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October 29, 2016

Paul Chryst

Madison, Wisconsin

Nebraska - 17, Wisconsin - 23

PAUL CHRYST: Extremely proud of the way our kids battled and played and over came all the adversity that usually comes in a game and I think the one thing that sticks out is they played for each other and guys got to step up, they find their way to step up and it doesn't matter what happens, they keep playing the next play and I'm proud of that. Nebraska's a heck of a football team and that was a good win. And every game plays out differently and I thought that defense did a ton of good things and the takeaways were big and we struggled a little bit, had a good first drive and then struggled a little bit offensively, weren't converting on third down, so weren't able to really create any rhythm. And yet I thought the way we finished the game, I thought the run game was big and made enough plays. But appreciate this group and what they did to give us a chance tonight and they found a way to win.

Q. Dare was very effective. What did you see from him that was allowing him to be so productive tonight?
PAUL CHRYST: Yeah, Dare, he came up big. I thought that a lot of it, he hadn't been doing a ton of running out of our three wides and I thought that had a pretty good plan going in and kids executed and I thought that he ran hard and I thought he was decisive and it was, I thought it was a big part of getting us going.

Q. What went into your decision-making process with the rotations at quarterback and running back? Was it play calling, hot hand, gut feeling, what was it?
PAUL CHRYST: I think that we went in and knew that we wanted to play both Bart and Alex at the quarterback spot and as you saw earlier in the game wanted to get Bradrick involved and knew that Corey and Dare were going to go. So you're trying to manage a little bit the production. But that's so, for a running back, it's what are the other 10 doing; and for a quarterback it's kind of the same way. So you can't just base it on that. I think that for us to, in moving forward, for us to be the best team we can be, we have got to have everyone. I think I got to do a better job of helping the quarterbacks. I thought they did good things. It was a big play that Alex made on the touchdown and I thought both had some really good moments and they both, those picks hurt you, but that's -- I also want them to play and I don't want them playing on edge, but I thought that we knew we were going to play them all that we're talking about and I'm glad we did.

Q. Why did you choose to go with Bart for the overtime period instead of Alex?
PAUL CHRYST: He had just been going and I thought that, depending upon what we might need, it gave us our best chance. But really both could have gone and it was just kind of stayed with him as much as picking one over the other.

Q. The challenge at the line of scrimmage tonight on both sides, was it the toughest maybe you guys have seen this year?
PAUL CHRYST: Yeah, I think they're a really, really good team. On both sides of the ball. We knew we were going to have our hands full there and you saw it in the first half. Offensively couldn't get much going. And I think that their quarterback adds a whole another dimension to what they're doing. So, we knew that the game was, I don't want to say just won or lost at the line, but it was going to be a big part of it. But, yeah, I thought our guys, I thought our D line played well and I thought that defensively we were good in a lot of areas and we knew them, they're an explosive offense and we knew they were going to make some plays and you had to just withstand that and I thought that as the game went on, we were able to get some things going in the run game and that's why I appreciate what the kids did.

Q. What do you have to say about your linebackers tonight, playing without Cichy and you got Watt in and out with injury and guys stepping up and making plays.
PAUL CHRYST: That's a big part of this team is guys stepping up and I think that one thing that sticks out to me about this group is they will, they care a lot about each other and therefore when they're in that situation, they will put it all out there. I think that the coaches did a really good job of preparing them and giving them confidence in what we're doing and yet what's fun about the game is they still got to go out and execute it and I thought guys, there's a lot of guys that stepped up in that moment and my hat's off to the kids, they played the game. They're fun to be around. It doesn't always go the way we want it and adversity hits you, but they turn their focus to the next and that's fun to see. I appreciate that. Because Ryan had made a big play a number of times, Leon made a couple plays and certainly TJ, Vince, Dools, they were good. And like I said, up front, I thought our D line did a nice job and corners were challenged and made some plays. It was a team defense. I think it starts with a good plan and the guys are going out and executing and they're playing the game.

Q. Affect Ohio State lost a lot of guys talked about how too often you guys end up coming close but not on top and then ultimately the final score was only what mattered. How big is this for the locker room and the confidence that you guys get in a close game and are finally able to put it over the top and come out with a victory?
PAUL CHRYST: I think any time you play and you put so much into that week, the game that week, and when it doesn't turn out the way you would like it, it hurts. And that's what I've appreciated from this group, they do put themselves out there and when it does go your way, you feel good. And you still know we didn't fix all of our problems, there's things that we can do to get better at. But I don't think the team lacked confidence and we have been in a lot of close games and so it wasn't, I don't feel that, as much as you put it all out there and you do it to compete and to win and when you do, it feels good and when you don't, it stinks.

Q. Just with Leon Jacobs and going to fullback switching back to linebacker, how did he perform in terms of just what did you see out of him, the positives and then was there anything that you saw that maybe he needed to continue to work on with his game?
PAUL CHRYST: I'm sure when we look at the film there's going to be some things that Leon can do better. But I think Leon's another great example of a guy that will do anything he can to help this team. Whether it was going to fullback and then going back to linebacker, he's on a bunch of our special teams. I think he is an example of this group and that they will do anything they can to help this team be the best it can be. So, I don't know, as far as grading him out, but I know that he showed up on some plays and I know he showed up on some special teams and I think he's, he represents this group and that's a guy that's unselfish and will do all that he can.

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