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December 4, 2016

De'Ron Davis

Robert Johnson

Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana - 83, Southeast Missouri State - 55

Q. De'Ron, how important is Rob, the statistical contributions and the effect he had?
DE'RON DAVIS: He's very important from a leader, player standpoint. Like you said, strong first half. Rob controls the tempo on the floor. And he controls everybody pretty much. As a team we're working on our communication. But Rob really controls the tempo.

Q. Question about the preparation on short turnaround.
ROBERT JOHNSON: I think it's pretty tough. Four games in how many days, eight? Yeah, it was pretty tough. But I'm proud of the way the guys found the energy to be locked into things like shootarounds, to film.

I think it's a really big jump for our young guys as far as how you have to prepare every game and I think it was overall a good week.

Q. Now you have two games over the next two weeks, so how does that change things for you?
ROBERT JOHNSON: I think it's all about mindset still. Coming into practice and competing like it is a game. I think that's the best way to stay sharp and not looking ahead and thinking about anything else, but the next day.

Q. Thomas Bryant, the chest bump with Coach, is that an acceptable form of enthusiasm for you guys now?

Q. Are you allowed to do that now?
ROBERT JOHNSON: Yeah, I guess.

Q. Defensively you guys held them for long stretches.
ROBERT JOHNSON: I think it was just a connectivity of ourselves on defense. I think the guys are really talking and active, especially in the one stretch on the first half. I think we set the tone early how we wanted to handle certain guys and take away tendencies.

Q. De'Ron, do you feel you're in better condition than you were a few weeks ago?
DE'RON DAVIS: Yes, I do. I think, you know, I've been working hard over the past couple of weeks to get myself in shape, in game shape. And me and Coach have been talking about me playing like hockey minutes and stuff like that, me going hard and coming out and going in and out like that. Over this last week this long stretch I've been playing a lot more.

So I think the conditioning is getting better but I can always get better.

Q. Talk about if you feel you're gaining momentum.
DE'RON DAVIS: Yeah, but my teammates are finding me. We're posting hard, working hard, low, and get my confidence and work my way into college shape.

Q. Rob, to follow up on the defense question: You guys talk about the offseason, training and things like that. Just how much more dynamic aggressive will you be, just the steals and the matchups you create because of how many screens?
ROBERT JOHNSON: Yeah, I think it's really, really big for our team, especially as a guard. When you are able to pressure the ball more without worrying about getting hit by a screen.

You know, those guys do a good job getting out there and keeping the ball out front. I think the more we can do that, it really would be good for us.

Q. Rob, I know guard rebounding is probably always a focus, but does it become a more highlight knowing OG is not on the floor for the next few games?
ROBERT JOHNSON: Most definitely. That's something Coach harps on us about a lot is guard rebounds. Not only because OG is not out there, but it starts our break out faster; we don't have to find the outlet pass. That's something that's big for us.

Q. Rob, turnovers, what's the key?
ROBERT JOHNSON: I think we forced a couple of passes. I think making a simple play is something we've got to continue to get better at, making passes one dribble sooner and not waiting, the guys guarding, things like that. I think the more we just play together, the more connected we'll get.

Q. De'Ron, talk about the adjustment to playing the college game.
DE'RON DAVIS: Definitely the speed of the game. My teammates go at me pretty hard in practice. Coach makes me switch off on the guards, guard them. And just being able to move my feet, not taking any small steps on anything I do, running out to a screen or a post move. I think the speed of the game is probably the biggest difference.

Q. How big is it for Thomas to be locked in and rebounding and the defense?
ROBERT JOHNSON: That's key. That's key for us. I think his energy is something that drives him to be good. And I think day in, day out that's something that we have to have from him is energy, regardless of whether he's scoring points or not.

Q. De'Ron was asked about your quick start. But what do you think about that?
ROBERT JOHNSON: Not really. I try to approach every game the same. Just take what the defense gives me. And this game, guys did a good job of finding me.

So it's just nonset, really.

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