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October 15, 2016

Ryan Willis

Kansas - 7, Baylor - 49

Q. (Inaudible)?
RYAN WILLIS: Guys were kind of barking in his ear when I was I was still giving the play call to the receivers and running backs. He just thought I said something, and he snapped it, and those things happen. It's a mistake and we've got to limit those.

Q. When did you realize it was even snapped?
RYAN WILLIS: When I saw everyone start moving.

Q. It was too late to try to fall on it by then?

Q. How unusual is that?
RYAN WILLIS: I mean, it's pretty unusual, I guess. Those things happen. It's a game of football. We're human.

Q. Statistically Baylor's one of the best pass defenses in the nation. Can you see why now after playing them?
RYAN WILLIS: Yeah, yeah, I mean, hat's off to them. They played a great game. They were very well-coached by Coach Bennett. Again, we need to be better as an offense.

Q. Can you just walk us through the first interception, the pick six through your eyes? What did you see with that?
RYAN WILLIS: Went out on a breaking route, guy had a really good jump on it. Hat's off to them. They made a good play.

Q. Is that tough, you're from the opposite hash to the sidelines?
RYAN WILLIS: It's a long throw, but you can complete those. We need to be better as an offense, I need to be better. I mean, made a good play, jumped on it pretty quick, and took it to the house.

Q. Coach talked a lot about reads and developing that with you. I guess, what did you see out there with reads and some of the mistakes that happened because of that?
RYAN WILLIS: They brought the heat at times. It may be better with pressure. I mean, we started off pretty well. We're should have been a lot better as an offense. I take blame for that. We can be a lot better.

Q. Specifically he mentioned locking in pre-snap to a certain route as something that caused interceptions. Is that what you saw?
RYAN WILLIS: Not exactly. They showed different things and rolled into other things. They're a well-coached team, and hat's off to them, they deserved to win today.

Q. I think you guys had 22 turnovers lost this year; that's among most in the nation. What is your reaction when you hear that you had 22 turnovers?
RYAN WILLIS: When you win the turnover battle each game it's one of the keys for success for a team. We need to be better.

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