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September 27, 2017

Ben Olsen

Harrison, New Jersey

New York Red Bulls - 3, DC United - 3

Q. That was a pretty crazy match, huh? What were you expecting? When you went down and you were ahead a goal, you go down and it's late, what was on your mind?
BEN OLSEN: Get it open. We were able to pull that off last year, I think, as well with a late goal. From a home team standpoint, they're a very, very hard team to get anything out of. Again, they put you under so much pressure. But I thought overall we dealt with it pretty well. I'm proud of the response of going down 2-1. It's an easy one to fold, and I think you see a little bit of difference in the mentality in this group and maybe the group or some of the new guys not having as much baggage and understanding that there is still life in this game and still something to take out of it. So the subs did a very good job, and it's a good point.

Q. Sort of serendipity, you got the deflection on the first goal, the deflection on the last goal. Did it seem like there was a little luck with you tonight?
BEN OLSEN: Nope. I didn't see any of it. I didn't see the deflection of the first one. You know, you put the ball in tough spots so you get in good spots around the box and good things happen. We've been unlucky enough throughout the year that I would say we're (No audio) a little bit.

Q. Acosta came off at halftime. Was there an issue?

Q. How do you think he did?
BEN OLSEN: Very well. I like that he is -- he really understands the position on both sides of the ball. We needed someone in there that's more predictable at the moment. We thought it's also sometimes a back-to-back game. The team that plays the little stuff too. You have to have everybody on the same page to get anything out of them.

Q. Second game in a row that Patrick scored. How much of that is just the confidence of getting that first goal last week?
BEN OLSEN: In the second half he was sharp. The first half, again, it's a tough game because you're up there alone and your responsibilities are to bring us into the game by holding balls up or running off the ball transitioning. I thought he did an okay job in the first half. He's always in good spots to score goals, and that's what you want right now. It's obviously high confidence and it does give us chances. So that's good. That's good for us to get. It's nice to have a hot forward, and that hasn't been the case.

Q. We touched on this before, but I imagine it's very encouraging at this point in the season based on where you are in the standings and all of that late in the game, on the road, to get a result out of them?
BEN OLSEN: We talked about it this week. Let's use these next three games to really focus on how to get results on the road. There are still some new guys. But going into next year, we're going to be on the road for a while, and you have to -- this is almost a dress rehearsal for that portion of the season because you have to get results, you have to stay in it for that first four or five months, and it takes everyone to be committed and everybody on the same page in this league to go get anything on the road. I thought the second half they did a pretty good job of that.

Q. Steve had a little bit more to do today than he did against San Jose. What did you make of that?
BEN OLSEN: I think he held up just fine. Makes a huge save on Bradley Wright and then steady everywhere else. You know, the third one goal out. The second one I don't think you can really do anything. The screen, goes through a leg in the corner, a bit of a scramble. You know, the first one in the high corner. So I think he's held on just fine.

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