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September 2, 2017

Deldrick Canty

Ruston, Louisiana

Northwestern State - 24, Louisiana Tech - 52

Q. You guys were able to take advantage of the quarterback, have him go off the field for a few series in the second half. I feel like that's where defense really helped the offense. If you could just talk about the quick strikes.
DELDRICK CANTY: Yeah, I always talk about giving the ball back to the offense. We always want to set our offense up to make plays, so our defense, we stress it a lot to always try to do our best and make sure we get three-and-out, or do our best to get a ball and make sure the offense don't score. It goes pretty good both ways.

Q. You did a real good job of stopping the run in the first half and they started -- as the game got going, they were getting some runs. Can you talk about that a little bit? Was it the heat or what?
DELDRICK CANTY: No, it wasn't the heat. It was they ran trick plays. They tried to confuse -- they tried to mix it in. They tried to run different things. As we saw, they do a lot of motioning in. They ran a lot of cut clocks. But our coverage, we was stressing it like we got to get off the block and make sure we play -- stressed it the whole game.

Even though they ran the reverses and drove it back to the quarterback, after they had a big play -- our D-line coach, Coach Petri stressed to us make sure we play our techniques and we'll be okay. Because sometimes we get hesitant because we see the big plays going on and we try to do something different or try to make the big plays. But our coach is always telling us, trust our technique and stay calm about it, because it don't make sense to stress and do something different and they still make a big play. So we just might as well play our technique.

Q. What do you think are some things that the defensive line is going to work on here as you face Mississippi State next week?
DELDRICK CANTY: Not just the defensive line. Just the whole defense. We got to work on everything. We got to get better because this first game really showed us a lot. It's going to be on film. We have to work on different steps, different gaps. Make sure we're blitzing right. Mississippi State they run the zone read. They got a good quarterback and they got good runners on the outside. This is going to be a long week but we got to stay focused.

Q. Your turnovers in this game, can you just talk about how big that is for the defense?
DELDRICK CANTY: Coach, he started running more blitzes, more stuff to throw the quarterback off because the first time we saw No. 5 -- Northwestern has a good quarterback. We start running more fire (ph) zones against him and he couldn't handle the pressure.

So defense, again we run fast. We like fast. We like fast and we strong and we like to get to the ball. So the more we run fast to the ball and the more we playing technique, we going to make plays. So coach always put us in position to make great plays.

Q. What's was the mind-set of the defense at half-time, you come into the locker room up two scores and less than a minute, two turnovers, got back in the game and tied it up. And then defensively you were playing short fields there to try to protect that lead. What was the mindset of the defense?
DELDRICK CANTY: The mindset, we came through the doors during half-time, we said, this game not over. We always get to the wall at half-time mark and we talk. It's always 0-0, even if they score on us or they ahead of us or we tied up. We always say 0-0 and we can't let up, because if we let up, it's going to be different.

So during half-time, Coach Holtz is stressing to us and telling us, we got to finish the game. We're known for finishing. We're good players and we know how to do our things and do what we have to do but we have to finish every time. That's what coach always stress to us. Every time we're in that locker room at half-time, it's a new quarter, it's a new half. Let's juice it up. Let's get after it.

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