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June 14, 2017

Patrick Vieira

Harrison, New Jersey

New York Red Bulls - 1, New York City FC - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Patrick.

Q. Patrick, seemed like two different halves there. Did you see something different from them in the second half? Didn't seem tactically they changed. Did the Red Bulls play better in the second half?
PATRICK VIEIRA: I think they did play better in the second half, the same way we played better in the first half. I strongly believe that both teams created chances. The only difference is that they take the chances in the second half.

I think it was a really good (indiscernible). It was a difficult one. Managed to hit the target and he scored. We had two great chances in the second half where we hit the post. We created some situations in the first half where we made the wrong decision.

But both teams had their half, and we didn't score, we didn't take our chances. In a game like that where you don't take your chances, you can make a small mistake, you can finish behind.

We are frustrated because we believe that if we score the first goal, the game would be different the second half.

Q. You play the Red Bulls in about a week plus here again. What can you take away from tonight to adjust going into that match?
PATRICK VIEIRA: I think the first half, didn't create much. We hit twice the post. I think in the first half, there is some positive aspect of the game that we have to take.

In the second half, obviously the tempo was a bit higher on their side. I think they give us a lot of problem with the way they playing with small passes in the midfield.

I think when you look at the first half, there's some positive things to take for us.

Q. What went into the decision to take off Maxi at halftime? Seemed like once he came out of the game, you had trouble getting the ball to David.
PATRICK VIEIRA: He had a problem in his calf. That's the reason why he came off at halftime.

Obviously when he came off, that's one of the reasons we didn't play as well as in the first half. It was difficult for us to find the creative players in the midfield. That's why we struggled a little bit more in our passing game.

Q. Patrick, why do you think NYCFC has trouble beating the Red Bulls?
PATRICK VIEIRA: It is a good (indiscernible). I think is a good team. (Indiscernible) but I think we matched them. I think Maxi more or less coming out the second half didn't help us, as well.

But they are a strong team to play against. I think when you look at the way we play in the first half, we had our chances, and we didn't take it. When we play against strong teams like Red Bulls, or when we going to play Seattle on Saturday, we're going to create chances. We need to take those chances.

We have to be a little bit more correct around the boxes. I think we had a few chances, we create a few situations around the box that we didn't take the right decision. That is a part of the game that we need to improve because playing against good teams, it's difficult to score.

Q. (Question regarding Sturtzer.)
PATRICK VIEIRA: I put him on because I thought he would be a better replacement for Maxi because his goal scoring is quite interesting. He's a guy who can really break a line by defensive to offensive. His timing to get inside the box is always good.

I wasn't pleased with the way the Red Bulls dominate in the midfield. We lacked creativity and a little bit of pace, I would say, in the midfield.

So this is why I decide to pick him off and to put Jonathan wide and to bring Tommy inside.

Q. This is the first time in this rivalry that the two teams have played a knock-out stage match. Does this add anything, more flavor to the Derby?
PATRICK VIEIRA: Yeah, (indiscernible) you always want to win it. I think when you look at the fans, when the turn up, and the noise they made tonight, you can see is really important for them, as well.

When you look at the starting lineup of both teams, you can see both teams wanted to win the game, wanted to go to the next round.

I think this game is really important because we going to face each other again at least three times. It was important for us to win the game because we wanted to win the game. That can have an impact.

Q. (Question about frustration playing the Red Bulls.)
PATRICK VIEIRA: I think it's a fantastic challenge. Is a really good challenge for myself, for the players, because when you look at our record, I think we played them seven times. We had six lost and only one win. That will make the games, the next game, more exciting and more challenging for us.

As a football club, as a coach, as a player, this is a challenge that can be really exciting.


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