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November 12, 2016

David Beaty

Lawrence, Kansas

Iowa State - 31, Kansas - 24

Q. Is this the most disappointed the guys have felt after a loss this year?
DAVID BEATY: It's pretty disappointing.

Q. Just the nature of the second half, leaving that bad taste in your mouth, Iowa State --
DAVID BEATY: Yeah, that wasn't fun to watch. We've got to get off the field. I thought we did some good things first half doing that, and then we didn't sustain our drives in the second half to go put points on the board. You can't kick field goals, man. You're not going to be able to kick field goals in this league and win. You can't do that. You've got to score touchdowns. We didn't do it.

Q. How did you structure the offense in order for Carter to be successful and comfortable in his first start?
DAVID BEATY: Well, we really didn't do much different, pretty much the same things that we've been doing. I thought he did a good job with diagnosing what was going on inside in the box and knowing when he needed to get it out wide and kind of played the numbers game. Late in the game I thought we had some things that I wish we had back, but you don't get them back. It's just the way it is.

Q. You were running the ball well until they stopped you. Did they put more guys in the box?
DAVID BEATY: I thought they did a good job of adjusting there late. They started adding extra dudes into the box. Early they were doing that and we were able to get a hat on it, still were able to break some tackles. We weren't able to break tackles late. I thought maybe some penetration at the point of attack really kind of killed us because there were times when we had open hats and we were able to make them miss, but the penetration wasn't occurring right there at the line, and that makes it hard on those running backs.

You know, if there's a bright spot tonight, I thought those running backs ran hard. I thought they did some good things today. We scored on a long run, which we hadn't done. That was something to -- that I was proud of, and we had a couple of other opportunities to do that. We've got to finish in the end zone. We can't be kicking field goals. I didn't think we were very good when we were right around the red zone and when we got in there. We've got to score touchdowns.

Q. What was the breakdown on that Stanley interception?
DAVID BEATY: We just ran it out and up to Steven Sims, I believe. The guy was in press coverage, he just ran him right out of bounds, and he had his hands on him from the very beginning. I didn't really see too much about what happened there, but I think Carter was just trying to make a play there. He kind of got flushed, and it was not a very good throw, and he got picked.

Q. What are the challenges of keeping the players looking forward and moving ahead and getting ready to play the next couple weeks?
DAVID BEATY: Well, I think the focus for us has been on something other than ourselves. It's been on our family, our football family program. It's been on the seniors, what these guys have given to this program, appreciating them maybe when even sometimes they don't get the -- they don't necessarily -- we don't show them enough how much we appreciate what they've done because there's some guys that have played some good football here.

Really for our guys, they want those seniors to have good last experiences here. So yeah.

Q. First half you had momentum. It seems like you called a time-out, then the quarterback (indiscernible). What went into that thought process?
DAVID BEATY: Just too far away, man. 4th and 2 is a whole different animal. If we were up there in 4th and half a foot, something like that, it's a little bit different deal. But we just didn't feel good about what we were seeing, and we felt like we were stopping them and we wanted to pin them is what we wanted to do. We wanted to pin them, and I thought we were doing a pretty good job defensively there.

For us we know that was the right decision because if not, we have the lead, we give them a huge momentum swing right there if they get the ball there as opposed to worst-case scenario right there where it went to the ball being on the 20, which we gained a little bit of yardage there, but we certainly didn't want to give it to them where they were.

Q. Did you feel like your offense lost any momentum?
DAVID BEATY: No, I think we came out and ran the football pretty good in that first drive coming out, didn't you? I thought we did. I thought we went right down there and scored, so I don't think that affected us.

Q. Would you say Carter's pace and control of the offense was a positive, especially early in that first half?
DAVID BEATY: Really good. You know? I thought the kids really responded well to him. He played by the rules, which is something we talk about a lot, which was really good. I thought that the guys, they did a good job of blocking on the perimeter early in the game, which was good, which allowed him to be successful. I thought he did some good things with his feet. He got out a couple times and extended plays, which was good, and it was good to see. It was good to see him have a pretty good start today.

When you don't win the game, it's hard to think that you have a good start. I'm going to have to -- you've got to forgive me, I'm going to have to watch the tape to really know to be honest with you, so I can probably tell you a little bit better Tuesday. Obviously we are all very, very disappointed because we felt like we had a chance to win that one.

Q. What part did (indiscernible) play?
DAVID BEATY: Quite a bit. He did a nice job for us today. I'll have to watch the tape to know for sure, but I know this: We can't get that type of production without those guys doing a pretty decent job up front. I thought they did a really nice job early in the day moving the football. They started spiking on us a little bit, which is bringing people underneath, and putting some movement, and they had been doing that earlier in the year. I thought our guys really handled it well.

We made some adjustments at halftime, started getting the ball outside, and pressing everything wide to try to get them over-pursuing and being able to cut back, and I thought those were some nice adjustments our coaches made at the halftime. I thought our defense did a good job getting them off the field there late and giving us a chance to win, giving us a chance to at least tie it up. Disappointed that we weren't able to do more with that last possession.

Q. Do you keep an extra eye on Carter during warmups just to see if his body language, his demeanor was any different from any other Saturday this season?
DAVID BEATY: He was excited. I could tell that. He was excited. You want that guy to want to go out there. You don't want to see any fear in him, which is one of the things I really enjoyed today. He was very good with his questions. He was very good with what he was asking about what we were seeing versus what he was seeing. He had great suggestions as to what he was seeing out there. He actually checked a bunch of stuff today that -- that was pretty good for a young guy to be able to put us in the right plays a bunch. He did some nice things. He really did.

Q. What went into the kickoff return with the camouflage? Had you seen that before or where did you come up with that?
DAVID BEATY: We seen -- Joe brought that with him, Joe DeForest, and we felt we were going to need a momentum changer in this game and something that would help us -- man, we thought we might be able to get completely out on that one. I thought maybe he got down a little bit. Had he not gotten down quite as quick, he might have been able to hide a little bit better. I think their sideline saw it, but I thought it was a really cool design by Joe, and I thought our kids executed it pretty well. It gave us the best return we had of the day if I'm not mistaken.

Q. Is Carter your guy for next week?
DAVID BEATY: He sure is. He did a good job, unless I look at the tape and I see something that tells me elsewise, and I don't think I'm going to see that. I thought he handled his team well in the locker room. I thought the rest of our quarterbacks actually did a nice job of being good teammates on the sideline. That's important. They were really doing a good job of communicating with him what he was seeing, hey, listen, they're rolling the three now, they're going three strong so they're getting extra bodies in that mid-range stuff. Those guys were doing a really good job of communicating, which is something we want them to do because they've got to stay in the game for when they get their chance.

Q. Kinner had a really strong day, but you guys weren't able to get him involved much in the fourth quarter. What led to that?
DAVID BEATY: Yeah, he was banged up. We're kind of at that point in the season where you're trying to keep them fresh. He got hit a few times there late. But I'll tell you what, he's a good back, man. We've got to find a way to get him the ball even more. That was kind of the plan today was try to get the ball in his hands, and I thought we did that real early, and I thought really Taylor Martin actually, he gave us more production than he had, and he ran really hard, and he was a lot more disciplined with his runs in terms of his paths.

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