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September 13, 2017

Greer Martini

South Bend, Indiana

Q. How has your role maybe expanded a lot? Do you feel like you have to worry about or keep track of guys maybe a little bit more?
GREER MARTINI: I think so a little bit to a degree but for the most part these guys on the team really don't need many people telling them what to do. I think everyone is really focused on the next goal and that's beating BC.

Q. What do you see from these guys the last three days, like that they are going to be all right?
GREER MARTINI: Yeah, you get kind of 24 hours to be kind of sorry for yourself after a loss like that. Sunday night, you you've kind of got to get refocused. Monday we woke up and we were ready to get back after it.

Q. Notre Dame playing BC, how would you characterize it?
GREER MARTINI: I think it's going to be a tough, hard-fought game. They always play us really well. Yeah, I think they are just a good football team and it's should be a good football game.

Q. Are they one of the more physical teams on your schedule? I know you don't play them every year, but would you say that?
GREER MARTINI: Yeah, I think they are a really physical team and I think there's also a lot at stake here. We are both Catholic institutions and there's a little pride involved with that, as well.

Q. When you look at their offense, what do you think are the keys to you guys on defense having a successful day?
GREER MARTINI: I think that in the run game, just filling the holes, not letting them push us around. I think ultimately, just flying to the ball. As long as we're moving and playing aggressive, we'll be all right.

Q. What do you see from the red-shirt freshman quarterback, Anthony Brown? Is he a dual-threat? How would you summarize his style of play?
GREER MARTINI: Yeah, I think he's a dual-threat. I think he's a good quarterback. But for us, it's more about focusing on our job, because we really haven't done that much scouting report on them as much as we're just kind of getting down the scheme for ourselves.

Q. After two games, how would you summarize how the linebacker play has been?
GREER MARTINI: I think it's improved. I think it's getting better and better. We want to be one of the best linebacker course in the country so we're working towards that goal. We're obviously not there but I think we've gotten better from week one to week two.

Q. Talk about this defense and the things that you like about the scheme and what it allows to you do.
GREER MARTINI: Yeah, I think it allows us to play fast. I think we're playing confident, and having those things just allows us as a defense as a whole for us just to play, to progress and to be physical, not really think about things. We're just out there playing for each other and running around and it's been fun.

Q. You guys were 0-3 last year in true road games, and this program was 5-11. What makes going on the road difficult and what do you have to do to make sure it's not the same result that it's been?
GREER MARTINI: Yeah, I think that for someone that's already traveled to away games, it's not that big of a deal because you already have that routine but for the younger guys that it's their first travel game, I think that's the hardest thing is to get them to know what we do on away games.

Not speaking about last year or anything, I think that we're ready for this game. We're going to be ready to go in there and get a W.

Q. Is that in the back of your mind? Does your role change?
GREER MARTINI: I don't think it really changes. You just have to be kind of extra wary of guys coming out with maybe being a little bit slower, maybe having a different attitude, and this team hasn't showed that at all. Been really pretty focused yesterday in practice and just getting ready for BC.

Q. Does your role maybe expand, even for older guys, that you're going three in a row last year; let's get is that stat out of the way and let's get to the W and get rid of that notion that we can't win on the road.
GREER MARTINI: Yeah, I don't think it's really in the back of our minds. I think this is a new year and this new attitude and at least for me, speaking for myself, I don't really feel that way. I think it's just all about our game planning, going in and executing.

Q. Looking at the growth of the defense, you touched on Saturday. You were pleased especially the fourth quarter getting those stops. How critical was that for the confidence of this defense moving forward just to show you guys, hey, we can do that in a big game setting?
GREER MARTINI: Yeah, I think Georgia was a great team and showed us that we can kind of go out there and play with anyone. As a defensive unit, obviously there's things we need to clean up and could have done better, but I think as a whole defensive unit that we can go out and play with anyone.

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