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November 2, 2016

Jimbo Fisher

Greensboro, North Carolina

COACH FISHER: Very proud of our kids, the way we competed in the game last week. Had a tremendous football game with Clemson who is an outstanding football team, very well-coached football team and very deserving of their victory -- (audio interruption - technical difficulty) -- plays in key situations.

Q. Yesterday we had a chance to talk to guys like Ro'Derrick Hoskins and Jacob Pugh, and they talked about what it's been like to be at that linebacker position this year. How would you assess the way things have gone for this group considering Matthew Thomas is still kind of working his way in, we've seen Dontavious Jackson kind of enter the fold, and someone like Ro'Derrick went from a plug-n-play role last year to now everything is really running. How would you assess the way it's all been?
COACH FISHER: Getting better. And then Ro'Derrick remember last year started a lot, see that was the thing. He played a lot and played very well. But again, when you're having to run to make all the calls and those things, there's adjustments in there. But those guys are getting better every week, and you can see it on the field, playing much more consistent, and it's one of the reasons our defenses are getting much better.

Q. In terms of just with Ro'Derrick's role and him having to make those calls, how much responsibility is that, and how would you convey to someone what that's like for him in terms of just being responsible for so many moving pieces?
COACH FISHER: It's hard. It's just you've got to recognize formation, make the calls, and then as motions and things go, you've got to make the adjustments. You've got to set the front. It is, it's a burden, but it's just like a quarterback or a center on offense. The center has got to make all the calls up front on certain things. The quarterback's got to make calls. There are certain safeties in the secondary that have to make adjustments and things. You're controlling the front seven while safeties control the back guys and adjust.

It's a burden but it's a necessary thing that you have to do because there has to be somebody that communicates and carries that deal.

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