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July 19, 2017

Chris Leitch

Harrison, New Jersey

New York Red Bulls - 5, San Jose Earthquakes - 1

Q. So, Chris, this was a pretty lop sided victory, obviously. What do you think the biggest problem was against New York?
CHRIST LEITCH: New York did a good job coming out early and pressing us. We got a little bit away from kind of what we wanted to do from the start.

Q. Do you think the absence of Victor Bernardez, and Anibal Godoy played a part in the outcome of the match?
CHRIST LEITCH: Yeah, there are a lot of guys that are gone for sure from this team. There is a group of guys that are gone. But most teams at this stage have groups of guys gone. And yeah, those guys make a difference, for sure.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about Vako's debut? I know kind of silver lining, but couple thoughts there maybe?
CHRIST LEITCH: Yeah, it's a tough game to come in to for a new guy we have good expectations on. It's really tough for him to come on in this kind of game, away, down, after the stretch that we've had as well.

So, you know, you've got to give him a couple games. But I thought when he went in there, showed some good quality. He's only going to get better.

Q. Danny Hoesen was subbed on at half. Was that a tactical decision or an injury?
CHRIST LEITCH: No, he couldn't go anymore we decided. He couldn't go anymore after the half.

Q. So it was an injury sub?
CHRIST LEITCH: Couldn't go anymore, yeah. Couldn't go anymore.

Q. You experimented with playing your goal kicks short rather than long. Was that something that you had planned on trying to change with the teams coming in and playing the ball more out of the back instead of trying to just send it forward?
CHRIST LEITCH: Yeah, if we can play, I think players like to play, for sure as much as we can. Even if that means playing, and if they press us, understand that if it's two-v-two with our forwards, that playing into that pressure isn't wise, but playing over or skipping a line of that pressure is very wise. But as far as goal kicks, yes, I like to play.

Q. Two road matches, nine goals have been conceded so far. What are you going to do to try and address that?
CHRIST LEITCH: Some people are bothered that maybe it's five goals. We could have shored it up maybe and put an extra guy back there, and maybe it was 3 to 1. I could care a less. I would rather try to get back into a game and try to stay on the front foot, try to challenge them and try to get back in the game, than, I would just close down shop and stop another goal or two from going in.

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