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November 12, 2016

Frank Wilson

San Antonio, Texas

Q. We're back here, and we have UTSA Head Coach Frank Wilson. Coach, the game got off, I know it's a tough loss, but it got off to a wrong start, but your team responded right away with a touchdown score.
FRANK WILSON: Yeah, we started slow, but from a special teams standpoint they were able to go and bring one back to the house. We responded from an offensive standpoint. Then we sputtered offensively and defensively throughout the duration of the game and was never consistent enough. The admirable thing was that our kids continued to compete, and we fought all the way until the very end. Unfortunately today we were not good enough. Our best wasn't good enough, and our consistency reared its head of not allowing us to be in position to take advantage at times when we were able to get in 21 and maybe 14 at times.

Q. Although the goal of a conference championship died tonight, you still have the opportunity to set precedent here and go to a bowl game with a win over Charlotte. Talk about the team still has goals left in front of them.
FRANK WILSON: Yeah, we have an opportunity to do that. Right now we gotta get ourselves healthy again, get back to campus and tomorrow review this film and prepare for a very good Texas A&M opponent.

Q. One of the bright spots, there were several. You may not see that yet. But Guidry returning kicks really seemed to start you off with great field position and a chance to pop one.
FRANK WILSON: Yeah, he did. He had several of them that got us in good field position, and so we were very pleased with where we were starting our drives at. So we want to be able to connect with that and be able to put things together that leads to points in the future.

Q. Three weeks in a row you lose a player to a targeting, which we've seen the replays. Talk about that rule and how difficult it is at that speed to even control.
FRANK WILSON: Yeah. You know, I don't know. I don't know.

Q. It's a tough deal, I understand.

Q. Going forward you got A & M next week. You get the flight home today. You start on Monday getting ready for them and then looking forward to Charlotte.
FRANK WILSON: Yeah. That's what's most important, get our team back healthy to turn our focus to Texas A&M and go represent ourselves well.

Q. Coach, I know you want to get back in with the guys. Thank you very much for your time?
FRANK WILSON: Thank you guys for having me.

Q. What did you tell your team in the locker room after the game tonight?
FRANK WILSON: That here's what happens. We have to be consistent in order to compete at a very high level consistency is mandatory. We were not able to do that today. The thing that I admire most of our team was that they were resilient and they fought. They didn't give up. They scratched; they crawled, and they tried to find their way back into the game even at times when it looked dim. Our sideline had a never-say-die spirit. Our coaching staff and our players continued to fight. We had too many mistakes, too many penalties, and we were not consistently good enough series in and out, and so it was costly. A lot of that can be attributed to our opponent. They're a very quality football team. They played well today, and they deserved victory.

Q. What happened in that first quarter, second quarter stretch where they scored 28 unanswered points and it just looked like the offense was bogged down.
FRANK WILSON: They, they tackled us and denied us and they scored points.

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