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February 12, 2017

De'Ron Davis

Bloomington, Indiana

Michigan - 75, Indiana - 63

Q. De'Ron, what do you feel about the game itself? What do you feel like you -- in what areas do you feel like you've grown this season?
DE'RON DAVIS: First, starting off, just being a better teammate. Not just looking for my shots but getting everybody else open through the post or screening. Second is probably my conditioning, you know, getting in better shape. Just running the floor and getting out in transition.

Q. How are you doing after taking the elbow?
DE'RON DAVIS: I'm good. I was a little dizzy after I got up, but I slept it off and I was good the next day.

Q. What's the locker room like? What's everybody going through in there right now?
DE'RON DAVIS: We're all positive. We're just trying to keep our heads up as a team, to come together as a unit and just gotta -- Coach says we've got a lot of stuff to work on. I'm looking to get better each and every day, starting tomorrow.

Q. What was Coach's message to you guys after the game?
DE'RON DAVIS: To get better and keep learning from our mistakes and just gotta come together as a unit and stay strong. Even though when people on the outside are not with us, we've got to stay strong as a team.

Q. (Indiscernible) couple times in the second half when they go on a run. How do players (indiscernible) and have that happen?
DE'RON DAVIS: I mean it kind of brings down your confidence, but like I said we've got to come together as a team and as a unit, and can't have little laps like that, especially when the shots aren't falling.

Q. Robert Johnson said you guys aren't even thinking about quitting or anything like that, but how do you get things going before (indiscernible) on the road?
DE'RON DAVIS: Just preparing each and every day. It starts tomorrow. Gotta come into practice with a good mindset. We gotta come into practice willing to work, and Coach will have a game plan for us, and we gotta follow the game plan and continue to work and get better.

Q. Particularly your success inside today, what did you have going in terms of your post game, did you feel?
DE'RON DAVIS: I was just being aggressive. My teammates were feeding me the ball, making good passes. So I was just being aggressive and just trying to make the right play. That's really it.

Q. You were having success down low, obviously, but do you feel like the offensive (indiscernible) guys, go down low first and then work it inside and out?
DE'RON DAVIS: Coach stresses that a lot. We try to take inside-out 3s and whether it's feeding the post and getting it kicked out because we have a bunch of bigs that like to pass the ball, or if you drive and kick, guard shots in the lane and kick out.

Q. How tough is it for Thomas getting double teamed down low all the time? And what adjustments do you try to make?
DE'RON DAVIS: We've got to be able to post the escape out of the double, just look for open cutters and open shooters.

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