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September 2, 2017

Stephen Calvert

Waco, Texas

Liberty - 48, Baylor - 45

Q. 60 pass attempts today, 44 completions, 447 yards. Did you expect to throw the ball as much as you did?
STEPHEN CALVERT: That wasn't really the game plan, we expected to throw the ball a lot, we wanted to get around 80 snaps, depending upon pass or runs, but that was Carrington Mosley, the running backs did a great job, equaling it out for us separating the pass and the run. The O line did a fantastic job on both side running the ball and on pass protection and it was just a great game.

Q. How big of a win is this for this program in the first of a two-year transition and to get a win like this to start that transition.
STEPHEN CALVERT: Yeah, it's a really big win. We got to stay focused, can't let it get into our heads. We're going to celebrate the rest of the night, but looking forward we're going to push forward to the next week.

Q. What did you guys talk about in the team room heading into this game? Was there a mantra, a theme in practice preparing to come to way could he?
STEPHEN CALVERT: Just look every week, just staying focused and poised and we know Baylor's a really good team and we just couldn't let that get into our heads, we had to just stay focused and we did a really good job practicing all week and I felt like we were really prepared this week.

Q. You targeted 11 different receivers tonight. Your former roommate, Antonio Gandy-Golden, had 10 of those catches for 192 yards. 13 for 192. What's made you two click so much since you first got on campus two summers ago?
STEPHEN CALVERT: I mean it's really him. He's a monster. He can make every play. It's amazing. And having other receivers that can do the same thing, it just really helps the offense so much. Just like we, just like the line held up so much tonight and it's just really, really, we're really looking good.

Q. BJ not being here, how important was it for those other guys to step up when the leader in all time receptions was not here?
STEPHEN CALVERT: Yeah, we, coming in we found out really late, before we even got on the plane and we weren't going to let that get into our heads, we weren't going to use that to like down our play. We actually used that for motivation. He's been working so hard this off season or him to come out and miss this whole game, we had to dedicate it to him. So I know he's at home happy and we played for him basically.

Q. Those other receivers, like Fitzgerald who's been here a long time, what did you see out of those guys to really step up and give you an option when they were focusing so much attention on Antonio?
STEPHEN CALVERT: All the receivers stepped up. You can't ask for a better game from those type of guys. It's an honor to even be throwing them the ball. But like I said, it's all glory to God and we got to move forward from here.

Q. That high step into the end zone, it looked like a miscommunication. What did you see on the bootleg where you were able to get the defender to bit and then get to the corner?
STEPHEN CALVERT: Yeah, it was a miscommunication, I messed up, that was completely on me, but I tried to make something happen, I seen -- I forgot who it was -- that receiver kind of come back for a crack back and kind of had one of the DB's scared, which allowed me to get to the edge and get into the end zone.

Q. The coaching staff give you a hard time for the high step and the ball raising into the end zone?
STEPHEN CALVERT: Yes, sir, they definitely got into my chest about it.

Q. In addition to this being a win for Liberty University, is this also a win for FCS teams, for under recruited players, for guys who would love to play at this level, have a chance to show that you belong here?
STEPHEN CALVERT: Yeah, I mean we love football just like they love football. They're a great team, we really have been working so hard for this and just coming in we had to have the mindset that just because they're a big team we can't let that get to our heads and we just have to push forward and continue to work hard and we executed a lot and I'm very proud of my guys.

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