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November 5, 2016

Ed Orgeron

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Alabama - 10, LSU - 0

COACH ORGERON: Obviously disappointed. Execution was not good enough. Effort was there. Thought our defense played awfully well, except two third downs on the quarterback runs, guy made a play.

Offensively we did not play very well obviously. We couldn't get the ball in space like we wanted to. We were blocked very well, passed us. We had opportunities in the first half in the plus territory to make some points and get ahead, we didn't. Missed a field goal. We couldn't convert. It just wasn't a very good performance on offense.

I thought we played our butt off on defense, but we lose as a team. We need to find a way to win that football game. There's no question about one, two, effort or nothing like that. It was all about LSU tonight. It wasn't about anybody else. It was about execution.

Any questions.

Q. You talked all week about protecting Danny. What were they able to do, seems like he never had time to throw.
COACH ORGERON: Big one-on-ones. They beat some one-on-ones. They made some plays. There were some times where there was pressure. There was some times where there wasn't pressure. We didn't do proper mechanics back there. We just didn't play very well.

Q. On the passing plays, was it both sides, receivers and quarterbacks, or just too much pressure on Danny to get the ball where he was supposed to be, or guys not where they were supposed to be?
COACH ORGERON: I think we had some guys open, and we couldn't get the ball to them. Obviously there was pressure. Sometimes there wasn't pressure. I think it was mostly the pressure and not playing very well at that spot.

Q. Offensive line seemed like it never really got into a cohesive --
COACH ORGERON: Yeah, we struggled. We struggled tonight. Obviously we struggled to run the ball. We struggled to pass protect. We struggled.

Q. How much credit does that go to them and what they can do to an offense?
COACH ORGERON: You know, we just didn't execute.

Q. Would you say you got off to the perfect start?
COACH ORGERON: Wish we could have scored. Our guys were ready, man. You should have heard these guys. I thought defensively, Dave Aranda had a tremendous plan, to cause a turnover like that and get after it to at least get a field goal and convert and give us some momentum; going into a very tough game, gave the guys some confidence. But we just couldn't get anything going on offense.

Q. The crowd seemed upset about a few calls. Did you take issue with any?
COACH ORGERON: I was upset, too.

Q. Which ones in particular?
COACH ORGERON: Can't say. Just there was a couple of things that could have went either way. But they have got to do their job, too, I guess, you know.

Q. Do you have an update on K.J.?
COACH ORGERON: No, I don't. I haven't talked to him. I'll found out a little bit later.

Q. Was Brandon ever a consideration just to see if you could get something at quarterback, get some mobility?
COACH ORGERON: Never came up tonight. There was no consideration. We feel that Danny is our quarterback, going after it. It was not a discussion.

Q. A lot more I-Formation the first half. Was that something you saw before the game?
COACH ORGERON: You know, there was some things that they thought they could block well, and obviously they didn't, and we didn't. So we'll go back and look at it.

We're very disappointed in everything, the execution; everything that happened tonight, we are not very pleased. We are going to go back and look at what we did; if it's the plays, the formations, whatever it may be. We've got to get better.

Q. Did they didn't show blitz, and maybe you should have changed a few things when you saw them creeping up was that ever a thought?
COACH ORGERON: Yeah, no question, we could have made some changes at the line of scrimmage. You talking about offensively, right?

Yes, we were just kind of out of sync. We had some -- we were just out of sync. We had some trouble getting the play called right. We had trouble getting the protection called right. But it just seemed like we were out of sync tonight.

Q. Having to burn the two timeouts --
COACH ORGERON: That's something we wanted to do obviously.

Q. White taking that ball at the three --
COACH ORGERON: Not a very good decision. Again, comes down to execution. We'll know, when we look at the film, it's about execution. Now if we get beat physically or something like that, we should be able to make proper adjustments to where we can double-team that guy, something like that. That's football.

Q. Was that 15-play, nine-minute drive, they go on that march, is that a function of just the defense starting to break down?
COACH ORGERON: They're a good offense. Last time I looked, they were scoring about 44 a game.

You know, just let that quarterback run on third down, and one of them was -- I think it was in a pass rush with the tight end. They spread it out, we pulled him up, he ran, we missed a couple of plays. Could have been a holding call, not; you don't know. Looked like it and the quarterback draw hit us a little bit. I thought the defense just gave a valiant effort tonight.

Q. Did you say anything to the seniors, they go out never beating Alabama. Did you say anything to them?
COACH ORGERON: No. Here is what I said. We have a good football team, and we have three fantastic games left, and we're 3-1 right now. And we have a chance to have an excellent season.

I said all week, this was Game 4 and we're going to put it -- we're going to tell the truth Monday on what's good. If it was all good, when you win, we've got to tell the truth, and look at the film, tell the truth, move forward, win, lose or draw and on to Arkansas. We're going to do that.

Q. As far as fronts that you've competed against in your career, where would you say that defensive appropriate ranks?
COACH ORGERON: You know, I'm just going to say we didn't execute tonight. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Q. How big a role did Jalen Hurts' ability to make plays on the fly and his ability play into getting their offense going into the fourth quarter?
COACH ORGERON: He made some good plays.

Q. Is it difficult, you've emphasized the non-offensive touchdowns by them, your offensive giving up touchdowns; is it hard to kind of play it safe and then also try to go for it, too?
COACH ORGERON: Yeah, listen, we wasn't going to play nothing safe tonight. We were getting after it as much as we could, I promise you. There was no discussion of playing it safe. There was, hey, let's run our offense, let's go get it, let's do the things that we think we can do the best and obviously we didn't do it.

Q. Danny's play overall, just what did you see?
COACH ORGERON: Didn't play well. He knows it. He didn't play well. But, hey, it's not a one person. We win as a team. We lose as a team. Danny has performed very well for us in the last four games. Did he have his best game tonight? No. Did he not play very well? Yes. And he knows it.

Q. You don't come to LSU for moral victories. You have three very important games left; are there some positives to take away from this game?
COACH ORGERON: You know, you want to win the game and you want to execute. We did not execute. So everybody's feeling a little, like we left a lot on the table out there tonight.

These guys were believing that they could beat this football team, and I was there with them. If we'd have executed a little bit better tonight, I think the results would have been different.

Q. Last year, after the Alabama game, how do you avoid the fall after Alabama?
COACH ORGERON: Well, the emphasis this week has been Game 4. And it was not win at all cost. I was very cautious of that and every week. We're going to move on to Game 5 and we're going to tell the truth Monday and we're going to go back to our regimen and we're going to get after Arkansas. We're going to finish strong this season. We have a good football team.

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