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September 9, 2017

David Beaty

Lawrence, Kansas

Central Michigan - 45, Kansas - 27


Q. You said you knew Central Michigan was going to get better from where they were last week. Looked like they made a tremendous jump along the offensive line with their quarterback.
DAVID BEATY: I thought he played really well. I think up front they did a nice job. They had a new center in there. I think they moved one of their guards over because they had a guy get hurt last week.

You know what, you got to take your hat off. Bonamego had them ready. He did a nice job with the game plan. Morris kid did a nice job of completing balls when they needed to. They protected him really well. We didn't have any pass-rush to speak of for most of the day.

We had a rough outing on defense tonight. We really didn't do a whole, whole lot better offensively by getting into the end zone when we needed to.

I think we played a lot better on special teams, but we just didn't play good enough in any phase to get it done today, and they certainly did. Came on the road, had to recover from an outing last week I know they weren't happy about. They did a better job than we did. We got to coach them better. I got to lead them better. All of our guys got to work harder to get better.

Q. Didn't have a lot going in the first half. A couple scores right away in the second half. What did you do to grab some momentum at that point, and then the difficulties carrying over much further?
DAVID BEATY: Well, the thing is as you go back and look at it, early in the game, they did a nice job, don't get me wrong, but a lot of things that were problems were self-inflicted. You got guys fitting in the wrong spot and the ball always finds that. When you got two guys in the gap, one gap is exposed, the ball will find it. It found it a lot today.

When you have a guy not communicating in coverage, we are not passing off on man coverage routes in the right way, man, the ball is going to find you, and it did. I thought they had a good game plan coming in. Wasn't that they were doing anything special. We knew what they were doing. I thought we had some momentum going there.

Not being able to stop them there after we scored those two quick touchdowns was a big deal. Pass interference called in the end zone was a big play, a big play right there. We didn't answer the bell offensively after that. That's something we got to do as a team.

We got to be better collectively. That will help us go a long ways. We got a lot of football left. That's the second game. We're going to get ourselves ready to go for Ohio.

Q. Looked like you were a little thin at wide receiver today. Did that have an impact on getting stuff going offensively?
DAVID BEATY: No, I don't think so. We tried to get a couple guys ready. We tried to get Steven ready. Tried to get Kerr Johnson ready. Steven went out there first few plays. He just couldn't do it. I'll take my hat off to Steven. He's a tough sucker. He just couldn't go. Went out there and returned a punt for us, played a few plays. Just wasn't fair to put him out there. Kerr just wasn't quite ready, so he was unavailable.

I thought those other guys had the ability to do the things we needed to do to move the football. We did it on occasion. Peyton could have played a lot better game with his accuracy. I thought he needed to do a little bit better job of pulling the ball down at times, taking off and becoming a runner. It would have helped us a little bit with that game.

Q. You have a game in seven days. When you have a performance like this, do you want to get right back out there?
DAVID BEATY: Oh, yeah. You absolutely do. Like I said, we got a lot of football left. I still like our team. I think unfortunately you got to learn lessons when you win and lose. We learned a tough one today. You don't live on perception. You live on reality. We're just not there yet. We got a long ways to go. I know these guys. They're going to fight, they'll come back ready to work tomorrow. We'll improve, and we'll be ready to go when we head to Ohio next week.

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