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April 15, 2017

Ben Olsen

Harrison, New Jersey

New York Red Bulls - 2, DC United - 0

Q. Was he taken (indiscernible)?
BEN OLSEN: He's on a stretcher now, so he's probably going to go get some tests. He'll be okay. He's a tough kid. Obviously we're taking every precaution that we can to make sure he's going to be healthy. But it's scary what happened. He'll be okay.

Q. There in the second half, what happened --
BEN OLSEN: It's a shame. We all (indiscernible) entry ball, which I thought we did very well with the first half, and then on the corner, they did a good job of, I think, bringing some of their big boys out of there and isolating Muyl and (indiscernible). They're much more physical than people give them credit for. So not a good start.

I thought up until that point, it was good. I thought we frustrated them. We had a couple looks, quality looks, in the first half that you have to take against this team in this building. It's fairly simple. If you don't do that, you give them enough set pieces, you're asking to give one up.

Q. Did you see a little bit of confusion between Bobby and Stanley on the second goal?
BEN OLSEN: I'll have to look at it again. Again, you're pressing. You're pressing for the goal. You're a little stretched. Bradley Wright-Phillips is as good as anybody in the league at the low curling, running behind. I think Bobby's thought was pull him offsides and Steve was lagging behind if what I remember on the replay at the stadium. But I'll have to look at it before I comment on that.

Q. With Nyarko not being able to -- off the foot (indiscernible) put Sean back. What was the decision-making process behind that?
BEN OLSEN: Sean's experience and his versatility and his physicality. I knew this was (indiscernible) and that's (indiscernible) a lot of balls continually in the first half, and I thought Nicky did a good job with that stuff. He came out because of an injury. It wasn't a tactical move, he couldn't get up to full speed physically, and with the groin, I don't think it'll keep him out too long, but that's the reason for the change.

Q. In the first half you had a bad four corners and had two really good looks. Did that concern you at all? First of all, they scored a goal --
BEN OLSEN: It concerns me, their matchup problems. If I put Steve Birnbaum on Muyl, then someone else has to be on their big boys, right? They're a matchup problem. Their service is always good, and some games you look across the board and you don't size up that well against the opponent. But it's not an excuse. You still have to do your job. You have to find a way if you're having a matchup problem to sort him out, and we didn't do that today.

Q. (No microphone.)
BEN OLSEN: I think they're a good team, and I think all the youngsters are good players. I think they're getting a lot of opportunity to show what they're about, and I think that's always positive.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
BEN OLSEN: It was very good today, I thought. I think that's what you're seeing, he's settling in, and he's understanding that it's his position at the moment. I think the physicality of the game, the pro game, he's understanding more and more. His positioning, his relationships with the people around him is improving on a game-by-game basis, and just got to work on his finishing.

Q. Given the past couple weeks, the scores have been low. Is that a little disappointing?
BEN OLSEN: You know, you're never going to come in here and get 15 looks on goal. You're going to get three or four good looks, and we got enough of those tonight. In the past when we've pulled some points out of here, it's because we were efficient in our chances, and today we weren't. We have two or three good ones in the first half, and several down the stretch. We've got to do better with them. So yeah, it's disappointing not to score a goal, but overall, if I look at it the last three weeks, I think we're improving. I think we look more like ourselves, and I think there's still a lot of substance to us. It's a long season, and we're looking forward to putting this behind us and going down -- up to New England.

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