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February 12, 2017

Robert Johnson

Bloomington, Indiana

Michigan - 75, Indiana - 63

ROBERT JOHNSON: Robert Johnson.

Q. Robert, why do you think you guys are struggling shooting right now. You've been such a good shooting team?
ROBERT JOHNSON: I just think a lot of it is not being prepared to shoot before you get the ball. A lot of it is not hitting guys on time and on target with passes. And I think it just comes from confidence as well within the game.

Q. Why would you lose your confidence?
ROBERT JOHNSON: Just because the confidence comes from defense and talking and communication. The confidence doesn't come from just you believing you're a good shooter. With basketball, it all is connected. So I think a lot of times, especially the upperclassmen, when we don't hit shots, I think we allow it to affect other areas of the game. And we can't do that.

Q. You took one shot in the first half. I think it was in the final minute. Why was it so hard to get into any kind of shooting rhythm today?
ROBERT JOHNSON: Well, I was just trying to let the game come to me a little bit. We talked about getting good shots and really good possessions every time down, and I think that was the reason for that.

Q. Whenever the team struggles, you guys get together, the players have a meeting. Have you guys done that or thought about that; do you think that would help you guys?
ROBERT JOHNSON: I mean, I don't know, to be honest. I just think at the end of the day we just have to all come together in whatever it takes. If that's what it takes, maybe that's something we should think about, but at the end of the day we just all have to come together and decide that we're going to get better once and for all.

Q. Coach said you seemed frustrated in the back court, why has it been so hard for you guys to (indiscernible)?
ROBERT JOHNSON: I just think a lack of consistency. Like I said earlier, it all falls on the upperclassmen, me, James, guys that have been here. We have to come with a consistent level of effort, communication. Those are things that we always have to have within the game. And I think we'll be good if we do those.

Q. What would you like to get out of this season still?
ROBERT JOHNSON: Everything we started off wanting. We still have a season left to play. We still have a lot of opportunities.

So we're definitely not even thinking about quitting. We always look forward to the next game. Now we're just looking forward to getting better and moving on to the next game. And that's another opportunity.

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