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September 16, 2017

D.J. Calhoun

Manny Wilkins

Kyle Williams

Lubbock, Texas

Texas Tech - 52, Arizona State - 45

Q. The second half was much better than the first half. What was the difference you saw out there?
MANNY WILKINS: I think we just did a really good job of going out there, trying to make some plays. Played with a lot of heart. Just gotta execute better to start off.

Q. D.J., second half, you guys got some stops there, brought the game back into a tie. What kind of things did you do successfully in the second half that enabled that?
D.J. CALHOUN: We just (indiscernible) came out and played hard. We know we messed up in the first half, and (indiscernible) capitalized on that. (Indiscernible) fight like this. We reached our breaking point right here. And we know (indiscernible) do better in the future.

Q. Kyle, you obviously had a breakout game. You had the long pass. You had the touchdown on the short throw from Manny. What were you able to do this week versus before that really gave you the opportunity to show what you can do?
KYLE WILLIAMS: We had a good game plan this week, and Coach believed in all the receivers, not just me. And the just gave us chances to go out there and make plays. Kudos to Frank Darby and all those guys, and everyone else who makes plays. But our coach -- (indiscernible) the game plan is there, and it's our opportunity to execute and our duty to execute.

Q. Manny, on that fourth-and-3 you have four receivers to the left and N'Keal to the right. There's two people in coverage. Does it even cross your mind to do anything other than go to N'Keal in that situation?
MANNY WILKINS: Just read my keys. Realized I had man-to-man coverage. Held the safety on the hash so that he wouldn't fly over, so that the corner wouldn't know that he had a dude over the top so he couldn't play underneath to N'Keal. Just simply played catch, threw a back-shoulder fade. And N'Keal made a hell of a catch.

Q. Obviously this is a really emotional loss after last year beating Tech in Tempe. What's going through your mind right now, and what are the thoughts about tonight and the rest of the season?
MANNY WILKINS: Obviously it hurts. But to come back like that, we could have won the game, should have won the game. Feel like I gotta do a better job getting us going early.

Now it's on conference play. And our goals are still right in front of our eyes. We talk about having -- it's all in our hands now, and we have a choice to make something with what we've got or let it go by us. So our goal is to go in here, go 1-0 next week and start putting some wins on the board.

Q. D.J., does the defense have that same perspective?
D.J. CALHOUN: Defense is like offense. We all want to make plays. We all want to do this. Sometimes we get out of the box here and there. And just we learn from this; it's in the past now.

I feel like everybody showed heart -- Manny, Kyle, everybody from our defense, special teams, everything like that. We were down a lot of points (indiscernible). For us to come back and show heart like that shows a lot. You know what I mean? And you just make mistakes and keep on learning.

Q. You guys talk about how you were able to recover from that tough start and the first quarter. Was there something specific that you guys said or a player that really took charge after that first quarter to get you guys back in the game?
D.J. CALHOUN: As far as defense we just knew we were beating ourselves. To me the offense wasn't all that great and (indiscernible) mistakes. It's hard to continue to beat ourselves (indiscernible). When (indiscernible) in the second half, we picked up stuff here and there and grinding. That's all.

Q. Manny, could you talk about N'Keal's performance and you just going to him over and over when you guys needed the plays?
MANNY WILKINS: Simply put, the dude's a grown man. He's a man amongst boys out there, and every time we have any guy one-on-one with him, my radar goes off. And it's like a little flashing red light that I see, and I think we did a good job of attacking that.

And he made some really, really special plays tonight. And it was good to have him do that. I told him before the game I took a nap today and in my dream he had a big game. I told him this to his face.

So I just told him to trust the process, trust in God's work. And this is what we work for, this is what we work all summer for, all winter for, is for moments when he has one-on-one, he's going to win them.

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