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October 29, 2016

Xavier Woods

Ruston, Louisiana

Rice - 16, Louisiana Tech - 61

Q. Xavier, without a doubt, the performance from beginning to end, the defense, what you guys have been doing in practice and in previous games to get this right and have a performance like this?
XAVIER WOODS: Keying in on the little details. Today we didn't have any confusion on coverages. We were locked in. We were communicating. That's been our kind of downfall these past couple weeks. Just having some breakdowns in the call. I mean, it would be ten guys doing what they are supposed to do and one guy not doing what they are supposed to do and in defense, that can create gaps in the holes, but today we did a great job of communicating.

Q. When you're already playing your best defense as you come into the last three or four games of the season --
XAVIER WOODS: This is what our defense is supposed to be. Our defense supposed to play be this as a standard. We play like this -- we play like this every week, can't too many people can beat us.

Q. What type of lift did he give to the offense -- getting more opportunities going forward and scoring touchdowns tonight.
XAVIER WOODS: Yeah, he's the faster back, kind of a lot smaller. He's smaller and he's kind of the faster back. He's just change of pace. I tell him in the locker room (ph), he's change of pace back. He kind of is, kind of shifty, speed guy. He just brings something else to the offense.

Q. A lot of people don't like being labeled --
XAVIER WOODS: I always make fun of him, but I mean, take it as a compliment, man. Do what you got to do and do it well.

Q. What was the moment like seeing Trent get that record-breaking catch in the first half?
XAVIER WOODS: Man, I'm pretty sure he set out to do that, but that guy's great, man. To come -- season not even over with, so he's going to break the record by a landslide, man. This guy's just great. That's one of the greatest receivers in the game right now.

Q. The team is now Bowl eligible -- what's it like to be part of a program that's becoming steady --
XAVIER WOODS: We started off -- I think it all started off with the first year we got here, we were terrible. We were terrible, man, like 4-8 and from that point on, just the seniors, seniors on that team, freshmen on that team are seniors now, just don't want that feeling again, man. And from that point on, we just setting the standards, setting new heights and Bowl eligibility, it's not the highest goal we have. Definitely, conference championship. It's just a steppingstone to where we got to get to.

Q. Do you find yourself seeing the program continually raising that standard? We're talking about pulling the starters in the conference game, not many teams can say that.
XAVIER WOODS: Both sides of the ball -- all three phases of the ball, special teams, offense and defense, play their best, and play the way they are surprised to play, play to their standard, that's what you get. That's kind of the picture that you get. Come out in third quarter and get their rest and get the young guys some playing time. Might have to play later on, if injuries or something.

Q. Second half we got to see Eric Kendzior more than we've seen him all year. Looks like he got a little heat on his back side.
XAVIER WOODS: Kendzior's came a long way, man, a long way. But that's not -- he still has a long way to go, but it's great to see what he's doing right now.

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