you feel like you were really hurt, and just take us through that touchdown pass?
N'KEAL HARRY: No, I just had a player just laying on my stomach. So I kind of lost my air at the bottom of the pile, needed a play off, and just came back and threw it.

Q. Do you remember the last time you threw a touchdown pass?

UNIDENTIFIED STUDENT-ATHLETE: Threw a rope to Freddie last year, though.

Q. Did that happen exactly as you drew it up?


Q. What did you see there? You were faking like you were going to run to him, throw to Ceejhay, what happened there?
N'KEAL HARRY: It was a little bit tough to see what was going on, because of all the linemen. But at the end I didn't want to throw the ball away. I ended up seeing him get wide open. So Ceejhay did a great job and did exactly what Coach told him to do. And we just executed it.

Q. Manny, after you first got rolled up, did you have to, when you were walking it off, did you have to do anything differently in your game to account for that or was there anything different in the play calling?
MANNY WILKINS: No, we came out rolling. And I didn't put us in the position to win this football game. I played poorly. I played terribly.

I gotta do a better job putting the ball in these dudes' hands and letting them make a play and keeping the defense off the field. My number one job is to go out and score points, and we left a lot of points on the board tonight. And that falls in my hands.

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