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August 12, 2017

Jason Kreis

New York Red Bulls - 3, Orlando City FC - 1

Q. Jason, two goals conceded in the second half, even though they didn't score at the beginning of the second half, it was a clear difference in the attack. What's wrong?
JASON KREIS: For me, for me it was about a little bit of a recognition of what we needed to do differently.

So in the beginning of the second half, we're trying to play everything out of the back, and that's the Red Bulls bread and butter. They want teams to play out of the back, they delay and then they come, press late. We have to have players out there that recognize at a certain moment that we're not -- we've lost all of our momentum, and every chance that we gave away at the beginning of the second half, I think it was five or six chances before the goal came where all because we're continuing to try to play out of the back.

We keep making the same mistake over and over and over again. So we need to have recognition of that moment; that maybe we should stop trying to play out of the back and maybe we should get everybody up in their half of the field and play long a little bit in order to change the momentum.

Q. I know you have some players missing and some new pieces in there. Are you at all considering maybe reevaluating formation or strategy or anything like that the last couple games of the season?
JASON KREIS: No. We go into every game with a positive mind-set that we can win. To me, our schedule the rest of the way, is favorable.

We have to do a couple of things. We have to win our home games, which every team expects to do that and there's no reason why we can't. And then we've got to nick a couple on the road, and I think that we have every opportunity to do that, as well.

Q. What did you think of Yoshi's performance, first time out with the guys?
JASON KREIS: Really happy. Really happy with his performance. Really happy with his mentality. He's been great. It shows you what kind of a player he is, but also what kind of man he is; that he doesn't back down to anything.

Q. A little unlucky on his shot.
JASON KREIS: Yeah, unlucky is about the word that I'm thinking of most right now.

Obviously a game management issue in the first 15 minutes that I spoke about earlier. But man, we have to consider ourselves a little bit unlucky that we gave away an ungoal (ph) and we don't score the second goal with as many chances as we had when we're 2-1 down, to go 2-2 and we fight and keep a point.

Q. Strong reaction towards the end of the game with all the scuffles. What's your take on that and what do you say to the guys?
JASON KREIS: It shows that we're fighting. It shows that we care about each other. Really, really thought that the performance in the first half tonight was one of best of the year, and a lot of that comes down to all of the guys were willing to do anything it took to try to get the result tonight. Unfortunately, as I said, a couple of really unfortunate circumstances, and maybe the game looked completely different.

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