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September 13, 2017

Paul Johnson

Greensboro, North Carolina

PAUL JOHNSON: We're certainly disappointed that we don't have the opportunity to play this week, but we understand the circumstances involved with the hurricane. So we just kind of take it. We'll take this as an extra bye week.

I don't think we're going to be able to make up the game at any point, so it's just a game we lose, and we'll just have to move on and get ready to get into conference play.

Q. With this game being cancelled against Central Florida they're hosting a bunch of National Guard personnel and obviously trying to do what they can after Hurricane Irma. Even though you don't get to play the game, what can you say about the team that was supposed to be on the other side of you, and just what Central Florida is doing to help the State of Florida and how they've welcomed in the National Guard?
PAUL JOHNSON: Well, certainly I think everybody is very thankful and appreciative of what they're doing by hosting not only just the National Guard, but I think a lot of the power people and this, that and the other. Certainly our prayers and thoughts are with all the people everywhere who had to undergo the storm this past weekend. We got a touch of it here in Atlanta, but nothing like most people. Certainly it was a huge storm.

Q. When you have this opportunity, like you said, you want to play, but having this extra week of preparation, just what you can do to utilize this as your advantage? Maybe some of the bullet points that you have taken from the first couple games that you can assess now that maybe you would have had to assess a little later on?
PAUL JOHNSON: Well, basically what we're going to do, this would have been our third game in 13 days, so we're going to practice a couple times this week and tomorrow, and we'll give them the weekend off and pick up Monday. So hopefully we'll have a fresh football team when we come back on Monday.

Q. Do you know whether there were attempts to try to move the game up to Atlanta or invite UCF up earlier to be able to help them out with everything they're going through down here?
PAUL JOHNSON: I think our administration offered to play the game here, and I don't think they had an interest in that. I'd hoped that we have -- I think it's a home at home where they were coming back here maybe the 19th or 20th or something like that so I was hoping we could just flip them if we needed to, but they didn't seem to have an interest in doing that.

Q. How's your city of Atlanta after the storm? How's everything around the campus with all the rain and all the wind that came up from that big storm?
PAUL JOHNSON: Well I don't think it affected the campus much. We're good. We had a couple days of some rain and some wind. But as I look around, I don't see anything around the campus. There's probably still some people in the metro area, a few people without power in certain places, but not very many.

Q. And this bye week, what do you want to see from your team getting ready for next week's game against Pitt? I know you have a week off now, so what would you like to see?
PAUL JOHNSON: We'll go back and handle some of the fundamental things we haven't done very well and maybe intro to Pitt. But we'll get a couple days work in on fundamental stuff and intro to them, and then we'll start full bore next Monday.

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