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October 22, 2016

Patrick Mahomes

Lubbock, Texas

Oklahoma - 66, Texas Tech - 59

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Pat.

Q. Just want to talk about your night. You had a tremendous game, obviously, with what you did. I realize you lost the game, but your thoughts on your performance tonight?
PATRICK MAHOMES: I did well. Definitely could have done better. A lot of throws I underthrew, overthrew. But didn't get the win, so it wasn't good enough.

Q. Did you know you (indiscernible)?
PATRICK MAHOMES: Someone told me in the locker room. But, like I said, we didn't win the game so it really didn't matter.

Q. What was it like when you were going back and forth, back and forth what? What kind of pressure does that put on an offense there, knowing more than likely they were going to score?
PATRICK MAHOMES: They have a great team. Overall they have a great team, overall a great defense. They have a great offense. I knew it was going to be a high scoring game. I knew they would come out, put points up. But I trust our defense to get stops. I was just trying to score as many times as I can to help them out.

Q. Would it surprise you that each team had 854 yards of total yards of offense?
PATRICK MAHOMES: I knew it was a lot. I didn't know it was that much. Like I said, we needed to find ways to get timely stops, get timely touchdowns where we can find ways to win the game where we haven't in the past.

Q. What did you think about the play of your wide receivers tonight? Obviously some amazing catches (indiscernible) had several one in the end zone?
PATRICK MAHOMES: We're really deep at receivers. We have some guys out. And the guys just stepping up and making plays. And we said it before the season started, and it's really shown this year. I trust them a lot, try to get the ball in their hands and let them make the plays.

Q. What's the difference for you guys offensively tonight? I mean, was the offensive line just keeping their defensive line away from you guys a little bit longer?
PATRICK MAHOMES: I mean, definitely. They played really well tonight, offensive line. I don't know if I got sacked any.

But I played better with just getting the ball out, not taking the sacks, not trying to do too much, just trusting the offense. And we had a lot more confidence going in this week. We wanted to go out and prove to everybody that last week was a fluke and it wasn't going to happen again.

Q. Feel better physically, throwing it 80 times?
PATRICK MAHOMES: Yeah, I mean, I'm getting better every week. It's something where I'm going to keep going, keep trying to get better. Like I said, I've just got to get the ball out fast, get it in their hands, trusting the system.

Q. Feel more confident running, though? We talked about it on Monday that you seemed kind of hesitant. Health-wise you're not thinking about things like that when you're rolling out?
PATRICK MAHOMES: Especially not in a game like that, where it's going back and forth. You just want to try to win the game any way possible. So I really wasn't thinking about any injuries or anything like that. I was just trying to win the game.

Q. Did you have a chance to talk postgame with Baker Mayfield?
PATRICK MAHOMES: Yeah, I talked to him a little bit. He said: Good job. I told him he did a great job and good luck the rest of the way out. I mean, he's a great quarterback. And that's a really good football team.

Q. Just from the effort standpoint, were you pleased with what you guys did tonight compared to a week ago?
PATRICK MAHOMES: Definitely. There was never any quit. I mean, they scored a lot, but you could tell the defense was going out there and fighting.

They were fighting. And we just didn't find ways to win. And, I mean, I was acceptable with the effort. But we've just got to find ways to just win the game.

Q. Pat, 59 points in this performance, do you feel like that was enough to win the game today?
PATRICK MAHOMES: We didn't get the win, so I guess not. We just need to score more than they do.


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