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September 2, 2017

Jarred Craft

Ruston, Louisiana

Northwestern State - 24, Louisiana Tech - 52

Q. Just talk about the game a little bit, getting that first game under your belt and having a good night, scoring three touchdowns, I believe.
JARRED CRAFT: It was good. It was a great team win. Obviously the first game, we kind of made some mistakes. Felt like we kind of started off a little bit slow but the second half we started to pick everything up and started to execute.

Q. Talk about the second half turnovers. This is kind of an opposite of how this game went 20-14 with you guys getting the ball up and you end up losing the game. The game is tied and you got two interceptions in the fourth quarter to extend the lead.
JARRED CRAFT: Yeah, like I said, in the second half, we kind of started to slow everything down, started to get in the groove. Started to really execute the game plan.

Q. How was it going against your former teammate in Jay Young?
JARRED CRAFT: It was good. I told everybody we was going to be in for a long one because I know where he comes from. He's a competitor, and I know he wasn't going to give up easy. Like I said, I just knew he was going to come out here and compete.

Q. Obviously coming out, open up the second half -- tighten things up -- the momentum gone back in your favor?
JARRED CRAFT: Yeah, like I said, we just started to execute. Like I said, just paying attention on the little things and that's all we had to do. We really just had to slow everything down and just focus on the little things, like I just said, man. Just keep focusing.

Q. Talk about how you thought J'Mar did. I know he started last year in the season opener, but this is his show now, so how would you assess how he did tonight?
JARRED CRAFT: He did great. Obviously he knew what to do and it worked out for us today a lot of times where he was a little shifty out there. A lot of times he could have slid or whatever, but he did a good job.

Q. What are some of those little things that the offense is going to try to clean up before playing Mississippi State next week?
JARRED CRAFT: Clean up the run blocking, definitely. And even with just the running backs, just focusing on moving the keys (ph) a little bit more. It's kind of hard to just slow everything down in your head but you have to be able to do those things while you're in the game so you don't get lackadaisical or anything like that.

Q. Talk about the way the offense was able to show tonight its ability to distract quickly and score touchdowns at a rapid pace.
JARRED CRAFT: I felt like we showed a lot out there as an offense. I felt like we could move the ball methodically down the field. I feel like we kind of show a big play or, like I said -- I even had a little run down the middle.

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