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October 15, 2016

David Beaty

Kansas - 7, Baylor - 49

DAVID BEATY: Congratulations to Coach Grobe and his team. I think he's done a really nice job of managing that team over there. I have a bunch of guys that I recruited over there on that side of the ball that I know pretty well. I talked to a few of them after the game, and man, they think the world of him and they offer that up without me even asking.

So he's done a really nice job over there, and I take my hat off to him. I thought he had his team well prepared off a bye week. Some types you don't know how you're going to play after a bye week. Sometimes you play good and sometimes you don't play well, and I thought they were ready to go.

I thought Seth did a nice job managing his team today. He made a couple of really nice runs to get in the end zone. One of them was a really nice run, a good competitor. We've got to do a better job getting those guys down.

I thought our defense overall really played a nice workman game when it came to early in the game. They gave us a chance to stay in that game. We had five turnovers offensively, and I think they got 21 points off those turnovers, which is crazy, because we put them in serious situations and our defense just kept playing. I think there were three missed field goals in there. They continued to play hard.

I really, really like what Coach Bowen and his staff has done with those kids and those kids, there was never a quit in them. All the way to the last snap. They had two stops there on those last drives. One of which was off another turnover that went down there in scoring position. And they got a stop and got off the field, which was good. That was good to see late. Those kids continued to play.

Offensively we've got to get better in a lot of ways. We've made some strides last week, and then today we took several steps back. That's my responsibility. I'm the one that has to manage that and make sure that we're productive on that side of the ball, and it didn't happen today. Those kids, they're going to continue to listen and continue to learn, but we've got to continue to provide them with great leadership and that's my responsibility.

So we're going to keep working. We've got a good Oklahoma State team coming in this week, and we've got a big challenge ahead of us. I know you've got questions, so let's take them.

Q. Did Joe Gibson think it was encroachment and then realized maybe it wasn't? Is that what happened?
DAVID BEATY: What Joe said -- it was inexcusable first of all. Let me just say that -- but what Joe said was that the nose tackle called out the snap count. Now he didn't call it out the whole day, but he called the snap count out on that particular play. And, hey, sometimes they get it, sometimes they don't. It got Joe on that play. Joe's one of our smarter guys, so it doesn't happen to that guy very often. I mean, that's why it was like, man, something crazy must have happened, because I thought maybe Ryan had said something, maybe checked it back there, and we didn't check at all. He heard the back caller snap count, and they snapped it.

But, hey, you've got to know the inflection of the quarterback's voice and where that sound's coming from. So nobody felt worse than Joe, but, hey, it happened, and we had to move on. We still had time in the game to go and compete.

Q. Would you have liked to see Ryan dive for that at that time, the fumble instead of just react?
DAVID BEATY: We wanted to get everybody to get on the football there. All of us should have gotten on the football. I think it was probably fair to say that it was a fairly confusing situation because he didn't say anything to him to indicate that the ball should be coming back. So I think it was a little bit of a confusing situation for a guy back there that hadn't played a bunch. But we all need to be getting on the football there. I don't even know that Baylor really even knew what was going on. They fell on the football. I don't know that the refs did. I mean, they had a long -- inexcusable.

Q. You mentioned (Inaudible) earlier and thought he played well. But he didn't play in the third quarter. Is that kind of a sign (Inaudible)?
DAVID BEATY: Here's what I wanted to say about Seth: I thought he managed the game in that first half really well. I don't know that he had a huge day, but he played a half, like you said. He made a couple of really nice throws. I mean, that kid stays alive back there. He is hard to tackle. You saw it on the video, hard to tackle. I said it before, those two dudes are really dynamic guys and those dudes up front are really good. They have a really good offensive line. It's hard to get to those guys.

Q. Is that kind of disheartening though that he didn't get to play in the second half? You're down six touchdowns so you didn't put him in?
DAVID BEATY: Well, you always want the best shot from your opponent. You always want that. From our standpoint, we don't control that. So we just focus on trying to move forward with each play, each series we get, offensively, defensively, and special teams. We really don't control it.

I get where you're going. But from our standpoint, we don't get to be disheartened. We just don't. We have to deal with the hear and now. We've got to deal with the next. Because the game's not going to end right there. We've got to go get ready for that next opportunity. Offensively, defensively, and special teams I never saw a look in our guys' eyes that it was, whoa is me or here we go again. I never saw that.

I saw guys that were eager to go out there and try to improve their play on the next play, which is good to see. But, you know, ultimately we've got to get better from a production standpoint, particularly offensively, but in all areas.

Q. This is pending tonight's result, but you guys lead in the nation in turnovers, and I know that was a big point of emphasis for you. You're at midway point of the season. What is your reaction to that?
DAVID BEATY: That's very disappointing. I think it would be for just about anybody in the country. I know we had at least eight turnovers in the last two games alone. With it being one of those three pillars of what we really said we had to do to get better. It's very disappointing. We are working diligently to try to prevent those things. Very disappointing.

But when you do, when you turn a ball over that much, you usually lose and you usually lose big. We got lucky last week. I mean, we got really, really lucky that it didn't effect us as bad as it did this week. This week it effects you. You're playing a good football team in the Big 12, and that's Baylor. I looked on their side of the wall and it said Big 12 Champions the last two years. Those dudes are stinking good. So you can't give them anything. Does that make sense?

Q. A couple of those interceptions it seemed like Ryan had settled in on one receiver. Is that kind of what you saw? It seem like he was going through his progressions and all those things?
DAVID BEATY: You're actually very observant. That's right. That's exactly right. One of the things young quarterbacks go through, and really all quarterbacks, in college football you have to read and reading doesn't mean picking. If it was picking, a lot of us could play quarterback. You don't get to pick a route. You don't get to do that. You have to read because any defense that's worth their salt in this country in Division I football are not going to show you what they're doing on the pre-snap. They're going to move and disguise and do all the things they can to try to confuse you as quarterback. So it's imperative you don't lock in on guys.

The majority of the mistakes we've made from the quarterback standpoint to this standpoint has been the inability to read, and locking on and thinking, hey, I've got this. When you do that, you usually pay a price. So there's really no steps you can skip at that quarterback position. But, hey, at the end of the day, I'm coaching those guys and that's my fault. I've got to get better at that. There is nobody else to blame but me. And listen, I would be upset at me too. I'm upset at me because I haven't gotten it fixed and we've got to get better at it.

Q. How do you manage the morale in the locker room when you have a team that's really doing what you want but you have all the turnovers. What is the morale?
DAVID BEATY: One of the things that helps is the guys that we have. Our team is 4-1-0, number one. And we talked about that from the beginning of our program starting here. Number two, those dudes on defense they believe in those guys on offense. They know what they're capable of because they go against them every day. I think they're a little bit, probably, they take a little bit of pride in what they've been able to do this year. I think it's one of those deals where regardless of what gets thrown at those guys, they go out there and they take it as a challenge to get off the field. And they've done it a lot this year.

We've put them in a lot of different positions. But defensively, that's what we get paid to do. We are the firemen. So whenever there is a fire, we're not running out. We're running in. That's just the way it goes. That is the mindset that we take defensively. So from that standpoint, I think the big thing is those guys are 4-1-0. They love, and trust, and believe in one another. And that's one of the best things about our team. I know the result today wasn't great, but I like this team. I still like it.

Q. Only 134 passing yards today. What do you think is the biggest factor in the lack of production in the passing game?
DAVID BEATY: Well, I think anytime you don't produce, the first thing you've got to give credit to is the other side. I thought Phil did a great job defensively they didn't do a whole lot. But they do it well. He's done it for years. I've coached him for years. I've had good days and I've had bad days. Today was a bad day. I thought they played it better than we did.

At the end of the day, it's about execution. And at the end of the day, I can talk until I'm blue in the face, it's about who executes better. They executed better than we did, and that was the difference.

Q. On the first route of the game, it looked like you had something going, and then obviously they jump a route and take it back. How much can something like that snow ball on you?
DAVID BEATY: Well, you can't let it. But we were encouraged by that first drive. I thought our guys handled it well. We moved the football down the field, got a couple first downs moving, which is exactly what we needed to do. Baylor got off to a fast start, got in the end zone. The worst thing we can do is come out three-and-out and put our offense back out there on a hot day.

So our guys really did a good job of starting fast. That mistake we made with that first interception hurt, but you can't let that bleed into another one. You just can't. There is no excuse for it. You don't let one play turn into another one. So I get where you're going with that, but we talked about that all the time. It shouldn't have been a problem.

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