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September 9, 2017

Brandon Wimbush

South Bend, Indiana

Georgia - 20, Notre Dame - 19

Q. Coach was up here talking about just sort of the adjustments Georgia made or the different looks they showed. How difficult was it to get a handle on what was coming before it came?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: It wasn't too difficult to get a handle on things because I think we did a good job preparing during the week. Coach Rees and Coach Long did a good job preparing the quarterbacks and the offense for the looks that they were bringing, so none of it was really foreign.

I may have missed a couple checks and that was on me, but nothing that we didn't see during the week.

Q. When you look at this game, like without looking at the tape, where do you feel like this is a play here, I should have made, that next time will be different? I'm curious, like when you look back at this game, what are the plays that stand out to you?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: There's always going to be a few days that really would have, you know, swayed the game in a different direction than it happened to go. You know, maybe my third down, maybe my third and two, understanding where the chains are, picking up that first down. I know there are a few others that I'll go back and watch the film and want back, but that's every game.

Q. After watching film of them and then seeing them on the field, what did you take away from this Georgia defense? Was it everything you thought it would be?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: Yeah, it was everything I thought it would be but I never played against a team with speed like that. All 11 positions, all the guys were really physical and had speed. That was a little different. It's hard to emulate that during the week, but our scout guys do the best job they can do.

Q. You took some pops again tonight. How are you feeling?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: I feel great. I feel great. Great trainer and he's a great staff and all the guys were in there during the week. Right now I feel great.

Q. When the substitution took place when Ian came in for one play, it looked like maybe an equipment thing more than --
BRANDON WIMBUSH: Yeah, it was my contact. My contact.

Q. What was the mood like in the locker room after this one?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: It's not the same mood as it was last week, that's for sure. It's a loss, and we don't play this game to lose. We don't do what we do for nine months to lose a game.

Yeah, there wasn't much going on. There wasn't much excitement.

Q. Coach has said all year that you guys have been a competent team and he's never been worried about your competence. Are you confident that you guys will bounce back from this?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: I have no doubt. I know we will. Coach Long, he made it known that he's going to push us this week and things that happened today won't happen again next week.

Q. You went threw a lot of close losses last season; was the feeling any different tonight than it was in those games?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: No, we just have a lot of confidence in ourselves and we know what type of offense and what team we can be. It's one hump in the road and we've overcome obstacles all throughout the past nine months, so I think it's going to be a different year.

Like I said, we're going to prepare as hard as we can this week and look forward to Boston College.

Q. Can you kind of take us through just that last -- just right at the very end, what was happening going through your mind?
BRANDON WIMBUSH: We worked two-minute situations so much, and we've been pretty successful with them.

So we had -- like I said, the confidence was there and we had no doubt that we were going to go drive down and at least get three points. That's all we needed.

Justin Yoon had an amazing day, and if we were able to get into his range, I'm confident that he would have, you know, knocked it through. But I've just got to understand where the pressure is coming from and put my guys in the right position to make the block, and I think we would have been fine.

Awesome, guys, thanks.

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