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September 9, 2017

Frank Wilson

Waco, Texas

UTSA - 17, Baylor - 10

Q. A lot of people around here have been waiting for a signature win against a Power 5 program. How did you guys pull that out today?
COACH WILSON: Hard work and diligence. I think we were focused on the things that we needed to do to make ourselves better. And then we got opportunity to start out really scouting and evaluating this opponent, a very talented team, well-coached football team.

We thought there were some things that we would be able to do, one being time of possession. And so I think we had 38 to their 21. So we were able to take care of the ball and keep it on our side.

And then in third down situations where we were out nearly 50% -- seven to 16, I believe -- I think they may have been 2 of 11. So I think winning the third down situation really benefited us at times.

Q. What did you say to the team in the locker room after --
COACH WILSON: I told them last year we always talked about us being dream chasers, that we had -- I wanted them to envision it, to dream about it, and to aspire to want to be there. And we're all grown up from that now.

And so we needed to find a way to put a dot on our goals and our objectives and target it. And then really have laser-like focus to work toward it.

And so we grew up from being dreamers to guys that were in position to attain something that was a reality for us.

We believed it. We wanted to go out and play to the best of our ability. We're still not there yet. Certainly it wasn't a perfect game.

We had some flaws to route in all aspects of it but certainly a step in the right direction for our program.

Q. Frank, Dalton was razor sharp to start the game. He carried you guys seemingly throughout the whole game. Can you talk about his contribution?
COACH WILSON: I thought he played well. For us, we wanted to take the football. And we did that for the most part; we did not turn it over offensively. Defensively we were able to get a turnover that was significant in the outcome of the game.

So he protected the football. He led this team at times when he had to be illusive and extend plays or go get first downs, namely 100 yards rushing, and then was accurate at the times when we moved the pocket with him, whether it was our play-action stuff, our naked series or even just spread out protection, and drop back as well.

So I thought we did some good things early on. We dropped a couple that didn't help him. But we got it together and when we needed it most it counted. We were able to deliver and it counted.

Q. What do you think started clicking for the offense, the drive just before halftime and the one right after halftime; you had a nice --
COACH WILSON: The big men up front. We like to say it all the time: Big men lead this time. And we wanted to win the line of scrimmage battle for our defensive line to be able push them back at times, and at times they slithered through and got some yardage. But for the most part when we needed it the most -- to hold a high-octane, explosive team like that, I don't know, since I can remember, that would generally average 40-, 30-plus points a game to seven points at their home is a testament much our defense and the effort they played from our defensive line and our defense.

And hats off to Pete Golding, our defensive staff and the job they've done. The same with Frank Scelfo and our offensive line and our offensive unit of just managing the game, taking advantage of 38-plus minutes possession and getting first down when need be and drives together when we need.

And we didn't always get the results that we wanted on those drives. But we took time away. It was eight-play, nine-play, ten-play drives that were pivotal for us as a team.

Q. How did it feel to have such a large contingent come up from San Antonio?
COACH WILSON: How about that, huh? When we pulled up, we looked out the windows of the bus and so we seen one tent, then the second tent. And then I think the president had a tailgate party or something going on. I was, like, oh, how about this?

Then when we pulled up there was even more. So our team feeds off that. I think it's so important for our alumnus, our boosters, our fans, the city of San Antonio to know that we cannot do it without them. And their support means everything to us.

It was an inspiration to our team when we drove in and throughout the duration of the game, when things got tough.

Q. Throughout the game you could see some of the emotion in those fans.

Q. And even emotion in some of your players. How would you sum up what this win means overall to this program?
COACH WILSON: Yeah, I think it's a big deal for us, because we share in it together. They're stakeholders, our fans are stakeholders. They give their lives and their time and their effort to this program.

And to be able to deliver a signature win for our university, for our city, for our fans, it's a big deal. It's been a long time coming. They've been with us through the start of this program, the birth of this program, seven years ago.

And we shared it with them. It's a big deal for our team, but it's also a big deal for our fans, our city and our university.

And so you look at the band members, the cheerleaders, everybody have a part in this. Everybody has a role in it.

And when we came off the field, to see all of UTSA, administration alike, band alike, it doesn't matter -- everybody had a part in it and it's just really good to share it with everyone.

Q. Were you a little surprised that Baylor had fourth and short down there inside your 10 with a couple of minutes to go and took the field, were you surprised a little bit that they did not go for it?
COACH WILSON: It was a two-possession game anyway. They either have to score and get a field goal or get a field goal and score. So no, I wasn't surprised. That was guaranteed point for them.

So they got three and they still needed seven. If they would have went for it and didn't get it, then we'd be having a whole other conversation -- why would you not take the opportunity to get points on the board. But, no, I don't think it was a bad decision on their part at all.

Q. Marcus Davenport (indiscernible) early on?
COACH WILSON: Career sack leader now.

Q. And Kevin Strong there at the end. Talk about your seniors, Dalton Sturm, (indiscernible) making the game, your seniors had some really good plays, performing and shining today.
COACH WILSON: You know what, we recognized those guys who are true freshmen on the team. And we asked some of those guys to step forward and make plays for us and to grow up really fast.

And then we had guys who had been in reserve roles in the past, and we complimented them because they had to go in and they were thrust into starting roles now. And then we had our seniors, who are so deserving, who came here at a time when it wasn't popular to come to UTSA, and believed in this program and believed in this university.

It's certainly gratifying to give them this victory, to be a part of it with them, it's a big deal. So we're extremely proud of our seniors and the job they've done.

Q. Heard that you worked with the offensive line coach for Baylor at LSU. What was it like seeing a former mentor on the field?
COACH WILSON: Actually, at the University of Mississippi, my first college job. George DeLeone, he's one of the great minds in all of college football, has coached professionally, most of 20-plus years at Syracuse and Temple of course with Coach as well, with Matt Rhule there.

It was good. I got a chance to see him before the game. And then after the game, he's an offensive line coach -- old surly and tough, and for him to come up and say to me, that's a tough-assed team you have there. That's a physical, tough football team is the greatest compliment he could give us. We accepted it and we embraced it and I like that. That's our DNA. This program is built on toughness.

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