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October 10, 2016

Jimbo Fisher

Tallahassee, Florida

JIMBO FISHER: Proud of the effort which our kids played with this weekend. Again, to be part of such a great rivalry like Florida State and Miami was a great honor. Again, another classic battle, another classic game, two teams that were very competitive, wanted to win very badly, and laid it all on the field. Very physical, hard-fought, tough football game. It really was.

I thought our kids played really physical, especially the defensive front. I thought they did a great job helping to control the line of scrimmage. Our backers are doing a better job of fitting and covered things more tightly and did a good job, got good pressure, and our front guys did a really good job, taking that front offense. We battled, scratched and clawed, blocked well. They had a good front, did a lot of things, a lot of twists and gains things going on, and our guys did a good job. We found holes and were able to run the football, able to throw it when we needed to. Played a hard-fought, physical football game.

And then at the end, special teams wise, I though we did a really good job getting up the return, which that can't happen. We've been doing a good job. Had a gunner get out of his lane and another guy stack a guy and left two little holes and we popped it, and they'd been doing a good job all night, but other than that, special teams wise did a very good solid for the night.

Proud of the way we played situational football in the game. I thought the drive two minutes before the half, creating the red zone turnover, then capitalizing and getting the momentum of the game and scoring, managed the clock very well, and I think the very critical part of the game that we have overlooked is the last two 1st downs. I mean, being backed up on the 10- or 12-yard line with their kicker the way he was kicking, you know, 1:38, you go three-and-out and there's probably a minute 25, and you're punting, and they got it with a minute 20 and you're kicking from your end zone, probably got a great chance to have a heck of a football. Getting those two 1st downs was extremely critical, and I thought the four-minute offense being able to pick up those two 1st downs I think was -- if our kids were waiting for the chance to hope we win it, we went out and won it and got those 1st downs.

Of course the blocked PAT was a tremendous effort. Another great example of our kids, okay, you'd be down 20-19, daggone it, they tied it up with a minute 30 to go, take the next play off. They didn't do that. They went and surged and made a block on a PAT which was critical, and we obviously won the game. Those two 1st downs and we kept playing 60 minutes. That's the one thing we asked them to do, and I thought they did it. Played with a lot of heart, a lot of toughness in the game, and it was a classic battle.

Now we need to put that one away, because I'm going to tell you what, this Wake Forest team is a really good football coming in. They're 5-1. Defensively cause you a lot of problems, get great leverage on the football, great red zone defense.

Same guys we played against maybe for the last three years, and they battled us here a couple years ago extremely well. They played really good on defense. Last year it was a hard-fought battle up there, 24-16. They had the ball going in (inaudible) it's a typical Wake Forest, keep playing those guys, and all of a sudden after two, three, four years they've got one heck of a football team because those guys have played a lot of ball. They're really good players.

Offensively they're moving. The quarterback is doing a good job. They're throwing it around to receivers. They're running the ball up front. Special teams are really sound. They're a really good football team. They're 5-1 for a reason and doing a great job. We need to put that one away and get ready to play a very, very good Wake Forest football team here.


Q. Did you speak to the league office about the trash being thrown?
JIMBO FISHER: No, not yet. We haven't had a chance to do those things. We send requests in and they'll respond to things. Our guy, he's tremendous about doing that, does a great job of getting back answers and talking scenarios out and situations. I think he does that. There's always after games when we send our reports in or whatever, then we'll discuss things with them.

Q. Do many of those hits like what Francois took or what Kaaya took after plays concern you?
JIMBO FISHER: Yeah, I think it does overall just for quarterbacks. We had a late hit on a guy, and we shouldn't do it. I don't condone that at all. The thing was it was high, but it wasn't as late as it was high. You can't do -- you've got to hit in the strike zone. You've got to be down in here. What happens is when you're long sometimes you want to go and you raise up. You've got to stay down through the tackle, and we talk about that all the time, the strike zone from the chest down to the knees, and doing that.

We don't want any of those quarterbacks to get hit like that in any way, shape or form because everybody talks about when they run they get injured, but they're most vulnerable when they throw the football because that's when they're exposed, and I think we've got to do a better job in college of taking care of it.

Now, you have those running quarterbacks, which our guy runs, but that's different. I'm talking about when you're sitting in there throwing the football, we've got to do a good job as a college -- as college football people to make sure we protect those guys, too.

Q. How is Deondre physically?
JIMBO FISHER: Good. Sore. We had a lot of guys sore. That's a hard-fought battle. But expect to practice and play and do everything this week.

Q. PATs defensively, are there like different kind of play calls or what actually kind of goes into --
JIMBO FISHER: Well, you have different kind of blocks, whether you've got surges where you try to two-on-one and gap slip a guy, or you just try and work the B-gap, C-gap, whatever it may be. Sometimes you've got a jumper, a guys that's a low kicker, if you've got a guy that can really get up. The ways off the old outside, sometimes it went away just a little bit. Remember they how used to bend the corner, it used to be deep because snappers and people have gotten so good in what they're doing now that it's hard to get them that way, but sometimes you've got to see what a team does. There's different techniques and different kind of blocks we have.

Q. Is there ever a time where it's just not worth it?
JIMBO FISHER: No, there should be never. I mean, that's what my point is. You should never take that -- it's a play that has a point involved with it. There's no play in a football game you should never not play hard, ever, and that's what we talk about and try to correct as much as we possibly can.

Q. Can you go back to Deondre, the bootleg on the final drive? What did you see there from the defense?
JIMBO FISHER: Well, I mean, we'd hit some nice boots on the day and against -- when the quarterback runs, it gives you an extra blocker and it gives you an extra two on one and you have some pass options and things you can do off of it. We looked to make those decisions, and it was just our guys executed. Freddie got a nice block and our guy got around and we got the edge, and when you've got back like Dalvin you're faking it to, which we want to give it to him but it's got to be the right situation and the right call. We have checks in and out of it if we ain't got the right look, but we had it and were able to execute it.

Q. What have you guys done particularly well this week on 3rd and short?
JIMBO FISHER: Well, I mean, we spend a lot of time on it and we try to scheme right now early in the week trying to get it schemed and make sure we got a chance. Again, when you pick those 3rd downs up, those are three more at-bats you get and they're very critical, and we want to be able to do that, and in four minutes, again, you don't want the other team to touch it. That's the best way to keep them from winning is not let them touch it. So we try to scheme and we put a lot of time in those situations -- into that situational football that we do. We actually right now have been pretty successful with them, and hopefully we will. We're going to face a heck of a challenge this week, so hopefully we will again this week.

Q. A lot of the defensive issues have been assigned to the linemen. Are you guys going to be able to sustain it?
JIMBO FISHER: Well, I hope. Usually that comes from focus. It's all going to go back to how much you focus. When you focus and do things and things become a priority and they're very important to you, and I mean, you're grinding on them, then you can do them. That's why I want to see our kids, how we practice this week and how we respond to that. We played one good game, all of a sudden it's not flowers are blooming and everything is rosy and everything is good. You've got to go back, and the reasons why it was good is because you put a lot of work in, and it was grinding -- I tell them, I can't make football easy. Football is hard. You've got to practice hard, you've got to play hard, you've got to line up, and you've got to do it again this week because this is a different scheme, a different alignment, you've got to get your mind focused on what you've got, eliminate the clutter and do it again.

Hopefully we've learned some lessons and we're mature enough to go that way. That's what I'm really wanting to see this week again.

Q. I assume you saw that in practice last week. Were you concerned maybe that intensity and focus wasn't be there?
JIMBO FISHER: You always worry about kids, but like I said, what you play for, I keep saying that, isn't the record. If you're playing for the record or you're playing because you want the goals at the end of the year, you're playing for the wrong reasons. Those are great things that come along with why I love to play football and I'm a competitor, and I've got a job to do. I'm responsible to do that job, and that's why I do it, and I've got teammates that are counting on me. You don't worry about that. Like I said last week, y'all were worried about do we have anything left to play for? Yeah, we've got a game to play for, no matter what your record is, and to me that's the way you have to look at things.

Q. How critical was the win this week?
JIMBO FISHER: I think it was critical, and we'll see. We'll see how it carries over. If we can continue to do some of the good things we did, and still we had mistakes in that football game. We left points on the board, we had some drives that we could have scored on. Defense still gave up a couple plays. Special teams wise we had some things we've got to clean up. It was big for your confidence, but I understand -- again, at the end of the day it was still only one football game. We've got six more to play, and more importantly we've got a big Wake Forest team who's 5-1 coming in this week. Hopefully we'll learn the lessons that what we got out of it and how hard we strained and all the things we did we can carry over and now even play better and be more efficient with that same effort and focus and tenacity.

Q. Do you expect this to be even more of a test than last week?
JIMBO FISHER: Yes. I don't think there's any doubt. Who are you as a player? And what I mean by that, how do you want people to think of you? How do you want people to respond to you? You don't think they look at you really well? Well, then do the right things, and I think that's very critical, not have relief syndrome.

Q. Do you remember an emotional two weeks like this?
JIMBO FISHER: Yeah, been in it before. Happened my first year as a coach. NC State and NC, ball got knocked out of the quarterback's hands on a wide-open corner route for a touchdown and we missed a 40-yard field goal, lost back-to-back games my first year as a coach. Those were two games that ended on the last play like that. I think that same year we won a game right after that, and again the next week -- I think it was the next week after an off week, went right back and hit Clemson on a 55-yard field goal, so that was three in a row. I mean, if I'm not mistaken. Is my history right?

Q. Sounds right.
JIMBO FISHER: I mean, this league is a very good league. I think people out there are finding out this league has really got good players. It's well-coached. It's competitive, and every week is going to be a daggone dogfight, and I believe that. Go look at the films. I mean, the combined records of the teams we've played when we've played them this year is 17-2. That doesn't happen by accident. What I'm saying is -- and you're going to be in dogfights every week scratching and clawing every inch and playing games. That's what the ACC has become. It's become a very, very good football league. The parity in it is crazy right now.

Q. (Inaudible) had a really good game. What was he doing well?
JIMBO FISHER: No, just the reads and things we got the ball to him and he was able to make a couple nice plays and got open and did his job.

Q. You started off by talking about the physicality of the defense. Derrick Nnadi, was he --
JIMBO FISHER: He's healthy, getting healthier, getting off that ankle, getting power. He played with great leverage did a good job. Josh Sweat I thought played one of his most -- I mean, Josh played hard in that game. I mean, like I say, he knew some -- last week he had some mistakes, and we questioned some things, and everybody did, and he found -- hey, he went back and responded to it, played physical, played hard up front, those guys did, Walve did, Jacob Pugh did, Wilkerson at times. I mean, those guys are physical up front and played very hard. They really did up front, and made it a lot better on the line of scrimmage.

Q. You mentioned Josh; he kind of owned up to the low play. Do you like that he --
JIMBO FISHER: I like that he owned up to it. I don't like that he did it. I mean, that's kind of like I said, my bad. Whoever invented my bad, I said, I wish we would have got rid of. I don't want a my bad. There ain't no room for my bad, know what I'm saying, but he responded to it and happy that he did, and now we've got to carry it on.

Q. Is that the Derrick Nnadi that you saw --
JIMBO FISHER: Yeah, it was.

Q. What will he mean the more he gets healthy?
JIMBO FISHER: You talk about free-up backers, you're talking about penetration, you're talking about gap control, you're talking about pushing the pocket in -- and then just when those guys inside are dominant like that and a center can't handle you one-on-one, then a guard comes and it frees up somebody else, you're up one. It's like, nose guards, when you get those great ones, it's kind of like I said, when you run the quarterback you're up a guy because of the angles. All of a sudden when they can't single block you and they've got to double you, all of a sudden they become down a guy. So those interior guys, even though they may not go make -- that's the thing about it. It's not about the tackles they make. If they make them, they make them, but it's about what they create with space and creating double teams and other people being freed up and it allows you to be up a guy on defense.

Q. What does (inaudible) be successful?
JIMBO FISHER: Well, he wanted to do it. He said I'm down the road, can I do it. He's big, he's long, he's athletic, he can judge the ball. He's physical -- he's shown that he can be physical and change directions, so we thought, hey, we need some guys over there, we want to give him a look, and what I saw, he took a great attitude over and learned very quickly, picked it up very quickly. That shows you right there, when you're talking about learning, why can't you learn. How important is it to you? How truly important is it to you, and how much grind -- how much urgency is there to go do it, and he knows he's a junior, all of a sudden you can pick that up in three weeks. Anybody can do anything when their mind is set right.

Q. Did you think he could be a factor?
JIMBO FISHER: It kind of shocked me a little bit as far as him picking it up that quick. Not that he couldn't, I just think that can take some time. But again, very happy and very proud, and I thought he played really nice in the game. Did some really good things. Very happy with him going forward. Gives you another big body. That's a big safety.

Q. What are the coaching challenges coming off an emotional game?
JIMBO FISHER: Don't worry about the opponent. It ain't about the opponent, it's about us. I mean, it's never about your opponent. It's always about you. That's all you can control, and that's what your culture has to be and what you want to be known as. If that's unreasonable to get up to play big games, then we're not focused, and that's what I want to see the challenge of here. It's not, well, Wake Forest being 5-1 and beating the teams they've beat? That's pretty dadgum big, and how they played us last year and how they played us two years ago, and they've got a really good team. I mean, to y'all we don't look at things like that. We never do. We've got a great opponent coming in; we need to play.

Q. Deondre's first block got knocked down eight times in that game, and two of the hits required medical attention. When you look at the film of this game, is it games like this that validate in your mind that you've got a quarterback that in your mind can lead this team to do some special things, if not this year, in the future?
JIMBO FISHER: I've always felt that about him, but again, every time you prove yourself on the field, and I think you have to prove yourself every time you practice and every time you play, and I mean, it reinforces things.

And also, it allows them to know what the capacity of the things they can do is. I mean, well, if I get hit like that -- well, yeah you can. Yeah, you can get up and go. Yeah, you can keep playing in a game like that. Yeah, you can keep doing that.

I think not only to me, I think it validates it to himself because I think with young players they have to go through experiences to learn them and realize what they're -- the human mind can go a lot of places and the human body can do a lot of things if we just allow it to. To me that's one of the great things about this game. It challenges you mentally, physically, in every way, shape and form, especially when you're a quarterback. I think every time he does it, I think his reassurance of everything he can do and go to the next level and keep going to the next level will just go up.

Q. Anything on Nate?
JIMBO FISHER: Nate, looking at him right now. We'll probably know in a couple hours or so, get some confirmation. They're going to look at things with the MRI and make sure we see what's there just to make sure.

Q. I assume you expect Ermon to be playing a good bit?
JIMBO FISHER: Yeah, most definitely. I mean, he's proven it, showing it, and it gives us good rotation.

Q. Some plays were generally trying to block a guy after stopping by himself. How much does --
JIMBO FISHER: That's what you've got to do. Center is single block. Everybody acts like -- you can't single block a shade. Talking about now, I mean, your whole offense is backwards. Whether you 3 technique, it don't matter, you're going up to a backer now. That's not asking much at all. That's your job. Go watch football across the board. That's the way it is. That's what you've got to do.

Q. Are they that talented up front?
JIMBO FISHER: Yeah. They're big, strong and physical. They're 310, 315 pounds. That's why I say you've got to be able to handle it. That's the hard thing. That's what I was talking about Nnadi; those guys like that, that's the way D-linemen are now. They're talented up front in their defensive line. Very talented.

Q. How is Trey Marshall?
JIMBO FISHER: Good. He should be practicing today.

Q. Is Deondre taking any time off from practice this week?
JIMBO FISHER: I don't know. They said -- he's sore like everybody else, but he'll go play. He'll be practicing.

Q. The first half of the season is over, for him, where is he and what's your impression first half of the year?
JIMBO FISHER: I think allowing us to push him and realize what he's capable of doing, and the rigors that go with being the quarterback, the responsibilities that go with it. You think you know until you get in it and how much it is and how much responsibility it is mentally, physically, psychologically, all those types of areas, and it's not just about you, it's how you make the guys around you play and all those type of things. I think he's allowed us to grow him in those areas and we challenge him in those areas, and he's been very good at it. And of course I've very proud of his toughness and competitiveness.

Q. With the hits that he's taken the first half of the season, is there any concern that he can hold up the entire year?
JIMBO FISHER: Any current guy was. I mean, any guy gets hit, but that's part of the game. You've got to. Go back and look at what -- EJ got hit, Ponder got hit, Jameis got hit at times. That's part of it. I mean, he'll take some nasty ones at times, and a couple of them, like I say, shouldn't have been there. When guys -- when they hit you and they don't flag it, and then that's a league responsibility. Some of those weren't always there. Shouldn't have been hits.

But that's what it is, and that's ball, and we've done that -- our guys have done it, too, and get penalized too, but that's part of it. Go look at the NFL every week. That's the name of this game. Go back and watch -- how about Danny Wuerfful when he used to play. How about when Florida State used to go at him? Remember the days back when Florida State used to be on quarterbacks?

If you can't do that and play quarterback, you can't play. I'm telling you it's the toughest position to play physically there is. You're the most vulnerable when you get hit. You're exposed. They're big guys that are twice as big as you. That goes with the job description.

Q. Do you think it's coincidence and do you remember in the Ole Miss game that the defense tried to test drive --
JIMBO FISHER: No, I think it's the name of the game. It's a game; if you get by with it, you get by with it. You've got to sack the quarterback. Go back and think of last year, as good as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning all those guys are, when they get hit -- remember the Giants in the Super Bowl, in fact last year Denver in the playoff game against Brady. I don't care who you are, they get pressure and get there, that's the name of the game when you're throwing the ball. That's the guy they're paying all the money. In pros and in college, that's the featured guy. You've got to affect those guys and when they've got that ball in the hand they want to throw it. And you've got to do a great job protecting, and we've got to do a better job, there's no doubt. We've got to protect him better. There's no sense that he takes some of those shots. But some of them, it's the nature of the business.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JIMBO FISHER: Okay. He's learning, getting better and better in what he's doing. Those young guys are all playing him. Dontavious and Burns and Kyle Meyers and Da'Vante, all those guys, ended up getting them all in there. They're growing.

Q. (Inaudible) for the first half?

Q. We talked about after the game, I'm sure you had a chance to see that holding --
JIMBO FISHER: I haven't really seen it on a TV. I've seen it on -- that's one of my asks, is it touching your fingers, is it a toe down? I want to get a clarification because that's -- the one thing in football we've been through the NFL, the NFL has changed it about three -- what is a catch? I don't understand what they are anymore, and I'm not saying that was a good call or bad call, I just need to see it on a TV. I haven't had time because we got in late and I was cramming yesterday. I saw it on video from our part, but it's not like TV where they can hone in on it, when you see that and look at it and we'll ask them what the ruling is or what the procedure is, but they made the call and that's what we've got to live with.

Q. What do you think you did well defensively team-wise on Saturday?
JIMBO FISHER: We want to make it scheme. It's about players. Players got to play. You've got to put them in position and they've got to play. We've done that all year, 3-4 to 4-3. We've done that all year, but our guys did their job and they were physical, and that's the key to it. You've got to mix it up.

And then the thing is, I thought we needed to be simple so we could turn it loose. So I mean, there's got to be a fine line between -- you've got to be able to do what you do, play what you play, and be physical at the line of scrimmage, and our guys did that.

Q. (Inaudible.) Is there anything that can be taken away from getting receptions?
JIMBO FISHER: Well, he made four good plays on the ball. People have thrown the ball at him. I mean sometimes you've got to have people throw it at you to get interceptions, too, but he's done a pretty good job. He almost had a great -- he wasn't in real bad position on the last play. He just looked up and shouldn't have looked up, should have played through the guy's hands, guy made a good throw-and-catch on a double move when they protected it up. But he's getting better and better and he's learning to play the ball. He's got good ball skills, and he's long which allows him to get to ball, know what I mean, and just got to continue to grow as a player.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JIMBO FISHER: No, they should have played through the guy's hands. When the guy played, you're looking back, shouldn't be looking back. As the guy reached out for the ball, plays it through his hands and strip it in a situation like that. Got to make the play.

Q. People were throwing the ball (inaudible) --
JIMBO FISHER: Well, I hope so. If they're going to throw -- they're throwing it at all the guys. I don't mean that. I was saying, first to get interceptions they have to throw it at you. I remember when Deion used to play, he never threw it at him. It's hard for him to get a pick.

But he's getting better and better, and he's got ball skills and he's a competitor. He's learning to play and be a good player. That's a chance to be a really good player if he'll continue to grind and really work hard and become a technician because he's got great athleticism. All those guys' have athletic ability. Their key is becoming technicians. I always tell our guys, play as if you have no ability. Play as if your ability is the last thing you have. I've got to focus, I've got to have attention to detail, my alignments, my assignments, where are my hands going to be, and when you do that, then your ability jumps out, then you have greatness, and that's going to be the key to those guys.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JIMBO FISHER: Oh, no doubt. Give up big -- you're out there, you've got to have a short memory now. You're out there, you're going to get beat, and you've got to put it behind you and go. When you get beat, get beat doing the right things, if you ever get beat. You don't want to get beat, but being in the right place -- make them have to make a great play to beat you, and that's what we've got to get to.

Q. How good has Dalvin been the last three weeks?
JIMBO FISHER: Been really good, and saying all that, like I told him, the first drive, he missed a cut on 3rd and 1, and if he sticks it, we might have been up 7-0 in the first drive, and he said he couldn't believe it. So that even shows you great players make mistakes, as great as he played. The first short yardage he cut it back, and if he sticks it, I'm telling you it's a 15-yard gain or a touchdown.

We had a block if we make the block. That just shows you. But he's never perfect, but he's getting in that groove, his body is getting right, getting banged and bruised and getting in that conditioning shape and the things he's doing, and just really love the way he's playing football. He's seeing everything now.

Q. Did you see him becoming this kind of workhorse?
JIMBO FISHER: Oh, yeah, no doubt. Look at his body. He's 210, 215 pounds. He gets his rest. The number of plays is not a ton, and I know Darqueze has been cutting down on some touches lately because we've thrown it a little bit more at times the last couple weeks than we did at South Florida, but we still feel good about him playing in the game and the young guys, but yeah, he can, there's no doubt.

Q. It's such an instinctual position, but you talked about him watching film. You can say, Dalvin, what happened here?
JIMBO FISHER: Yeah, I control it, and it's what happens. Sometimes you don't stay disciplined with your eyes and you've had a run, do this two or three times, and it's almost just like when something -- you see something start to happen, well, that's always happened that way so I'll do it that way, instead of, no, let me read it again just one more time just to make sure. That's where you can't get -- remember I was talking about it's not boredom or sometimes you overthink, you think you've got to too much, no, just keep reading the play the same way every time.

Q. Any update on Derwin James?
JIMBO FISHER: No, he's just still progressing. Healing good. Healing really good.

Q. What was it like to have him out with you?
JIMBO FISHER: It was good. His presence and his command and his competitiveness on the sideline, getting those guys and being very -- offensively and the defensive players, all of them, to be so supportive in what's going on and keep him in the game, it's great to have him, it is, big time. You feel his passion.

Q. On the touchdown reception to Dalvin, is that the first read, to go to Dalvin on that play?
JIMBO FISHER: Mm-hmm. Off the action. There were some other parts of that play, too, but we won't discuss them publicly. But no, that was one of the first ones and he saw it and was able to hit it.

Q. Had you seen that earlier in the game, that that could work?
JIMBO FISHER: We knew we had an opportunity. I mean, we have a good chance going into the game. We just had to try to get the right situation to do it and where it was.

Q. You said the key is for him -- (inaudible)?
JIMBO FISHER: Well, he does because we got protection and we dashed it and moved it and let the things create and let people clear it and all the things you've got to do. But it's like all plays, it's like timing and rhythm, and just got to all hit right.

Q. As far as locker room banter, what's acceptable and what isn't?
JIMBO FISHER: What do you mean by banter?

Q. Talking about Donald Trump?
JIMBO FISHER: What's he talking about? I don't listen to --

Q. Donald Trump said some inappropriate things about 11 years ago and they're calling him back and he said it was just locker room talk.
JIMBO FISHER: Was he in the locker room?

Q. No.
JIMBO FISHER: I don't know, so what's your question. I'm sorry. I'm kind of -- I got part of it.

Q. As a coach, what do you do when you hear offensive talk in the locker room?
JIMBO FISHER: Tell the kids to quit it. If anyone makes a critical or racial slur, guys, we don't need that, or derogatory toward women or anything like that. Guys, we're not going to do that. I don't need that, I don't want to hear that, just telling the guys. Don't say guys are guys; it's never acceptable, but tell them be careful about what they say, like I say, someone hear it, wrong person hear it, and it's not indicative of who you are as a person. It's like sending something out on Facebook or Twitter or something like that when you're mad.

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