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November 16, 2016

Brian Kelly

Greensboro, North Carolina

BRIAN KELLY: Well, obviously playing a very good Virginia Tech football team. Justin Fuente has done a great job in his first year. Offensively very explosive, great balance. Starts with the ability to run and throw at the quarterback position with Evans, Ford, Hodges, Phillips, 6,000 yards there.

Then defensively I think we all know about what Bud Foster has been able to do in college football over the last few decades. So very disruptive on defense. It will be a great challenge. Again, first time we've played Virginia Tech here at Notre Dame, so it should be a great deal of excitement.

Q. I'm curious what's the transition like for a defense when you've spent two weeks going against a non-traditional option offense? How hard is it for the players to get their minds right for traditional defensive keys?
BRIAN KELLY: Well, there is a transition, obviously. We've done it every year. In some years we've played both Army and Navy, and it does require great focus in terms of the practice structure. Generally my philosophy has been to spend a little bit more time articulating with the offense, the number one offense against the number one defense, to build speed back into the preparation. Then obviously from our standpoint get back to fundamentals. That's what we try to do first practice.

I think the transition is one where it takes a couple of days. Today we should start to see the rust get off our football team.

Q. They have had their top punt returner out with an injury in Greg Stroman. The guy filling in, C.J. Carroll seems to have a little wiggle to him. What have you seen and how do you prepare when it's a little uncertain who will be back there for them?
BRIAN KELLY: Well, we think they're both pretty good. So for us coverage is going to be at the premium, but it's ball placement too. Being able to pin both of those guys, not give them a big field to work off of, but I was impressed with Carroll. Obviously Stroman has been really good all year. We think both of them are dangerous return guys and have got our attention.

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