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September 9, 2017

Boston Scott

Ruston, Louisiana

Mississippi State - 57, Louisiana Tech - 21

Q. (Away from mic.)
BOSTON SCOTT: Um, I think that's just with the inexperience that we have. We're a young team. We're learning, but we're going to regroup. We have a tremendous amount of belief in the coaching staff. I know that they'll get us right. We'll get things going in the passing game and that way it will open up inside and we'll get it together for next week. We'll be fine.

Q. Ever been involved in anything like a third and goal with a 97 yard line --
BOSTON SCOTT: I have not. It was encouraging to see the amount of hustle that we had. That's what I was kind of looking for in the times that we were down, just to see if guys would compete. I'm encouraged with the competitors we have. We're -- like I said, we're going to get it together. We have a great coaching staff.

The game wasn't -- the game wasn't us, but we've got to own up to it, and we're going to be all right.

Q. Describe the mood in the locker room right now. What more could they have done tonight?
BOSTON SCOTT: I think we competed. We got a bunch of competitors, you know, a lot of guys, nonconference game, got out of hand. We're competitors out there. It's a loss. We take it to heart. It's just going to encourage us, going to push us next week. We got some fighters in there, so we're going to be just fine.

Q. Largest crowd ever here. How do you describe the atmosphere?
BOSTON SCOTT: The atmosphere was electric in the beginning, things were great. One of the best atmospheres I've been a part of. Next time we have an opportunity to have a crowd like that, we're going to make it different. We're going to make it different. We're going to come out to play.

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