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January 3, 2017

Juwan Morgan

De'Ron Davis

Bloomington, Indiana

Wisconsin - 75, Indiana - 68

Q. Juwan, how would you explain or describe the poor start and the poor finish?
JUWAN MORGAN: We didn't come out ready and we spotted them 11 points. We broke down completely on our defensive side of the coverages and that's not who we are.

Q. You overcome that, then what happened at the end?
JUWAN MORGAN: The same thing as what happened at the beginning, we weren't ready.

Q. Juwan, how do you guys turn it around?
JUWAN MORGAN: We grew together as a group. We don't let anybody stray off. It's times like these where you really find out, and we're all for each other on and off the court, and we just have to keep building.

Q. How do you explain not coming out ready?
JUWAN MORGAN: We just didn't come out with the right mindset. I don't think everybody was just ready to fight. And, like I said, it was just a mental lapse in the defensive coverages. It was just small mistakes that could have been prevented.

Q. What was Coach Crean's postgame message?
JUWAN MORGAN: We have to come together as one. We're not about to just let anybody just go off and do their own thing. This is the time where you have to pull everybody in. It's not just one player that's going to get it done on the offensive or defensive side. It's the whole team.

Q. De'Ron, what was working on offense?
DE'RON DAVIS: Just being strong and being strong in the post. You know, carving out space.

Q. Juwan, talk about Ethan Happ.
JUWAN MORGAN: We just weren't taking away what we had, and we knew what he wanted to do and he did it.

Q. Juwan, talk about the losing streak?
JUWAN MORGAN: The fight in us has to be better. You saw a full 40-minute fight. You might have saw a couple mistakes here and there, but it was never a mistake and then put together. I think that's really the difference what it is.

Q. Juwan, what's your frustration, or maybe you're a little bit dumbfounded by you guys played some great basketball this year; to hit this rut all of a sudden?
JUWAN MORGAN: I'm not frustrated at all. I'm confident in everybody, in the team, on the staff, everywhere around the program. I'm confident in all of us. Not frustrated at all.


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