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November 1, 2016

James Blackmon Jr.

Devonte Green

Juwan Morgan

Bloomington, Indiana

Hope College - 65, Indiana - 98

Q. Juwan, how are you feeling?
JUWAN MORGAN: Basically I'm feeling really good. The process I went through with the training staff and strength coach and all the support of my team and family, it brought me to where I am right now, and I'm just ready to go help my team.

Q. Juwan, talk being in a game situation.
JUWAN MORGAN: It feels great. This is what I've been waiting for ever since I got hurt, just to be back on the floor with my teammates, just the rehab and everyone who helped me with it, I'm just glad to be back.

I felt good. It's different than practice actually playing in the game. I was really excited to be out there. So just settling down once the game got started.

Q. Juwan, talk about OG's 3-point shooting.
JUWAN MORGAN: I think it's been a real big focus, just adding another element to his game. Like tonight, he was on fire as soon as he got out there. He was just knocking down shots, and when he's knocking down shots it opens up things for Thomas. And once Thomas is scoring, people have to impose back opens up the game for us again.

Q. Devonte, talk about your game.
DEVONTE GREEN: No, I wasn't really surprised. He's a guy that can bring energy to the game offensively and defensively. So tonight he definitely showed that and we feed off of that as a team.

Q. You played like you belonged.
DEVONTE GREEN: Yeah, I definitely felt like I belonged. I've been practicing with my teammates all summer and all preseason. So...

Q. Juwan, talk about the point guard play.
JUWAN MORGAN: I feel like I did pretty well out there. I don't think I've made any big mistakes. I was just making the simple plays, like Coach Crean always preach to us. We need to hit a lot of singles. We don't need to get for home run plays.

Q. James, talk about Devonte's development.
JAMES BLACKMON, JR: Just really, first off, competing from the jump. I just remember him coming out and starting from the summer competing. And he's just aggressive offensively and defensively. So that opens up things for him and everyone else.

Q. Follow up on that, how rare is it for a freshman to be confident and be aggressive on both sides of the ball?
JAMES BLACKMON, JR: It's pretty rare. But when you're ready to be out there and you're prepared and you put in a lot of time, it's easy.

Q. Devonte, tell us how it is playing with talent.
DEVONTE GREEN: It definitely helped me. But playing with different players you've got to know different roles, different personalities. And coming in here I just had a different mindset playing with new guys. I'm learning everybody's game, their personalities on the court and how to play with them.

Q. James, what needs to be worked on heading into the season.
JAMES BLACKMON, JR: I felt a little like the big thing we talked about is our rebounding, defensively. We gave up too many offensive rebounds for them.

So that's definitely something we're going to tighten up on and just go in there with two hands. We can't allow that many rebounds.

Q. Juwan, talk about the defensive play.
JUWAN MORGAN: Not nearly what it needs to be. We had some lapses just as far as the switch game and communication on that and especially in the first half, when we came out, they hit some pretty easy baskets, just because a lackadaisical mindset on our part. And we can't have those lapses at the beginning of the game. We have to come out ready to play from the jump.

Q. James, talk about OG handling the ball.
JAMES BLACKMON, JR: I feel like he did really well with it, you know. He has to step up and be one of those guys who handle the ball a lot this year. And he wasn't afraid to do that. So that's why he had a huge game.

Q. Juwan, talk about the turnovers.
JUWAN MORGAN: Definitely amongst all the team. We just said that we have to eliminate unforced turnovers and really take care of the ball. Like I said earlier, we have to go for the single plays instead of hitting, trying to make a skip pass on the man closest to you, so he can hit the person in the corner, things like that.

Q. James, talk about Thomas and De'Ron playing together.
JAMES BLACKMON, JR: Yeah, it's definitely possible. Thomas has worked on those skills a lot to be running the floor and feeding the post. So it's definitely an option.

Q. Juwan, talk about having James back.
JUWAN MORGAN: It opens up so many elements of the game because James is increasing his passing ability so much from what I've seen from last year from before he got hurt. He's still the playmaker and scorer that we know. So he always finds us in the right spot.

So whenever he's hot all you have to do is get off again to the right spot or cut and he'll find you and that opens up so much more. And it's just a lot of fun.

Q. James, talk about the chemistry.
JAMES BLACKMON, JR: We just gotta take it game by game really and pick up on things from this game that we can get better at and followed up in the Saturday. So I felt like we started out great but Saturday we'll try to tighten up on the things we talked about from today.

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