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September 13, 2017

Brian Kelly

Greensboro, North Carolina

BRIAN KELLY: Going on the road for the first time with our football team and going to play a football team in Boston College that has traditionally been just a fabulous game. Both teams Catholic institutions have a lot of pride in playing each other, a lot of similarities in terms of our mission. It's always been a hard-fought game and we expect the same going on the road against Boston College.

So for our guys, an opportunity to get back in winning ways and certainly Boston College the same. So two teams looking for a win and knowing that it's going to be a hard-fought, physical game.

Q. Good morning. Coming off last week's game, where are you looking to get a boost offensively heading into the BC game?
BRIAN KELLY: Well, we didn't have the kind of balance that we need. Obviously 55 yards rushing you just look like (Inaudible), so we need to run the ball much more effectively. Look, I wouldn't go into the game expecting to dominate the line of scrimmage, but we needed balance, and we didn't have the kind of balance necessary to have the production needed in that ballgame.

Q. So what have you asked of your team to get that better balance, that better production this week?
BRIAN KELLY: Well, certainly the opponent was part of that process, so we learned a lot about ourselves and what we need to do then certainly just execution. Our quarterback has got a second game under his belt. He'll be able to operate our offense more effectively, and I just think overall just operating together and knowing our strengths and weaknesses allows us to go into this game with a better understanding as to what's going to work effectively for us in the running game.

Q. Last week I was looking at the game, a little more about the Georgia game, third downs was a problem for you guys for basically three for 17. So is that something you guys have to work on this week to get better?
BRIAN KELLY: I think it was a product of being third and long. We've got to stay out of the kind of third and seven or more that we were in. We've got to do a better job on first down and keep the chains in a position where we don't have to be so predictable on third down. It's very difficult to have a high percentage of success ratio on third down if it's 3rd and long.

So doing a better job on first and second down in terms of making those third down conversions much more manageable is going to help us in that conversion percentage rate.

Q. Talk about Boston College's quarterback, Brown. What does he look like on film?
BRIAN KELLY: Oh, he's a really gifted player. He's got arm talent, size, athletic ability. You know, he's a lot like our kid. He's in the process of learning new things each and every week, but you can see how I'm certain that Coach Addazio is very excited about his future.

Q. Boston College has a very good defensive end in Harold Landry. Can you talk about the problems he presents to your team?
BRIAN KELLY: Well, sometimes you face a guy that is just a pass-rusher and you have a tendency to say let's run the ball at him and see how he handles that. If you run the ball at him, he's going to make tackles. He presents a problem both in the passing game and certainly as a run stopper. So his pre-season accolades are not hyped.

He's one of the best in the country and we've seen them all. So we've got our hands full. We've got to game plan around him and make sure that from our perspective that he's not a game wrecker.

Q. It's early in the season, but on your own team who have you been particularly pleased with this year?
BRIAN KELLY: Well, I think as a unit our defense has shown incredible improvements from last year at this time. I think we've come full circle in the sense that our front seven has been very, very good. I think we're probably in a position now that we're gaining a lot of confidence defensively, and our offense is going to come in to the position that it needs to. We're gaining experience at the quarterback position. So I would say more so than one individual player. It's probably the confidence that our defense is starting to gain.

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