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November 5, 2016

Lamar Jackson

Louisville - 52, Boston College - 7

Q. How did it feel to be the victor today?
LAMAR JACKSON: You know, it felt really good, coming off of being close last week and being able to perform the way we did, it was a great team win.

Q. Who would you say was one of the leaders when it comes to morale in the locker room?
LAMAR JACKSON: Well, all of us. You know, all of us played a part in the game. We came out there, we performed great. Our defense did an excellent job stopping them, good offense, and just outplayed them this year.

Q. You had two runs, it looked like you weren't touched and nobody was close. Were you surprised how much room you had?
LAMAR JACKSON: Yeah, well, you could say that. I was surprised when I looked back, I was like, I can't really tell you.

Q. Such a fast start; the focus seemed like it was totally different from last week.
LAMAR JACKSON: Yeah, well, we came out there prepared. They said this was a great defense we were coming up to. We watched film on them. It was a great defense, and it was easy.

Q. What kept you off the field the last two plays of the half?
LAMAR JACKSON: I had a cramp in my forearm. We've got a great training staff, and they helped me.

Q. You wrote in the Players Tribune that you believe there's always something the defense is giving you. Last year you only had 15 rushing yards against this team, this defense. Different story today. I know there's been roster turnover, but what's different?
LAMAR JACKSON: Our team, it's a different team this year. People left last year, but we were very young last year. We're mature now. We've been bonded all season. We trained a lot, and we're showing in the performance on the field.

Q. Was there something extra to your performance today because of the ranking?
LAMAR JACKSON: Yeah, a lot of -- I feel our team, we fought all year, and people still don't give us credit for it, for performing the way we do.

Q. What's your reaction on the A&M loss today? How do you feel about that, and where do you go from here?
LAMAR JACKSON: You know, it just helped us, bring our record down a little bit more.

Q. Are you looking forward to the release of Kodak Black from jail, and have you had any contact with the rapper since you joined the movement?
LAMAR JACKSON: You know, we're from the same place, and I'm looking forward to it, yeah, but I haven't talked to him yet.

Q. Do you know him?
LAMAR JACKSON: Yeah, we went to school together, elementary school.

Q. What's it mean for you guys to have such an offensive explosion against one of the most respected defenses in the ACC?
LAMAR JACKSON: It means a lot. We need our respect just like everyone else, and hopefully we got it today.

Q. Did you know you're closing in on Deshaun's record for total touchdowns?
LAMAR JACKSON: No, I don't really focus on that. I just try to win the game. That's all.

Q. Did you go get an IV at half?
LAMAR JACKSON: Yeah, I went and got an IV. I was cramping in the forearm.

Q. So like you had numbness in your fingers or something like that?
LAMAR JACKSON: Yeah, it was kind of like getting tight. I was like, man, I can't do this. I can't throw.

Q. Have you had that before?

Q. Anything lingering at all, no problems?
LAMAR JACKSON: No, I'm good. I'm good. 100 percent.

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