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April 22, 2017

Darius Wade

Boston, Massachusetts

DARIUS WADE: From my own personal preference I do love tight ends. Just like last year, he was a big target for me. He still is now. He's done a great job. He's continuing to improve. Great hands, big target, athletic, so I'm definitely a fan of throwing to him.

Q. Also, you were targeting the backs a little in this spring game. Talk about involving the backs in your offense.
DARIUS WADE: So pretty much Coach Loeffler emphasizes that the backs are huge, that check-downs are very important, that a lot of times quarterbacks have the trouble of once their first, second read aren't there then just try and take off and run and throw it away, but just to let you know that your back is there, that we have some very athletic good backs, a good group of guys that can catch the ball, so we as a quarterback group have to trust in them to know that they can catch the ball if we need them to.

Q. In competition for quarterback, you're the frontrunner, and you also have a teammate that's still your teammate. How have you found that in the past and how do you find it now?
DARIUS WADE: It's interesting, I think, to kind of, like you said, navigate. Pretty much the main thing is just worrying about yourself for the most part, worry about what you can control. A lot of times you start worrying about what they're doing and then you kind of get sidetracked and you're not focused on the most important thing, which is just improving yourself. The competition, that's exactly what that does. It kind of forces you to really not be content and focus on every play and make sure that you know every play is important because you're being evaluated, and that if you're messing up and he isn't that now you're losing a leg in the competition. So it's just kind of forcing you to really kind of worry about yourself but still know that we're teammates, still give encouragement, still give wisdom and knowledge when they make mistakes and try and help them, continue to better themselves because at the end of the day, we're a team. But just kind of worry about yourself and just kind of really putting your head to the stone, just making sure that you're doing the best that you can do.

Q. A big part of the bowl game (indiscernible). How do you feel about how that's come along?
DARIUS WADE: Yeah, so pretty much it's definitely -- like you said, it's a lot. But that's something that we're all very capable of, highly capable of being able to do. We feel at Boston College we're more intelligent than at some other places, so we feel like the workload isn't anything too extreme. It's just kind of the biggest thing is just the change in philosophy, just going from our typical just regular huddle, just kind of ground and pound, and now we're doing this up-tempo thing that like you guys were able to see that in the bowl game, so just kind of happened that by the time we already had pretty much laid the foundation, so we're just now building upon that and just trying to add more, which is definitely exciting. Like it's a challenge but it's definitely exciting.

Q. Did you have some of it in place already? I'm curious how much --
DARIUS WADE: All of it pretty much. Before we used to utilize kind of a more wristband, just kind of have the plays here, but now it's all up here. Like you said, it's a lot more workload but it's something we know we can handle and we're happy to do.

Q. Do you like the roll-out?
DARIUS WADE: Yeah, it's just a good way just to kind of get people moving, get the defense moving because when you're in no-huddle the biggest advantage you have is tiring out the defense and getting them moving sideline to sideline. That's something that I loved doing in high school. I've done a good amount here, and like I said, whenever they call it, I'm happy.

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