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September 13, 2017

Nyles Morgan

South Bend, Indiana

Q. What do you see Sunday, Monday, Tuesday from the guys, despite the loss, that you'll be all right?
NYLES MORGAN: Guys will get back after it. Guys will, you know, scheme and practice, like yesterday. Guys were really into in practice. Guys were really dialed in. Guys really were focused.

Q. Could you sense a difference between the loss this year, maybe as opposed to late last year, where you say guys are more dialed in and determined to get this thing back on track?
NYLES MORGAN: We're not worried about last year. I'm not worried about last year. It's on to the game next and worrying about playing BC.

Q. What would a road win do for you right now?
NYLES MORGAN: Road win, home win, same thing. A win's a win for us. You know, trying to get them all.

Q. Nyles, talk a little about this defense this year and what you like about this defense? What does it allow you and others to do?
NYLES MORGAN: I would say, you know, it allows us to play fast. You know, play to the best of our abilities.

Q. I told you, you've had a couple opportunities to play against BC, at least one. How would you characterize a Notre Dame/BC game? What goes through your head preparing to play hard?
NYLES MORGAN: They are a hard-nosed team, another Catholic institution, and they are going to give us their best shot and we're going to give them ours.

Q. What do you see as you prepare for your offense? What do you see as the keys to slowing them down?
NYLES MORGAN: You know, we've been evaluating their game plan for this season, last season, and they change up a few things. We're going to just run with our game plan.

Q. They have a red-shirt freshman at quarterback, presume it's going to be Anthony Brown. Do you consider him a dual-threat or what kind of game does he play?
NYLES MORGAN: I would say that he's a dual-threat. He can run and throw. So we have something in store for that.

Q. When Coach dials up a blitz for you personally, what goes through your head? What are the emotions you feel when you know it's on you?
NYLES MORGAN: I think about the sack, TFL -- just playing football.

Q. I don't know how many times you've blitzed, probably a handful of times in the first two games, do you think you've been effective?
NYLES MORGAN: I haven't blitzed as much as you think. That's part of the game.

Q. Just going on the road and that mentality, what's necessary to win games when you're on the road, as opposed to when you're at home?
NYLES MORGAN: Like I say, you know, home, away, we're trying to get every win. Doesn't change, not for me, at least. Maybe for other guys, maybe different atmosphere, different stadium. Biggest thing I always say for the entire team, just stay focused on just the game. Don't get caught up in here or there. We have a job to do.

Q. Is that something as a leader on the team, you have to talk to the other guys about? What do you say?
NYLES MORGAN: Same thing I say to you guys. Make sure we're sticking just to the game plan and focus on what you need to focus on and pay attention to the details of the game and not the atmosphere.

Q. When you go back and maybe feeling the next day on Sunday or looking back on film, what steps did you like that the defense took in week two that makes you feel good about where you guys are headed as a unit?
NYLES MORGAN: Guys are really dialed into their assignment and executing their defense at a high level, I feel like. Obviously, you know, it's football and things happen but overall standpoint, pretty pleased.

Q. Obviously you guys wanted to win the game, there's no question about that, but do you feel there's still confidence from the defensive side of the ball with the way you guys played?

Q. Can you just expand on that and why that is?
NYLES MORGAN: I would say just as I said before, guys are executing their assignments and guys are playing through the defense.

Q. What Tim asked regarding blitzing, you said you haven't blitzed that much, but yet you have been pretty active, getting a couple tackles for losses. What's happening in those plays?
NYLES MORGAN: I would say I'm just triggering the ball -- when they run a certain play, everybody has a certain fit and they are shooting in my fit.

Q. Is it safe to say that it's typical that it's frequently your fit to be in that role?
NYLES MORGAN: Well, the Mike linebacker is in the middle of the defense. So I feel like they should always be kind of like around the ball.

Q. How do you feel about the fact that you guys defensively really made a couple of key stops in the fourth quarter and gave the offense a chance to win? What sort of things do you take from that?
NYLES MORGAN: I take positive things from that, especially against an SEC team with two good running backs, a lot of positive things.

Q. What type of growth or steps forward have you seen from Jay Hayes from the start of spring till now? And for the defense as a whole, how important is it to get strong play from that position specifically?
NYLES MORGAN: I've seen Jay Hayes, especially if you saw this spring, he's got bigger, stronger, faster, more explosive and really setting that edge for us. I saw Damion back there more than anybody else I think from my standpoint. He's really holding things down on the front end.

Q. Similar question about Coleman, relating to his confidence, if you can talk about that, improved a lot from spring to now. As a captain and as a leader, how do you help a guy along with confidence that is struggling?
NYLES MORGAN: I would say in Nick's case, just keep talking to him. Just keep letting him know that he's going okay and that he's doing fine and that as long as he's executing the things that he's doing in practice, he'll be fine.

Like on Saturday, I think he did a great job coming down, playing the run, and I see that confidence building every day.

Q. Is that the best you've seen him play?

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