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August 3, 2017

Darius Wade

Boston, Massachusetts

DARIUS WADE: Yeah, spring ball is a lot of fun and kind of just coming off that on a high note, just kind of ready to get back into things. You love just to go through this summer program, working out here, getting stronger, just really kind of getting all your tools in the toolbox ready to go for the season. But it gets to the point where you just want to play football and just now kind of being back in camp, being with all my teammates, now putting on some pads and really getting after it is really a very long time coming.

Q. When you didn't play a lot last year, how hungry were you going into the off-season to prove yourself?
DARIUS WADE: Very. I mean, we're in a situation where Pat Towles was a fifth-year senior and now he left, so now we're in a situation where the position is wide open again. It's just me being a competitor by nature, just a situation where I want to go out, just show my coaches, my teammates that, hey, I can do this, and that I want to prove that I should be the guy. So it's every day, not only me, the rest of the quarterback group just going after it every day.

Q. You've been here a few years; do you almost feel like you're a leader, like you've been around a while?
DARIUS WADE: Yeah, so it's interesting now to the point that kind of just now I'm going into my redshirt junior year that a lot of the guys who I started out with in my 2014 class are seniors now, so they're about to be in their senior year. I've kind of been here for a while, been through the process. I know all these guys, blood, sweat, tears, all that with these guys, so I feel like I'm in a situation where I do have leadership, even though I don't necessarily have the game experience to back it up. But I feel like I've played in plenty of games. I had an opportunity to play a lot this year, granted, late fourth quarter, things of that nature, but it's still playing time. It's still valuable any way you cut it. Yeah, I feel like in a way I've definitely become more of a leader, and as a quarterback that's what you have to do. Just really trying to see that as more of a necessity, being a leader at the quarterback position.

Q. Coach Loeffler talked about his system; do you feel like you've been a big part of that now, seeing that system come along?

Q. Can you take it to that next level this year?
DARIUS WADE: Yeah, so like I said, that's a coach Loeffler thing. He's a great offensive coordinator. He knows what he's doing. He has his own plan, and he's just kind of unveiling it to us as an offense, and like I said, I love it. I love going fast-paced, and that's what we're trying to do. I mean, I'm excited, and I'm just ready to kind of get after it, and like I said, whatever Coach Loeffler and Coach Addazio want me to do, I'm all for it, but I feel I'm a very capable person and quarterback to be able to do whatever they ask me.

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